100+ Suffixes with Meaning and Examples

Suffix with Meaning and Example

Suffixes are essential linguistic elements that can greatly impact the meaning of words. A suffix is a group of letters added to the end of a base word to create a new word with a different meaning. They can change a word’s part of speech, tense, or even the overall context. Understanding the meanings and usage of various suffixes is crucial for developing a strong vocabulary and effective communication. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of suffixes with meaning and examples.

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What is called a suffix?

A suffix is a linguistic element added to the end of a word to modify its meaning or create a new word. Suffixes are commonly used in language to change the grammatical function or alter the definition of a base word. They can indicate tense, number, gender, case, verb conjugation, and more. For example, in the word “happily,” “-ly” is a suffix that transforms the adjective “happy” into an adverb, indicating how an action is performed.

Suffixes can also be used to form different parts of speech or to create new words altogether. For instance, the addition of the suffix-ness” to the adjective “kind” results in the noun “kindness,” which refers to the quality of being kind.

Suffixes play an important role in inflection and word formation within languages, contributing to their flexibility and expressiveness.

List of Suffixes

here is a list of common suffixes along with their meanings:

Suffixes Meaning Examples
-ant A person Assistant
–sophy/sophic knowledge theosophy
–ing An action Painting
-y characterized by greedy
age A result Wreckage
-dom state kingdom
-ness state of being loneliness
-y characterized by greedy
-less without endless
-escent becoming fluorescent
-acious/-icious full of malicious
-ence An action or state Difference
-less Without Careless
-ity state/quality of being oddity
–ment An action or state Measurement
-ine relating to feminine
able/-ible capable of neighborhood
-osis like/reminiscent of Kafkaesque
-ous Full of Joyous
-th state or quality length, strength
-iferous yielding carboniferous
-ose full of verbose
-some A tendency to Quarrelsome

Suffixes with Meaning

Suffixes Meaning Examples
–ity state of being oddity
-ist A person Florist
-pathy diseased apathy
-sion/-tion state/quality of being transition
-ship position held membership
-ful As much as will fill Spoonful
-tude state/quality of being legitimacy
-esque condition psychosis
-ous full of nauseous
-ology science of archaeology
–ery A type or place of work Bakery
-al related to philosophical
-er/or A person Teacher
–ee A person Referee
-ware things of the same material or type software
–ance An action or state Importance
ance/-ence quality of being permanence
-like characteristic homelike
-ian relating to utopian
-ion state or result Decoration
-hood condition, or quality legible
-ible Ability Flexible
–ess Makes a feminine form Waitress
-osis condition psychosis
-ance/-ence state of being permanence

Suffix Words with Meaning and Examples

Suffixes Meaning Examples
–ion A process, state, or result Decoration
-ise become civilize
-like Similar to Lifelike
-fy to make electrify, falsify
-ess female heiress
-ish A little Greenish
-ish having qualities of brutish
-ism A belief or condition Judaism
–ism A belief Judaism
-ism belief communism
-ory relating to dormitory
-ite follower, a product of luddite
-ment state of being embankment
-acy state/quality of being certitude
-en Made of Woolen
-some group of quarrelsome
-ac/-ic related to Nordic
-eer/-er/-or person who writer
-phone sound telephone
-tude state/quality of being certitude
-esque reminiscent of Kafkaesque
–age A result Wreckage
-oid like humanoid
-sion state/quality of being confusion
-able Able to be Inflatable
-ful full of thankful

List of Verb Suffixes

Suffixes Meaning Examples
-ate become Eradicate, Enunciate
-en become  Awaken, Strengthen
-ify, -fy make or become  Satisfy, Rectify
-ize, -ise* become  Humanize, Socialize

List of Noun Suffixes

Suffix Meaning Examples
-ship position held  Ownership, Kinship
-er, -or one who  Protector, Narrator
-sion, -tion state of being  Transition, Abbreviation
-ance, -ence state or quality of  Eminence, Assurance
-acy state or quality Fallacy, Delicacy
-ist one who  Narcissist, Plagiarist
-ity, -ty quality of  Veracity, Parity
-ment condition of  Endorsement, Punishment
-ness state of being  Sadness, Rudeness
-dom place or state of being  Kingdom, Boredom
-al act or process of  Recital, Rebuttal
-ism doctrine, belief  Narcissism, Skepticism

List of Adjective Suffixes

Suffixes Meaning Examples
-ic, -ical pertaining to  Mythic, Domestic
-esque reminiscent of  Statuesque, Burlesque
-able, -ible capable of being  Presentable, Abominable
-ish having the quality of fiendish, childish, snobbish
-ive having the nature of creative, punitive, divisive, decisive
-less without endless, ageless, lawless, effortless
-y characterized by sleazy, hasty, greasy, nerdy, smelly
-ful notable for  Resentful, Woeful
-al pertaining to  Grammatical, Emotional
-ious, -ous characterized by  Portentous, Studious

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