Idioms About Coffee with Meaning and Examples

Idioms About Coffee

Coffee is not just a drink; it’s a part of many fun sayings called idioms. These idioms about coffee are special phrases that use the word ‘coffee’ to mean different things. For example, ‘a lot on one’s plate’ can be about having too much work, not just food. These idioms are like little riddles. They don’t always talk about the drink itself but use coffee to describe feelings or situations in life. When you hear them, you might think of the warm, energizing feeling of coffee. Learning these coffee idioms can be as enjoyable as sipping your favorite coffee.

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Idioms for Coffee

Idioms related to coffee often reflect its importance in social and work life, as well as its stimulating effects. Here are some idioms from various cultures that involve coffee:

In the coffeehouse

  • Meaning: Engaged in casual talk
  • Example: “They were in the coffeehouse all afternoon discussing the project.”

Instant coffee

  • Meaning: Something very quick
  • Example: “He expects instant coffee results in everything.”

Bitter like espresso

  • Meaning: Very bitter
  • Example: “Her comments were bitter like espresso.”

Full of beans

  • Meaning: Energetic, lively
  • Example: “After that coffee, he’s full of beans.”

Fresh brew

  • Meaning: Something new
  • Example: “They’ve got some fresh brew ideas for the campaign.”

Decaf decision

  • Meaning: Less exciting choice
  • Example: “Opting to stay in was a decaf decision.”

Mocha madness

  • Meaning: Obsessed with coffee
  • Example: “Ever since he got that espresso machine, he’s in mocha madness.”

Not for all the coffee in Brazil

  • Meaning: Absolutely not
  • Example: “I wouldn’t miss her wedding for all the coffee in Brazil.”

Wake up and smell the coffee

  • Meaning: Be realistic
  • Example: “It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee about your job situation.”

Blend into the crowd

  • Meaning: Not stand out
  • Example: “He’s the type to blend into the crowd at coffee shops.”

Spill the beans

  • Meaning: Reveal a secret
  • Example: “Come on, spill the beans about the surprise party!”

Black as the ace of spades

  • Meaning: Very dark
  • Example: “He likes his coffee black as the ace of spades.”

Perk up

  • Meaning: Become more lively
  • Example: “I perk up after my second cup of coffee.”

Bean counter

  • Meaning: An accountant
  • Example: “Leave the finances to the bean counters.”

Brewing trouble

  • Meaning: Creating problems
  • Example: “She’s brewing trouble with her controversial statements.”

A latte to handle

  • Meaning: A lot to deal with
  • Example: “Organizing this event is a latte to handle.”

Roast someone

  • Meaning: Criticize humorously
  • Example: “At his birthday, we’re going to roast him good-naturedly.”

Steamed up

  • Meaning: Very angry
  • Example: “He got all steamed up over the lost mail.”

Like a double espresso

  • Meaning: Very intense
  • Example: “His energy in the morning is like a double espresso.”

Java jive

  • Meaning: Coffee talk
  • Example: “I love our morning java jive sessions.”

Strong as coffee

  • Meaning: Very strong
  • Example: “Her determination is as strong as coffee.”


  • Meaning: Made to seem pleasant
  • Example: “His sugar-coated words didn’t mask the criticism.”

Espresso yourself

  • Meaning: Express freely
  • Example: “In her blog, she really espressos herself.”

Whipped into shape

  • Meaning: Brought into good condition
  • Example: “The new manager whipped the project team into shape.”

Coffee break

  • Meaning: Short rest period
  • Example: “Let’s take a coffee break after this meeting.”

Take it black

  • Meaning: Without any additions
  • Example: “I take my coffee black.”

Coffee table book

  • Meaning: Large, decorative book
  • Example: “This coffee table book about art is stunning.”

Coffee’s for closers

  • Meaning: Rewards for success
  • Example: “Remember, coffee’s for closers, so let’s nail this deal!”

Cup of joe

  • Meaning: Regular coffee
  • Example: “I start every morning with a cup of joe.”

Swirl of activity

  • Meaning: Busy, active
  • Example: “The office was a swirl of activity this morning.”

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