70+ Suffix with Meaning and Example

Suffix with Meaning and Example

List of Suffix with Meaning and Example

Suffix Meaning Example
-ant A person Assistant
–sophy/sophic knowledge theosophy
–ing An action Painting
-y characterized by greedy
age A result Wreckage
-dom state kingdom
-ness state of being loneliness
-y characterized by greedy
-less without endless
-escent becoming fluorescent
-acious/-icious full of malicious
-ence An action or state Difference
-less Without Careless
-ity state/quality of being oddity
–ment An action or state Measurement
-ine relating to feminine
able/-ible capable of neighborhood
-osis like/reminiscent of Kafkaesque
-ous Full of Joyous
-th state or quality length, strength
-iferous yielding carboniferous
-ose full of verbose
-some A tendency to Quarrelsome

Suffix with Meaning and Example – 1

Suffix with Meaning and Example

Suffix Words List

Suffix Meaning Example
–ity state of being oddity
-ist A person Florist
-pathy diseased apathy
-sion/-tion state/quality of being transition
-ship position held membership
-ful As much as will fill Spoonful
-tude state/quality of being legitimacy
-esque condition psychosis
-ous full of nauseous
-ology science of archaeology
–ery A type or place of work Bakery
-al related to philosophical
-er/or A person Teacher
–ee A person Referee
-ware things of the same material or type software
–ance An action or state Importance
ance/-ence quality of being permanence
-like characteristic homelike
-ian relating to utopian
-ion state or result Decoration
-hood condition, or quality legible
-ible Ability Flexible
–ess Makes a feminine form Waitress
-osis condition psychosis
-ance/-ence state of being permanence

Suffix with Meaning and Example – 2

Examples of suffix

Suffix words with Meaning and Example

Suffix Meaning Example
–ion A process, state, or result Decoration
-ise become civilize
-like Similar to Lifelike
-fy to make electrify, falsify
-ess female heiress
-ish A little Greenish
-ish having qualities of brutish
-ism A belief or condition Judaism
–ism A belief Judaism
-ism belief communism
-ory relating to dormitory
-ite follower, a product of luddite
-ment state of being embankment
-acy state/quality of being certitude
-en Made of Woolen
-some group of quarrelsome
-ac/-ic related to Nordic
-eer/-er/-or person who writer
-phone sound telephone
-tude state/quality of being certitude
-esque reminiscent of Kafkaesque
–age A result Wreckage
-oid like humanoid
-sion state/quality of being confusion
-able Able to be Inflatable
-ful full of thankful

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Suffix with Meaning and Example – 3

Suffix Examples

Suffix List


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Suffix Examples

Verb Suffixes

Suffix Meaning Example
-ate become Eradicate, Enunciate
-en become  Awaken, Strengthen
-ify, -fy make or become  Satisfy, Rectify
-ize, -ise* become  Humanize, Socialize

Noun Suffixes

Suffix Meaning Example
-ship position held  Ownership, Kinship
-er, -or one who  Protector, Narrator
-sion, -tion state of being  Transition, Abbreviation
-ance, -ence state or quality of  Eminence, Assurance
-acy state or quality Fallacy, Delicacy
-ist one who  Narcissist, Plagiarist
-ity, -ty quality of  Veracity, Parity
-ment condition of  Endorsement, Punishment
-ness state of being  Sadness, Rudeness
-dom place or state of being  Kingdom, Boredom
-al act or process of  Recital, Rebuttal
-ism doctrine, belief  Narcissism, Skepticism

Adjective Suffixes

Suffix Meaning Example
-ic, -ical pertaining to  Mythic, Domestic
-esque reminiscent of  Statuesque, Burlesque
-able, -ible capable of being  Presentable, Abominable
-ish having the quality of fiendish, childish, snobbish
-ive having the nature of creative, punitive, divisive, decisive
-less without endless, ageless, lawless, effortless
-y characterized by sleazy, hasty, greasy, nerdy, smelly
-ful notable for  Resentful, Woeful
-al pertaining to  Grammatical, Emotional
-ious, -ous characterized by  Portentous, Studious










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