Idioms About Surprise with Meaning and Examples

Idioms About Surprise

Idioms are special phrases where the words together have a meaning different from what the individual words mean. Now, let’s talk about idioms about surprise. People use phrases when they’re shocked or don’t expect something.

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Idioms for Surprise

  • Out of the blue

Meaning: Unexpectedly

Example: “The news came out of the blue.”

  • Bolt from the blue

Meaning: Sudden, unexpected

Example: “His resignation was a bolt from the blue.”

  • Blindside

Meaning: Surprise unexpectedly

Example: “I was blindsided by the sudden change.”

  • Leave agog

Meaning: Extremely surprised

Example: “The crowd was left agog by the performance.”

  • Mind-boggling

Meaning: Overwhelmingly surprising

Example: “The twist in the story was mind-boggling.”

  • Blow someone’s mind

Meaning: Amaze, astonish

Example: “The ending of the movie really blew my mind.”

  • Staggering

Meaning: Astonishing

Example: “The amount of donations was staggering.”

  • Throw into a tizzy

Meaning: Cause agitation

Example: “The delay threw her into a tizzy.”

  • A wake-up call

Meaning: Unexpected event causing awareness

Example: “The accident was a wake-up call.”

  • Knock over with a feather

Meaning: Easily surprise

Example: “You could have knocked me over with a feather.”

  • Turn heads

Meaning: Attract attention

Example: “Her dress turned heads at the party.”

  • Catch someone flat-footed

Meaning: Find unprepared

Example: “The test caught me flat-footed.”

  • Catch someone off guard

Meaning: Surprise someone

Example: “The question caught her off guard.”

  • Flabbergasted

Meaning: Greatly astonished

Example: “I was flabbergasted by his audacity.”

  • Knock for six

Meaning: Completely surprise

Example: “The scandal knocked the company for six.”

  • Stop someone cold

Meaning: Halt abruptly

Example: “The accusation stopped her cold.”

  • Throw for a loss

Meaning: Confuse

Example: “His strange behavior threw me for a loss.”

  • Shake someone up

Meaning: Disturb or upset

Example: “The incident really shook her up.”

  • Stop someone in their tracks

Meaning: Halt suddenly

Example: “The sight stopped him in his tracks.”

  • Take someone’s breath away

Meaning: Impress deeply

Example: “The scenery took my breath away.”

  • Hit like a ton of bricks

Meaning: Impact heavily

Example: “The realization hit her like a ton of bricks.”

  • Make one’s hair stand on end

Meaning: Terrify or shock

Example: “The story made my hair stand on end.”

  • Throw for a loop

Meaning: Confuse, surprise

Example: “The news really threw me for a loop.”

  • Boggle the mind

Meaning: Overwhelm with surprise

Example: “The complexity boggles the mind.”

  • Leave open-mouthed

Meaning: Astonish

Example: “The magician left the audience open-mouthed.”

  • Raise eyebrows

Meaning: Cause surprise

Example: “His decision raised a few eyebrows.”

  • Jaw-dropping

Meaning: Astonishing

Example: “The view was jaw-dropping.”

  • Leave someone speechless

Meaning: Astonish

Example: “The proposal left her speechless.”

  • Sweep off someone’s feet

Meaning: Impress profoundly

Example: “He swept her off her feet with his charm.”

  • Drop a bombshell

Meaning: Reveal shocking news

Example: “He dropped a bombshell during the meeting.”

  • Eyes popped out

Meaning: Very surprised

Example: “Her eyes popped out at the news.”

  • Knock the wind out of someone

Meaning: Shock or upset

Example: “The news knocked the wind out of her.”

  • Gobsmacked

Meaning: Utterly astonished

Example: “She was gobsmacked by the surprise party.”

  • Like a deer in headlights

Meaning: Surprised and immobile

Example: “He looked like a deer in headlights.”

  • Take aback

Meaning: Surprised, shocked

Example: “I was taken aback by his honesty.”

  • Make someone’s jaw drop

Meaning: Astonish

Example: “His audacity made her jaw drop.”

  • Stop dead in one’s tracks

Meaning: Halt suddenly

Example: “He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her.”

  • Throw a curveball

Meaning: Surprise with the unexpected

Example: “Life threw a curveball at him.”

  • Bowled over

Meaning: Very surprised

Example: “I was bowled over by her kindness.”

  • Double take

Meaning: Look in surprise

Example: “I did a double take when I saw the price.”

  • Knock someone’s socks off

Meaning: Impress greatly

Example: “Her performance will knock your socks off.”

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