50 Important Idioms for CSS Student Preparation

important idioms for students

Important Idioms for CSS!

Here is the list of 50 most useful idioms for CSS Student, prepare and memorize these idioms with their relevant meaning. Comment if you want some more.

50 Important Idioms for CSS Student Preparation

1.    At arm’s length at a distance  The teachers should keep the students at arms
2.    At cross purposes misunderstanding of each other’s meaning or internal  I think we are talking at cross purposes.
3.    At home in/with something be happy and relaxed  I am not feeling at home in/with this new job.
4.    At length finally  At length, Gilbert won her love.
5.    At One’s wits’ end very worried  She was at her wit’s end worrying about how to pay the bill.
6.    At random without any definite aim or pattern  He opened the book at random and started reading.
7.    At sixes and sevens disorganized and confused  The boys were at sixes and sevens when the teacher entered the classroom.
8.    At somebody’s heels following closely behind somebody  The thief ran away with the police at his heels.
9.    At stake that can be won or lost up  We cannot take the risk when our life is at stake.
10.  At the eleventh hour at the last moment  He called off his plan at the eleventh hour.
11.  At the end of the day used to introduce the most important fact after everything has been considered  At the end of the day, the best team won.
12.  At the risk of with danger  He took bribes at the risk of his job.
13.  At times sometimes but not usually  At times, he looks mad in anger.
14.  At/In a pinch if need be  In a pinch, we could accommodate five people.
15.  Be / Get out and about to go to places where you can meet people  She is still shy, she never gets out and about
16.  Be / Hang in the balance to be in an uncertain situation  The match hung in the balance until the last minute
17.  Be at a loose end having nothing to do and feel rather bored  Let us see a movie if you are at a loose end.
18.  Be at a loss for words unable to speak, speechless  I was at a loss for words in the party.
19.  Be at daggers drawn be hostile  She is at daggers drawn with her husband.
20.  Be at hand near, close by  I am working hard as the examination is at hand.


Most Important 20 Idioms for CSS Preparation

21.  Be at large be free  The two robbers are still at large.
22.  Be at one’s beck and call be ready to obey  He did not want to be at her beck and call all day long
23.  Be at sea to be confused  I am all at sea with this problem.
24.  Be at/reach the end of one’s tether to feel very upset because you are no longer able to deal with a difficult situation  Leon was at the end of his tether, too angry to answer.
25.  Be driven/passed from pillar to post from one place to another place  The homeless people were driven from pillar to post during the war
26.  Be equal to be able to handle a situation  The plane Caught fire but the pilot was equal to the occasion and landed safely.
27.  Be far/long cry from to be very different  This food is a far cry from what we eat at home.
28.  Be hard up be short of money  John often helps the hard-up students.
29.  Be ill-at-ease uneasy  She felt ill-at-ease in rough clothes.
30.  Be in good spirit be happy  She was in good spirits on her birthday.
31.  Be in high spirits be excited  We started our journey in high spirits.
32.  Be in low spirit be sad  She was in low spirit at the death of her friend.
33.  Be in somebody’s bad books used to say that somebody is angry with you  Now I am in his bad books because I have not paid him the debt.
34.  Be in somebody’s good books used to say that somebody is pleased with you  Now I am in his good books because I have paid him the debt.
35.  Be in/Get into hot water get into trouble/disgrace You may get into hot water if you disobey your boss.
36.  Be on one’s ground on one’s own terms  I will meet him on my own ground.
37.  Be on your guard be vigilant, be wary  In the fair, everyone was on his guard against pickpockets.
38.  Be on your last legs very tired  After the journey, she looked to her last legs.
39.  Be out of one’s element be in a situation that makes you unhappy  I am out of my element in the company of smokers
40.  Be part and parcel of be a natural part of something  To work in this field is part and parcel of a farmer’s life.

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41.  Be short of being lacking in  After illness, he is short of brains.
42.  Be sick of being bored with something  I am sick of working late at night.
43.  Be taken ill/sick to become ill  Her father was taken ill with a fever last Sunday
44.  Be under the thumb of being under the influence of somebody  He cannot do anything freely as he is under the thumb of his boss.
45.  Be up in arms to be very angry  There is no need to be up in arms over such a trifle.
46.  child’s play the thing that is very easy to do  It is no Child’s play to write, a good book in a month
47.  Cold comfort something that makes a difficult situation slightly better  The small employment growth is cold comfort for jobless people.
48.  Come into one’s own to become very good  Ali has come into his own as a writer.
49.  Come of age reach adult status  A man should get married, when he came of age.
50.  come to an end to finish  The war came to an end at last.

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