10 kinds of adverbs and examples

10 kinds of adverbs and examples

10 kinds of adverbs and examples!

An adverb adds to the meaning of a verb, adjective, or some other adverb. An adverb, in fact, qualifies any part of speech except a noun or a pronoun.

  • Slowly, quickly, wonderfully, mostly, beautifully, sweetly, bitterly, very, mostly.

He answers correctly.

Here correctly describes the verb replied.

She talked interestingly.


  • She fought bravely against the difficulties of life and succeeded in the end. The tower was surprisingly tall. They cried very loudly.
  • The adverb bravely qualifies the verb fought. Surprisingly qualities the adjective tall very qualifies the adverb loudly.

Kinds of adverb and their functions

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An adverb answer the question of how, when, how often, where, under what conditions, or in what manner.

10 kinds of adjectives and examples

Adverbs of manner

These answer the question of how.

  • Clearly, honestly, obediently, punctually, strictly.

How do they sing? They sing beautifully. ( beautifully modifying the verb sing)

Adverbs of degree or quantity

These answers how much.

  • Too, very, quite, almost, fully, enough, altogether

They are much happy.

She walks too slowly.

Adverbs of time

These answers when.

  • Later, ago, before, yesterday, today, already, early

Your son will return soon

They attended classes yesterday.

Adverbs of place

These answer where

  • Late, there, everywhere, in, out, beneath, below, underneath, up

She is here.

They searched for the lost key everywhere.

Adverbs of cause or reason

These answer why.

  • Consequently (therefore), resultantly

So (therefore) they lost the match. (So and therefore modify lost, the verb). They are hence absent.

  • Hence modifying absent, the adjective.

Adverbs positive and negative

These answer “true or wrong.”

  • Admittedly, acceptable, unacceptable

Did you report against Mr. X?

No, I did not report against him.

  • Not, the adverb, qualifies report, the verb.

I shall definitely play.

Adverbs of Frequency

These answer how often.

  • Sometimes, repeatedly, regularly, occasionally (happening irregularly) frequently (very often), seldom (not happening often)

She repeatedly asks me to help her. I am often in her class. (Often modifying am, the verb)

Also note seldom: I am seldom in her class. She is seldom absent.


10 kinds of adverbs and examples in picture form!

10 kinds of adverbs and examples
10 kinds of adverbs and examples
adjectives and its types
10 kinds of adverbs and examples
adjectives and its types

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FAQs Related to 10 Kinds of Adverbs in English

What are the actual types of adverbs?

Adverbs are of 10 types in actual and we have discuss 10 types of adverbs in this lesson along with examples and Infographic PDF.
Here are the 10 kinds of adverbs in English:
1. Adverb of Time
2. Adverb of Place
3. Adverb of Attitude
4. Adverb of Manner
5. Adverb of Affirmation
6. Interrogative Adverbs
7. Adverbs of Frequency
8. Adverb of Degree
9. Adverb of Reason
10. Relative Adverbs

What type of adverb is only?

Only is a focusing adverb, focusing adverbs are those adverbs that are used to give a special attention to something or to describe and modify something special.

How do you identify an adverb in a sentence?

To identify an adverb you have to implement the definition of adverb onto the sentence. ” Adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb”. Following this definition you can easily figure out out adverb in a sentence. Another way to understand adverbs by going through this powerful list of adverbs.










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