100 Prefix and Suffix Examples Words

Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefix and suffix examples words! When learning a new language, one of the first things you learn are prefixes and suffixes. These little additions to words can change their meaning or function. In English, there are many common prefixes and suffixes that you will see used time and again. Let’s take a look at some examples.

One common prefix is “un-” which means “not.” For example, the word “unhappy” means not happy. Another common prefix is “re-” which means “again.” For example, the word “redo” means do again. As for suffixes, one of the most common is “-ly.” This suffix makes an adjective into an adverb.

100 Prefix and Suffix Examples Words

50 Prefixes Examples List

Prefix Examples
Ab   Abuse, Avert, Abstract .-
Ad  Adjoin, Affect, Allege, Appoint, Arrest,  Attach, Avail.
Ambi  Ambiguous, Ambition, Amputate.
Ante  Antedate, Anticipate, Ancestor.
Bene  Benediction, Benefit.
Bis  Biscuit, Bisect, Binoculars.
Circum  Circumnavigate, Circumference, Circuit.
Con  Contend, Collect, , Correct.
Contra  Contradict, Counteract, Counterfeit.
De  Descend, Dethrone, Depose,
Dis   Disjoin, Differ, Divide.
Demi   Demigod.
Ex   Extract, Effect.
Extra   Extraordinary, Extravagant.
In  Invade, Illustrate , Irrigate, Embrace.
In  Insecure, Illegal, Imprudent, Irregular.
Inter   Intervene, Introduce, Malevolent, Malcontent.
Non  Nonsense.
A  Abed, Aboard, Ajar, Asleep
Be  Beside, Betimes, Bedaub.
For  Forbear, Forgive.
Fore  Before ; Forecast, Foretell.
Gain   Against ; Gainsay ..
In  Income, Inland, Inlay.
Mis  Misdeed, Mislead, Misjudge.
Over  Overflow, Overcharge.
To   To-Day, To-Night, To-Morrow.
Un  Untrue, Unkind, Unholy.
Under  Undersell, Undergo, Underground.
With  Withdraw, Withhold, Withstand.

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Prefixes Examples | Images

Prefix and Suffix Examples Words

Prefix Examples Words

50 Suffix Examples List

Suffixes Meaning Example
-ful notable for It is a woeful and complex story.
-er, -or one who  I am the narrator.
-ious, -ous characterized by  He’s studious and from a good family.
-en become  Strengthen friendship between nations.
-ize, -ise* become  Get out and socialize.
-ish having the quality of My sister is very snobbish about cars.
-ism doctrine, belief There was skepticism in her shadowy eyes.
-ness state of being Please forgive my rudeness.
-ify, -fy make or become  I think we can rectify that.
-al act or process of  I mooned for rebuttal.
-ment condition of  He does not need punishment.
-ist one who How can a writer avoid becoming a plagiarist?
-ity, -ty quality of Income parity is an underlying aim.
-wise in relation to Cut the carrots lengthwise.
-less without The lawless days of the Old West?
-ship position held I had felt this kinship, too.
-ly in what manner something is being done Honestly, I swear we don’t.
-y characterized by  Your lips are greasy.
-ate become  We must enunciate each word.
-al pertaining to He tends to be emotional.
-ic, -ical pertaining to  Domestic violence isn’t normal.
-ive having the nature of  It’s been a bit divisive.
-acy state or quality  Fresh sea bass is a great delicacy
-esque reminiscent of A secret house of burlesque.
-dom state of being I likes to combat my boredom by watching a movies.
-ward in a certain direction  Find someone who is an awkward dancer.
-ance, -ence state or quality I have full assurance of his honsety.
-sion, -tion state of being  abbreviation

Suffix Examples | Images

Prefix and Suffix Examples Words

Suffix Examples Words

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