Conjunction and its Types

Conjunction and its Types

Conjunction and its Types!

Conjunction Definition

A conjunction is a joining word _ it joins words or phrases or clauses (sentences) together.


  • Ali and John went for a walk.
  • Awake, arise, or forever be fallen.
  • All may oppose me, yet I will fight.
  • Our oldest friend is present as well as others.
  • The Question was difficult as well as long.
  • We were not only punished but also fined.
  • She is silent while you are talking. Either sleep or walk.
  • All the words above in italics are conjunctions (for example, and, yet, as well as, etc.)
Conjunction and its Types
Conjunction and its Types

Types of Conjunction – Video

Coordinating conjunction

These connect two or more nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, or prepositions.

And, but, for, nor, yet, or, so are called coordinating conjunction.

  • These connect two or more independent clauses or sentence parts.


  • Rashid and Arshad are friends now, but they were not last year.

And connects the two nouns or subjects, Rashid, Arshad. But connects the first clause with the second clause, “they were not last year.”

  • They travel to Gujranwala, and then to Gujrat.

The two prepositional phrases to Gujranwala, to Gujrat, are connected by the coordinating conjunction “and.”

Conjunction and its Types
Conjunction and its Types

Correlative conjunctions

These function as a set. They are like coordinating conjunctions as they connect words in the same situation in a sentence.

They are: (1) either…..or, (2) neither…..nor, (3) both…and, (4) whether……or, (5) not only…… but (also).


  • They would like to stay either with Ali or with Hameed.
  • Either connects Ali and Hameed.

Not only, but (also) connect two clauses.

Types of conjunction and examples
Conjunction and its Types

Subordinate conjunction

They connect subordinate clauses to independent clauses. (Subordinate clauses cannot stand by themselves and independent clauses can function independently.)


  • The teacher taught well because he knew the subject.

Because connects the subordinate clause, he knew the subject with the independent clause, the teacher taught well.

  • She not only help me with my homework but (also) plays tennis with me.

Not only, but (also) connects the clauses.

Conjunction and its Types
Conjunction and its Types

The following is a list of some commonly used subordinating conjunctions.


After, while, as long as, as soon as, before, since, until, when, whenever, as.


Where, wherever


As, as if, as though


Because in that


Although, if, as long as, even if, unless.


As than


In order that, so that, that.

Subordinating conjunction

These can work as conjunctions or prepositions. Subordinating conjunction goes together with a word group having a verb.


  • We watch TV after the sunsets.

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