Idioms About Help with Meaning and Examples

Idioms About Help

Helping others is important and fun to learn about, especially through special phrases called idioms. These idioms, such as ‘lending a hand,’ are like secret codes or puzzles. They use clever and sometimes funny words or ideas that don’t mean exactly what they say, but they give us a bigger message. For example, when we say ‘lending a hand,’ it doesn’t mean giving someone your hand, but it means helping them. Such idioms about help are like little stories that remind us how good it feels to work together and assist others.

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Idioms for Help

Idioms are a fascinating aspect of language, often providing colorful and imaginative ways to express ideas and concepts. Regarding idioms about help, here are a few examples from various cultures and languages:
Be there for someone

  • Meaning: Offer support
  • Example: “I’ll always be there for you, no matter what.”

Give a helping hand

  • Meaning: Provide assistance
  • Example: “She gave a helping hand to the new employee.”

Bear the brunt

  • Meaning: Endure the most
  • Example: “He bore the brunt of the work during the busy season.”

Bend over backwards

  • Meaning: Try very hard
  • Example: “He bent over backward to accommodate his guests.”

Prop up

  • Meaning: Support, sustain
  • Example: “The government grants helped to prop up the small businesses.”

Have one’s back

  • Meaning: Support, protect
  • Example: “Don’t worry, I have your back in this decision.”

Pitch in

  • Meaning: Help out
  • Example: “We all need to pitch in to clean up after the event.”

Throw someone a lifeline

  • Meaning: Offer crucial help
  • Example: “The loan was a lifeline thrown to the struggling company.”

Go to bat for

  • Meaning: Defend, support
  • Example: “My boss went to bat for me during the meeting.”

Pull one’s weight

  • Meaning: Do one’s share
  • Example: “Everyone needs to pull their weight in the project.”

Rally around

  • Meaning: Unite to support
  • Example: “The community rallied around the family in their time of need.”

Back up

  • Meaning: Support, confirm
  • Example: “I’ll back you up if they ask about the project.”

Give a boost

  • Meaning: Help, encourage
  • Example: “Her kind words gave me the boost I needed.”

Stand in for

  • Meaning: Substitute for
  • Example: “Can you stand in for me at the meeting tomorrow?”

Step up to the plate

  • Meaning: Take responsibility
  • Example: “It’s time for someone to step up to the plate and lead the team.”

Chip in

  • Meaning: Contribute, assist
  • Example: “Everyone chipped in to organize the surprise party.”

Stick one’s neck out

  • Meaning: Risk helping
  • Example: “He stuck his neck out to help his friend.”

Take the heat off

  • Meaning: Relieve pressure
  • Example: “Her apology took the heat off the team.”

Extend a hand

  • Meaning: Offer help
  • Example: “He extended a hand to the newcomers in town.”

Be a shoulder to cry on

  • Meaning: Offer emotional support
  • Example: “He was always a shoulder to cry on during tough times.”

Eyes and ears

  • Meaning: Be watchful, assist
  • Example: “I’ll be your eyes and ears while you’re away.”

Throw someone a bone

  • Meaning: Give minor help
  • Example: “The boss threw him a bone with that small project.”

Go the extra mile

  • Meaning: Do more than expected
  • Example: “She always goes the extra mile to help her students.”

Pull together

  • Meaning: Work cooperatively
  • Example: “We need to pull together to meet the deadline.”

Cover for someone

  • Meaning: Substitute, protect
  • Example: “Can you cover for me while I take a break?”

Give a leg up

  • Meaning: Assist, support
  • Example: “His mentor gave him a leg up in his career.”

Hold the fort

  • Meaning: Maintain, manage
  • Example: “Can you hold the fort while I’m away?”

Lend a hand

  • Meaning: Help out
  • Example: “Could you lend a hand with these boxes?”

Take the load off

  • Meaning: Reduce the burden
  • Example: “Hiring an assistant has taken the load off her shoulders.”

Take under one’s wing

  • Meaning: Protect, guide
  • Example: “She took the new intern under her wing.”

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