List of Noun Suffixes with Meaning, Examples & PDF

List of Noun Suffixes

Language keeps changing and evolving all the time. One cool thing about language is how words can change to mean different things. Noun suffixes are a great example of this. Suffixes are parts we add to the end of a word to change what it means or does. When we use noun suffixes, they can change a word into a noun and tell us more about what the noun is like. In this article, we’ll look at list of noun suffixes, what they mean, and examples of how they’re used.

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Noun Suffixes with Easy Examples List

  • -er (one who)

Examples: teacher, writer, baker

  • -ist (one who practices or believes in)

Examples: artist, scientist, pessimist

  • -ism (doctrine, belief, system)

Examples: capitalism, feminism, racism

  • ment (result of an action)

Examples: development, improvement, movement

  • -tion / -sion (act or state of)

Examples: action, reaction, decision, discussion

  • -ity / -ty (quality or state of)

Examples: reality, creativity, responsibility

  • -ness (state of being)

Examples: happiness, darkness, kindness

  • -ance / -ence (state or quality of)

Examples: importance, presence, competence

  • -age (action or process of)

Examples: storage, passage, coverage

  • -ure (result of)

Examples: failure, adventure, structure

  • -ship (position held)

Examples: leadership, friendship, ownership

  • -hood (state of being)

Examples: childhood, adulthood, brotherhood

  • -dom (state or realm of)

Examples: kingdom, freedom, wisdom

  • -er / -or (thing that does)

Examples: computer, actor, director

  • -arian (one who supports or advocates)

Examples: vegetarian, humanitarian, librarian

  • -ee (person who receives)

Examples: employee, payee, trainee

  • -ese (native of)

Examples: Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese

  • -ette (small version or imitation)

Examples: kitchenette, cigarette, usherette

  • -let (small)

Examples: booklet, piglet, droplet

  • -ling (young one or small)

Examples: duckling, darling, underling

  • -ologist (one who studies or is an expert in)

Examples: biologist, psychologist, geologist

  • -phile (lover of)

Examples: audiophile, bibliophile, Francophile

  • -phobe (one who fears or dislikes)

Examples: arachnophobe, claustrophobe, xenophobe

  • -scope (instrument for viewing)

Examples: microscope, telescope, kaleidoscope

  • -ward / -wards (in the direction of)

Examples: forward, backward, afterwards

  • -wise (in the manner of)

Examples: clockwise, otherwise, lengthwise

  • -ium (place or medium)

Examples: auditorium, aquarium, stadium

  • -cy (state or quality of)

Examples: efficiency, accuracy, privacy

  • -ness (state or quality of)

Examples: kindness, readiness, emptiness

  • -itude (state or condition)

Examples: gratitude, servitude, plenitude

  • -gram (something written or drawn)

Examples: telegram, diagram, program

  • -al (act or process of)

Examples: arrival, refusal, survival

  • -logy (study of)

Examples: biology, psychology, geology

  • -able / -ible (capable of, fit for)

Examples: capable, visible, incredible

  • -icle (small)

Examples: particle, article, vehicle

  • -ish (resembling)

Examples: reddish, childish, selfish

  • -ful (full of)

Examples: joyful, hopeful, careful

  • -ize / -ise (to make, to become)

Examples: organize, criticize, realize

  • -acy (state or quality of)

Examples: democracy, accuracy, privacy

  • -ics (study of)

Examples: physics, economics, politics

  • -ian (native of, relating to)

Examples: American, Canadian, musician

  • -arium / -orium (place for)

Examples: aquarium, auditorium, terrarium

  • -ant (person or thing that does)

Examples: servant, applicant, pollutant

  • -ist (follower or supporter of)

Examples: artist, biologist, violinist

  • -ive (tending to)

Examples: creative, informative, responsive

  • -ary (related to, connected with)

Examples: primary, dictionary, military

  • -ty / -ity (quality or state of)

Examples: quality, quantity, electricity

  • -dom (state or condition)

Examples: kingdom, freedom, wisdom

  • -ation / -ion (act or process of)

Examples: information, creation, expansion

  • -ary (connected with, relating to)

Examples: library, dictionary, culinary

  • -er (thing that does)

Examples: computer, printer, blender

  • -ist (adherent or supporter of)

Examples: artist, optimist, therapist

  • -ism (doctrine, system, condition)

Examples: capitalism, socialism, patriotism

  • -er (comparative form)

Examples: taller, faster, stronger

  • -ity / -ty (state or quality of)

Examples: ability, curiosity, humility

  • -ship (position, state, quality)

Examples: leadership, friendship, partnership

  • -ion / -tion (act or state of)

Examples: action, reaction, decision

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