Prefixes Examples and Meaning | Vocabulary

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

A prefix is a type of affix—a linguistic element that is added to a base word to create a modified version of that word. Unlike suffixes, which are attached to the end of a word, prefixes are affixed to the beginning. Prefixes can dramatically alter the meaning of a word, either by negating it, intensifying it, or indicating time, location, or direction. Understanding common prefixes can provide insights into the meanings of unfamiliar words and allow for better comprehension of complex texts.

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Define Prefixes.

A prefix is a group of letters that are added to the beginning of a stem word. Prefixes allow a single root word to have several meanings without the need to know a large number of vocabulary terms. Prefixes are letters that are added to the beginning of a word to modify its meaning. Prefixes aid in the addition of meaning to words and the creation of new words that are universally understood.

Prefixes with Examples and Meaning

Prefixes Meaning Examples
A (an)  without  atheist, anarchy
Eu  well  eulogy, eugenics
Epi  upon epitaph
Hypo  under hypocrite
Di  twice  dilemma
Con (col, com, cor)  together, with  contend, combine, correct
Ad (af, al, ag, as, a)  to  affect, allege, appoint, assign, avail
Dia through  diameter
Mono single, alone  monoplane, monopoly
Auto  self  Autocrat, autograph
Peri, round  Perimeter, period  periscope
Ex (ef, e)  out of  extract, effect
Ex (ec)  out of eccentric
Bis, (bi, bin) on both sides, twice  biscuit, binoculars
Amphi  on both sides, around  amphitheatre
Non  not  nonsense
In (il, im, ir)  not  insecure, imprudent
Philo (Phil)  love  philanthropy
Homo (hom)  like homonym
In (il, im, ir, en, em)  Into, in  invade, immerse, enact, embrace
En (em)  in emblem
Meta (met)  implying change  metaphor, metonymy
Hemi  half  hemisphere
Demi  half  demigod
Apo (ap)  from  apology
De,  down  descend, depose
Cata  down  cataract, catalogue
Arch (archi)  chief archangel, architect
Para  by the side of, beside  parallel, parasite
Hyper beyond, over  hypercritical
Extra  beyond, of, outside  extraordinary, extravagant
Ante (anti, an)  before  antedate, ancestor
Male (mal) badly, ill  malevolent
Dys  badly dysentery
Ana  back, up  anachronism
Ab, (a, abs)  away, from  abuse, abstract
Ambi (amb, am)  Around, on both sides  ambiguous, amputate
Circum (circu)  around  circumnavigate, circuit
Dis, (dif, di)  apart  Disjoin, divide
Inter (intro, enter)  among  intervene, entertain
Pan  all  panorama, pantheism
Contra (counter)  against  contradict, counterfeit
Anti (ant)  against  antagonist

Prefixes | Images

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

prefixes with meaning and example

Prefixes with Meaning and Examples

Prefixes Meaning Examples
Im- İn Imbalance
con with, jointly concur
ex- former, out of ex-boyfriend
deca ten decathlon
en to cause, provide enable
hyper- over, above hyperactive
Em- Cause to Embrace
Fore- Before Forecast
ad to, toward, near Adjacent
a not, without abyss
ambi both Ambidextrous
ante before Antecedent
ante- before antenatal
counter opposite counterclockwise
co with, together coexist
anti- against, opposing antidepressant
arch chief, most important Archangel
co- with co-pilot
bene good benevolent
circum- around circumvent
a at, in, on, to asleep
bi two, twice Biannual
equi equal equidistant
ethno race, nation ethnography
En- Cause to Encode
di two divert
Prefix Meaning Example
dia through, across diameter
de- off, down, away from defrost
contra against contradict
ab from, away Abnormal
be about, become befriend
il-, im-, in-, ir- not illegal
auto self automobile
dys bad, abnormal dysfunction
homo- same homonuclear
demi half Demigod
em-, en- cause to, put into encode
extra- beyond, more than extraordinary
at to, toward attend
endo internal endocrine

Prefixes Examples | Images

prefixes with meaning and example

prefixes with meaning and example

prefixes with meaning and example


What are the 20 examples of prefixes?

  • In

Meaning: Not

Example: When Will Injustice End?

  • Inter

Meaning: Between

Examples: What do I do after Intermediate?

  • Over-

Meaning: Over

Example: we can overlook the sea from here.

  • pre-

Meaning: before

Example: Un- is a productive prefix.

  • therm-

Meaning: heat

Example: This thermometer is inaccurate.

  • non-

Meaning: not, without

Example: They ask what nonsense this is.

  • Sub-

Meaning: Under

Example: The subeditors prepare the reporters.

  • semi-

Meaning: half

Example: The semi-final replay will be on Monday.

  • mid-

Meaning: Middle

Example: The city is midway between London and Edinburgh.

  • In-

Meaning: In

Example: Sprinkle the infield there.

  • para-

Meaning: beside

Example: She is a qualified paramedic.

  • macro-

Meaning: large

Example: Macroeconomics in Global Environment.

  • sub-

Meaning: under

Example: It’s a huge submarine.

  • mis-

Meaning: wrongly

Example: It is not easy to misinterpret these findings.

  • post-

Meaning: after

Example: Is there a hyphen in post-mortem?

  • im-, in-

Meaning: into

Example: Insert Image From File.

  • Under

Meaning: Under

Example: I understand what you mean.

  • omni-

Meaning: all, every

Example: I am a failed omnivore.

  • Un-

Meaning: Not

Example: Her tone is rather unfriendly.

  • tri-

Meaning: three

Example: He drew a right triangle.

  • re-

Meaning: again

Example: He didn’t return home.

  • infra-

Meaning: beneath, below

Example: Go to infrared, people.

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Prefixes Examples with Sentence| Images

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

prefix example

prefix example

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

Prefixes Examples and Meaning

prefix meaning and example

prefix meaning and example

prefix meaning and example

prefix meaning and example

prefix meaning and example

prefix meaning and example

prefix example

prefix example

prefix example






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