Idioms For Spring with Meaning and Examples

Idioms For Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of year and it inspires many special sayings called idioms. These spring idioms are like little word puzzles that use ideas about spring to describe different things. They don’t just talk about the weather or flowers, but they use spring to talk about feelings, new beginnings, or changes. For example, ‘spring into action’ doesn’t mean jumping into a spring, but quickly starting something. These idioms are fun because they make us think of the freshness and colors of spring. Learning them is like walking in a garden full of different flowers, each with its special meaning.

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Idioms About Spring

Idioms for spring often reflect the season’s themes of renewal, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. Here are some examples:

Full of the joys of spring

  • Meaning: Very happy
  • Example: “He’s been full of the joys of spring since he got the job offer.”

A spring in one’s step

  • Meaning: Walk energetically
  • Example: “She had a spring in her step after hearing the good news.”

Raining cats and dogs

  • Meaning: Raining heavily
  • Example: “We’ll have to cancel the picnic; it’s raining cats and dogs.”

Spring fever

  • Meaning: Restless happiness
  • Example: “Every year, as the snow melts, I get a bad case of spring fever.”

Bloom where you’re planted

  • Meaning: Thrive in any situation
  • Example: “He’s really taken to his new role, blooming where he’s planted.”

Spring chicken

  • Meaning: Young person
  • Example: “At 20 years old, he’s still a spring chicken.”

In the springtime of life

  • Meaning: In one’s youth
  • Example: “In the springtime of life, everything seems possible.”

Spring to mind

  • Meaning: Remember quickly
  • Example: “Your comment made an old song spring to mind.”

Turn over a new leaf

  • Meaning: Start anew
  • Example: “This spring, I’m turning over a new leaf in my habits.”

Blossom into

  • Meaning: Develop into
  • Example: “She has blossomed into a fine musician.”

Springboard to success

  • Meaning: Launching point
  • Example: “This internship could be a springboard to success.”

Hope springs eternal

  • Meaning: Optimism endures
  • Example: “As a fan, you learn that hope springs eternal.”

April fool

  • Meaning: Person tricked
  • Example: “I felt like an April fool after falling for that prank.”

Spring of youth

  • Meaning: Young age
  • Example: “In her spring of youth, she traveled the world.”

Young bud

  • Meaning: Young person
  • Example: “He’s a young bud, full of potential.”

Seed of doubt

  • Meaning: Small uncertainty
  • Example: “A seed of doubt has been planted in my mind.

Green as grass

  • Meaning: Inexperienced
  • Example: “He’s as green as grass but eager to learn.”

Sow wild oats

  • Meaning: Behave recklessly
  • Example: “He sowed his wild oats in his youth but is responsible now.”

Spring to one’s feet

  • Meaning: Stand up quickly
  • Example: “He sprang to his feet to applaud the performance.”

Fresh as a daisy

  • Meaning: Very fresh, energetic
  • Example: “Even after a long day, she’s as fresh as a daisy.”

Spring cleaning

  • Meaning: Thorough cleaning
  • Example: “It’s time for some spring cleaning in the office.”

Out like a lamb

  • Meaning: End gently
  • Example: “The storm came in like a lion but went out like a lamb.”

April showers bring May flowers

  • Meaning: Hardship brings rewards
  • Example: “Remember, April showers bring May flowers, so keep persevering.”

Burst into bloom

  • Meaning: Start to flower
  • Example: “The garden burst into bloom overnight.”

Put a spring in one’s step

  • Meaning: Energize, enliven
  • Example: “The good news really put a spring in her step.”

Spring to life

  • Meaning: Become lively
  • Example: “The town springs to life during the festival.”

No spring chicken

  • Meaning: Not young
  • Example: “He’s no spring chicken, but he’s still very active.”

Nipped in the bud

  • Meaning: Stopped early
  • Example: “His plans were nipped in the bud by unforeseen circumstances.”

Spring into action

  • Meaning: Start quickly
  • Example: “When the alarm sounded, the firefighters sprang into action.”

Spring to the fore

  • Meaning: Become noticeable
  • Example: “During the crisis, her leadership skills sprang to the fore.”

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