noun and its types

noun and its types

noun and its types!

Definition of Noun

A noun is the name of a person, place or thing, quality, action, etc.


Father, manager, restaurant, book, cement, unity, ability.

noun and its types
noun and its types

Types of Noun – Video Lesson
noun and its types
Noun and its Types
  • Proper noun:

It is the name of a particular person’s place or thing.


John, Peshawar, Suez, Kohinoor, etc.

  • Common noun:

It is a name that is common to any person or thing of the same kind.


city, table, book, college, tree, etc.

  • Collective or group noun:

It is the name of a number of things or persons taken together.


class, crowd, procession, audience, shoal, etc.


  • A collective noun is generally used as a common noun.

  1. “The police are busy with the independence day celebrations.”
  2. “The furniture they have bought is of Sindhi design.”

However, ‘police’ a collective noun, is the same in the plural form, “furniture” is the same in the plural form.

  • Some collective nouns are used in the singular and the plural with a changed meaning.
  • Material noun:

Material nouns are the name of the material that things are made of.


Wood, iron, plastic cement, etc.

Materials like meat, water, milk, etc. Form which foods are made are also material nouns.

  • Abstract noun:

noun and its types
noun and its types

It is the name of quality, condition, etc. Which cannot be seen or felt.


bravely, ability, dishonesty, poverty, weakness, happiness, etc.

  • Compound noun:

A compound noun is made up of two or more words. Compound nouns are written as single words, separate words, or words separated by a hyphen.


heartbeat, mountaintop, moonshine, zero hours, carbon paper, short sight, one-piece, etc.

  • Countable and uncountable nouns:

Nouns whose plurals we can have are countable nouns or countable.

Most common nouns (like a tree, friend, road) and collective nouns ( team, class, army) are of this kind.

Nouns whose plurals we can’t have are uncountable nouns or uncountable.

Most material nouns (like zinc, blood, sugar) and abstract nouns (like anger, peace, simplicity) are of this kind.


noun and its typesnoun and its types

noun and its types
noun and its types
uncountable noun

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