Oe Words List: Ultimate Vocabulary Hack for English Learners

Oe Words

The English language has many interesting words. Some of these words have the letters “oe” together. This article will give you a detailed list of these “oe” words and explain what they mean. We will also look at how to use these words in sentences. Let’s get started.

List of Oe Words


  • Meaning: “Goes” is the third person singular form of the verb “go.”
  • Sentence: Every morning, he goes for a run in the park.


  • Meaning: A doe is a female deer.
  • Sentence: We saw a doe and her fawn in the forest.

Foetus (Fetus)

  • Meaning: An unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular, an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.
  • Sentence: The ultrasound showed the healthy development of the foetus.


  • Meaning: An amoeba is a tiny, single-celled organism that can change shape.
  • Sentence: Scientists studied the movement of an amoeba under a microscope.


  • Meaning: A poem is a piece of writing that expresses feelings and ideas, often with a specific rhythm and style.
  • Sentence: She wrote a beautiful poem about the ocean.


  • Meaning: A shoe is a covering for the foot, usually made of leather, rubber, or other materials.
  • Sentence: I bought a new pair of running shoes.


  • Meaning: To exist together at the same time or in the same place.
  • Sentence: Different cultures can coexist peacefully in a multicultural city.


  • Meaning: A woodwind musical instrument with a double reed.
  • Sentence: She played a beautiful melody on the oboe.


  • Meaning: A string or cord used for tying a shoe.
  • Sentence: His shoelace came undone while he was running.


  • Meaning: A hoe is a gardening tool used to remove weeds and break up soil.
  • Sentence: The gardener used a hoe to prepare the ground for planting.


  • Meaning: A foe is an enemy or opponent.
  • Sentence: In the story, the hero fought bravely against his foe.


  • Meaning: A loosely compacted yellowish-gray deposit of wind-blown sediment.
  • Sentence: The loess plains are fertile and good for agriculture.


  • Meaning: Feeling or expressing sorrow or misery.
  • Sentence: The woeful news of the accident left everyone in shock.


  • Meaning: To persuade someone to do something by using force or threats.
  • Sentence: He was coerced into signing the contract against his will.

Foetid (Fetid)

  • Meaning: Having a heavy, offensive smell.
  • Sentence: The foetid smell from the garbage was unbearable.


  • Meaning: A toe is one of the five digits at the end of a human foot.
  • Sentence: I hurt my big toe while playing soccer.

Pronunciation Tips

  • Woe: This sounds like “woh.”
  • Toe, Shoe, Doe: In these words, “oe” sounds like the long “o” in “go” or “no.”
  • Aloe: This is pronounced “al-oh,” with “oe” making an “oh” sound.
  • Foam: Here, the “oe” sound blends with “a,” making it sound like “fohm.”

Practice Time

Here are some sentences using “oe” words:

  • The doe ran quickly through the forest.
  • She put on her new shoe before going out.
  • His words were full of woe after the sad news.
  • My toe hurts because I stubbed it.
  • Using aloe can help soothe a sunburn.

Try to make your own sentences with “oe” words to get more comfortable with them.

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