adjective and its types

Adjective and its types

Adjective and its types!

Adjectives Definition

An adjective or determiner is a word used to describe or quality or add to the meaning of a noun or a pronoun.

  • A loud cry, weak performance.
  • The gift was suitable.

Loud, weak, suitable are adjectives qualifying the nouns to cry, performance and gift.

Adjective and its types

Types of Adjectives

  1. Adjective of quality or descriptive adjectives

The adjective of quality shows the quality of a person or thing and can be formed from proper nouns.

  • A big, small, wise, foolish, philosophical, dangerous, peaceful, and proper adjective like the one discussed at length below:
  • American, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Russian and many other national groups do we find all around, but the best group stands out as the one of one’s own nation.
  1. Adjective of quantity

The adjective of quantity shows the quantity of a thing or nature of quantity:


Little, some, much, enough, all, no, great, half.

  1. Adjective of number

Adjectives of numbers indicate number or order and are also called limiting adjectives.


One, two, first, second, few many most, several, all, no, certain, each, every, either, neither, enough, etc.

  1. Demonstrative adjective

Demonstrative adjectives point out things or persons.


This, that, these, those, such, same, the other, yonder (over there, at some distance)

  • Those flowers are dear to us as much as this picture is to you.

Such objects are related to the world of art cannot be compared with Nature. Can they?

  1. Interrogative adjective

Interrogative adjectives are question words functioning as adjectives like what, which, and whose.


  • Whose book was that?
  • Which pen do you like more?
  • What books are you buying today?
  • Which book on proofreading do you recommend?

 Adjective and Its Types – Video


adjective and its types
Adjective and its types
adjective and its types
Adjective and its types

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