50+ List of Idioms for Students with Meaning and Examples

List of Idioms for Students

Whether you are a student who is learning English for the first time or a more advanced student refining their pronunciation and lexicon, idiom usage is a key component of becoming a confident and competent speaker of the language. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a comprehensive list of idioms for students. We’ll go over the meanings of each phrase and explain their usage in context. We’ll also provide examples of how to use each idiom in conversation. With this comprehensive list of idioms, you’ll be able to practice using them in your own conversations and become a more confident English speaker.

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List of Idioms for Students

List of idioms for elementary students

Here is a list of 50 useful idioms for students. This list of idioms is best suitable for students of grade 3 to grade 11.

1.      Lead somebody astray to encourage someone to do immoral things  Jack was led astray by some of his friends.
2.      Lead someone by the nose to make a person do whatever one wants  She leads her husband by the nose.
3.      Leave in the lurch leave in crisis  Do not leave your friends in the lurch.
4.      Leave no stone unturned to try every possible means  She left no stone unturned to pass the examination.
5.      Lend an ear to listen in a sympathetic way to sb  This kind lady lends an ear to the problems of the poor.
6.      Let sleeping dogs lie avoid troubles  He decided to let sleeping dogs not ask his son about his failure.
7.      Let the cat out of the bag to let a secret become known unintentional  I wanted to keep my success a secret for pleasant surprise but my brother let the cat out of the bag.
8.      Let the grass grow under one’s feet to delay or waste time  He decided quickly well and does not let the grass grow under his feet.
9.      Lion’s share the largest share  She got the lion’s share from her husband’s property.
10.  Live by one’s wits o get money by clever means  He does not work hard and lives by his wits.
11.  Live from hand to mouth to live by spending all that you earn  He earns a little and lives from hand to mouth.
12.  Live in a fool’s Paradise o be in a happy state for foolish reasons  To hope to pass the examination without hard work is like to live in a fool’s paradise
13.  Lock, stock, and barrel completely  They shifted their business lock, stock, and barrel to a new city.
14.  Long and short of sth the story, in a few words  The long and short of the quarrel between the two brothers is that each wants to marry his rich cousin.
15.  Look ahead to think about future  After months of work, we looked ahead to summer vacation.
16.  Look sharp to be quick, to hurry  Bring me a glass of water and look sharp
17.  Lose ground to lose one’s advantage  I think we are losing ground about this project.
18.  Lose heart to become disappointed  We should not lose heart and continue our struggle.
19.  Lose one’s temper to show anger  I lost my temper and gave him a blow.
20.  Lose one’s head to become unable to behave sensibly  John has lost his head over the matter.

A big list of 50+ Idioms for Students

21.  Lose sight of to stop being able to see  She lost sight of her child in-crowd.
22.  Maiden speech first speech  She impressed us with her maiden
23.  Maiden voyage first sea journey  The Titanic sank during its maiden voyage.
24.  Make a clean breast of something to confess something  First, he denied his crime but finally, he decided to make a clean breast of it.
25.  Make a mountain out of a molehill to treat a minor as a large one  Your son is just late, it does not mean that he has had an accident, you are making a mountain of a molehill.
26.  Make amends for to compensate  It is just an accident, but still, I am ready to make amends for the damage.
27.  Make both ends meet to live within one’s income  It is very difficult for the poor to make both ends meet.
28.  Make fun of to mock at  The whole class made fun of her odd clothes
29.  Make good to become successful and rich after being poor  The man has made good, though he was poor a little while ago.
30.  Make headway to make progress in spite of difficulties  They have made headway towards finding the solution to the problem.
31.  Make light of something to treat something as trivial  He had a bad fall but he made light of his cuts.
32.  Make neither head nor tail to be completely unable to understand something  I could make neither head nor tail of the matter.
33.  Make one’s mark to make a strong impression  He is making his mark as a good writer.
34.  Make the best of it / a bad job / a bad bargain to try fully to turn failure into success  The job was against her taste, but she made the best of it.
35.  Make the most of to take full advantage of  We have got only one day in New York, so we should make the most of it.
36.  Make up one’s mind to decide  He has made up his mind to visit Pakistan.
37.  Mark time to pass the time while you wait for something more interesting  He is just marking time in this job, he hopes to be an army officer soon.
38.  Meet somebody halfway to make a compromise with somebody  If you charge somewhat less, I may meet you halfway.
39.  Midsummer madness extreme folly  It would be midsummer madness to oppose the boss for nothing.
40.  Mind one’s own business to pay attention to one’s own affairs and not to interfere in people’s affairs  Do not advise me, mind your own Business.

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41.  Miss the bus/boat to fail to take advantage of an opportunity  You will miss the boat if you do not propose to her on her birthday.
42.  More or less nearly  He earns more or less fifty thousand a month.
43.  Move heaven and earth to make full efforts she moved heaven and earth to get her aim.
44.  Neck or nothing risking everything  I drove neck or nothing to reach the examination hall on time.
45.  Next to nothing almost nothing  He knows next to nothing about farming
46.  Nip in the bud crushed at the beginning  Nip every evil in the bud.
47.  Now and then at times  Now and then, we meet our old friends
48.  Null and void not valid  This contract is null and void.
49.  Of one’s own accord to do something without being forced  She married Jolly of her own accord.
50.  Off and on / on and off now and again, sometimes  It rained off and on all day long.

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list of idioms for students

list of idioms for students

list of idioms for students

list of idioms for students

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