List of Suffixes for Adverbs with Meaning and Examples

Suffixes for Adverbs

Adverbs play a crucial role in the English language by modifying verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs, helping to provide a deeper understanding of how actions are performed, qualities are expressed, and circumstances are described. Suffixes, which are affixes added to the end of words, can be employed to create adverbs from adjectives and nouns. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of suffixes for adverbs, along with their meanings and illustrative examples.

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List of Adverb Suffixes

Here is a list of suffixes used to form adverbs and a few examples for each. Keep in mind that some suffixes may have multiple meanings. Here they are:

  • -ly (meaning: in a particular manner)

Examples: quickly, slowly, happily

  • -ward(s) (meaning: in the direction of)

Examples: forward, backward, homeward

  • -wise (meaning: in the manner of, concerning)

Examples: clockwise, likewise, otherwise

  • -fully (meaning: to the full extent)

Examples: wonderfully, gracefully, blissfully

  • -lessly (meaning: without)

Examples: effortlessly, tireless, thoughtlessly

  • -ily (meaning: in the manner of)

Examples: angrily, luckily, jollily

  • -ingly (meaning: in a way that)

Examples: surprisingly, annoyingly, charmingly

  • -ly (meaning: at a specified time)

Examples: daily, weekly, monthly

  • -most (meaning: to the greatest degree)

Examples: uppermost, innermost, foremost

  • -erly (meaning: relating to)

Examples: motherly, fatherly, brotherly

  • -wise (meaning: with regard to)

Examples: market-wise, weather-wise, money-wise

  • -long (meaning: throughout the whole time)

Examples: lifelong, yearlong, daylong

  • -ward (meaning: in the direction of)

Examples: eastward, downward, outward

  • -ways (meaning: in a particular direction)

Examples: sideways, lengthways, crossways

  • -wards (meaning: in the direction of)

Examples: forwards, backwards, downwards

  • -somely (meaning: in a certain manner)

Examples: wholesomely, irksomely, lonesomely

  • -ward (meaning: moving or facing in a particular direction)

Examples: homeward, heavenward, sunward

  • -ment (meaning: state or condition of)

Examples: momentarily, contentment, merriment

  • -ward (meaning: in relation to)

Examples: backward, wayward, heavenward

  • -ways (meaning: in a particular manner)

Examples: sideways, lengthways, crossways

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