200+ Common Suffixes Words with Example & PDF

Common Suffixes Words with Example

Suffixes are essential components of the English language that are added to the end of words to change their meanings, create new words, or modify the grammatical function of a word. Understanding common suffixes can significantly enhance your vocabulary and comprehension skills. In this article, we will explore some of the most frequently used suffixes words in English, along with examples of words that feature these suffixes.

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What suffixes mean?

A suffix is a letter/a group of letters put at the end of a word to change its meaning and to form a new word. when we apply a suffix a new word forms a new word with some grammatical change.

sometimes by using the suffix at the end of the words the spelling of the base word changes. For example, when someone adds the suffix -ion to the end of the base word “revise” the end of the word e replaces with ion. By removing the -e and adding -ion a new word revision was formed.

What is the purpose of suffixes in a word?

Suffix increases our vocabulary. suffix transforms a noun into a verb without a suffix, it’s not possible. It expresses our opinions, thought,s and feeling. its provide variety and depth to our writing.

List of Suffixes with Example

here are some common suffixes along with examples of words that use them:



-ware hardware, software, kitchenware
-iferous vociferous, carboniferous
-ish Greenish
-ence Difference
-dom freedom, kingdom, boredom,
-ance/-ence maintenance, permanence
-ise civilise, terrorise
-ant Asistant
ance/-ence maintenance, permanence
-ine canine, feminine, masculine
-like Lifelike
-ness thinness, loneliness
-acious/-icious gracious, malicious
-ity ingenuity, oddity
-less Careless
-ish Greenish
-ful helpful, thankful, cheerful
-ess actress, heiress, lioness


-fy magnify, electrify, amplify, falsify,
–ance Importance
-ee Referee
-ac/-ic cardiac, Nordic
-ful Spoonful
-ist chemist, florist, artist, linguist,
–ing Painting
-less Careless
-ant Assistant
-ism favoritism, communism
-like childlike, homelike, lifelike
-ship friendship, membership, ,
-ness thinness, loneliness, kindness,
–ery Bakery
-ful Beautiful
-ible Flexible
-en Woolen
–ism Judaism
-ian martian, utopian, pediatrician
-en Woolen

Suffixes and Their Uses

Suffixes Examples
–ment Measurement
-ship friendship, membership
-ous Joyous
-oid celluloid, ovoid
-ion Decoration
-ory armory, dormitory, laboratory
-ose adipose, verbose
-ence Difference
-ment enjoyment, embankment,
-ise civilise, terrorise, lengthwise, e
-eer/-er/-or mountaineer, writer, counsellor
-less brainless, endless
-ish hellish, fiendish
-some Quarrelsome
-y funny, greedy
-escent adolescent, fluorescent
–sophy/sophic philosophy, theosophy,
-esque picturesque, Kafkaesque
-escent adolescent, fluorescent
-eer/-er/-or mountaineer, writer, counsellor,

Examples of Word Suffixes

Suffixes Examples
-less brainless, endless, fearless,
-ous Joyous
–age Wreckage
-er/or Teacher
-y funny, greedy
–ance Importance
-ous illustrious, nauseous
–ess Waitress
-pathy sympathy, apathy, neuropathy
-fy magnify, electrify
-ite suburbanite, luddite, dynamite
–ery Bakery
–ess Waitress
-some Quarrelsome
-tude fortitude, certitude
-esque hypnosis, psychosis
-osis picturesque, Kafkaesque
-ful Spoonful
–ing Painting
–ion Decoration


–able Inflatable
-ism Judaism
-oid celluloid, ovoid, humanoid,
-er/or Teacher
-ful Beautiful
-sion torsion, confusion, depression,
age Wreckage
-tion transition, attention, caution,
-al logical, philosophical
-ist chemist, florist
-ible Flexible
-phone homophone, telephone,
-ive attractive, expensive, repulsive
-ous illustrious, nauseous, hazardous,
-acy fortitude, certitude
-tude privacy, legitimacy
-ism favoritism, communism
-ity ingenuity, oddity, abnormality,
-ist Florist
-ish hellish, fiendish, apish, brutish,

–iferous vociferous, carboniferous
-like Lifelike
-ose adipose, verbose
-ology anthropology, archaeology
-dom freedom, kingdom
–ee Referee
-able Inflatable
-osis hypnosis, psychosis, diagnosis,
-th depth, length, strength
able/-ible childhood, neighborhood,
-hood portable, legible
-sion/-tion torsion, transition
-some cumbersome, quarrelsome,

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