125 Awesome Slang Words in English – American and British Slang

Slang words in English

Slang words in English!

What are the Slang Words?

Slang is a very informal language or specific words used by a particular group of people. You’ll usually hear slang spoken more often than you’ll see it put in a sentence. Slang words in English



Use in a Sentence

ZipnothingHe knew zip about running the company
VibesfeelingsHe really gives off good vibes
Veg outrelax and do nothingI want to veg out in front of the television this evening
Up for grabsavailableEverything is up for grabs, This is a sale
Up ( happy cheerful)happy and cheerfulLee has been up ever since he met his new teacher
Totaledcompletely wreckedMy car was totaled in the accident with the garbage truck
Tool arounddrive aroundIt is time to go home,I don’t want to tool around all night
ThreadsclothesThose look like expensive threads he is wearing
Taking care of businessdoing what i have to doI have been taking care of business
Takencheated out ofHe was taken for all his money at the casino
Take a hikeleaveTake a hike, I am tired of all your complaining
Suckerbe deceivedDon’t be a sucker
StressedupsetI am really stressed by all the recent world events
StraighthonestI want you to give me a straight answer
Stinkis repulsiveThis whole operation stinks
Steamed upangryDon’t get so steamed up over the issue
Squareold-fashionedMy father looks square in his jacket
SpudpotatoesDo you want rice or spuds for dinner?
SpookfrightenedThe cows were spooked by the howling of the wolves
SplitleaveIt is time to split and go see the movie
Smoke eaterfiremanMy father is a smoke eater
SmashedintoxicatedTry not to get smashed at the beer party
SlammerjailThe police threw them both in the slammer
Shot downdisagreed withEveryone shot down my idea at first, but later agreed that it was a good idea
ShottryI’ll give the puzzle another shot
SharpintelligentHe is very sharp with numbers
Screw upmake a mistakeIf you screw up one more time, i will fire you
Screw aroundwaste timeIf you screw around all day at this work, you will have to come back again
SchmuckjerkWhat a stupid schmuck
Scarfate quicklySince he hadn’t eaten in a week, he scarfed down everything on his plate
ScamswindleDon’t lose your money in some kind of scam
Sackgo to bedWhen did you hit the sack last night?
Run out of gaslost interest or momentumThe politician ran out of gas during the campaign
Runoff at the mouthtalking too muchHe is always running off at the mouth
RuledominatesMy wife rules the house
Rug ratchildrenMy sister has three rug rats
RugwigIs that a rug on his head?
Rough timehard timeWe have had a rough time this winter
Rockswith iceWould you like your whiskey on the rocks?
Road hogtakes up too much of the roadThat driver is a road hog Slang words in English
RiotfunnyThe comedy program was a real riot
Rinky-dinkinferiorThe circus was really rinky-dink
ReporepossessHey, don’t repo my car, I will pay next week.
Red hotimportantYour idea is really red hot
Ream someone outgot angry with himThe boss really reamed him out for his bad report
RawnewThe raw office workers were not getting much done
Ratholerun-down placeWhen are you going to be able to move out of that rat hole?
Raptalk aboutWe need to sit down and rap about a few things
RagnewspaperI can’t believe we still get this same old rag
RacketnoiseThere sure was a lot of racket outside last night
Rack outsleepI am going to rack out for two hours
RackbedI have to hit the rack by ten or i’ll be tired in the morning
Quick bucksome easy moneyI need to make a quick buck
QuarterbackleadWho is going to quarterback the meeting?
Put-ondeceptionIt was an elaborate put-on which i almost believed
Put the moves onseduceShe is married, You should give up trying to put the moves on her
Push offleaveI am going to push off now
PukevomitI feel like i am going to puke
Psychomentally illShe should be in a hospital, She is a psycho
Psyched upmentally readyThe players are really psyched up for the game on Friday.
ProdreminderCan you give me a gentle prod next week so I won’t forget? Slang words in English
ProprofessionalHe is really a pro at his work
Pop for somethingbuyIt is my turn to pop for the doughnuts
PophitShut up or i will pop you
Pooped outquitHe pooped out after we started to do the hard work
PlasteredintoxicatedHe drinks too much and is always plastered on the weekend
Pit stopstop and go to the bathroomLet’s make a pit stop at the next rest area
Pig outeat a lot or overeatLet’s go to the restaurant and pig out
Pigeats too muchHe is a pig at parties
Piece of cakeeasy to doWorking on a computer for me is a piece of cake
PickledintoxicatedHe gets pickled after only one beer
Peanutspractically no moneyI am not going to work for peanuts
PawhandsGet your paws off of my body
Party-heartycelebrateWe need to party-hearty because we just got a raise in salary
Party animallove partiesYou’re too old to be a party animal
Paper-pusherbureaucratic office workersMy office is filled with paper-pushers
Pain in the neckannoyingMy wife’s best friend is a pain in the neck
Pada place to liveHave you found a pad yet?
NutscrazyYou are completely nuts if you think i will go with you. Slang words in English
Nutcrazy personI think that he is a nut
Nukeheat up in the microwaveI’ll nuke our dinner in a few minutes
Nukenuclear weaponsDoes that attack plane have any nukes?
No sweatno problemIt’s no sweat to have the report into you by Monday.
Nipa quick drinkHe took a nip out of the bottle
NickarrestedThe police nicked the shoplifter as he was leaving the store
Negativebad thingsThere are too many negatives about the company merger
NeatgoodThat was a neat idea that you had
Narkdrug policeWatch out for the narks in the airport
MushnonsenseThat is total mush and you know it
Move on someonepick up and seduceI am going to try to move on Sarah next Saturday
Mickey mousenonsense and a waste of timeThe homework the teacher gave us was mickey mouse
Meltdowntotal collapseThere has been a meltdown in the relationship between my parents and me
Mellowcalm down and relaxYou need to mellow out and enjoy life
Megabucksa lot of moneyHe made megabucks when he sold his company
MegalargeI have mega amounts of tomatoes in my garden this summer
Meanperforms well onHe plays a mean violin
Maxed outexhaustedI am maxed out at my work and need to rest
Make wavescause troubleTry not to make waves around the office
Love handlesrolls of fat around my stomachI exercise every day, but i can’t get rid of these love handles
Loserannoying and uselessJohn is a loser. Slang words in English
LinestoryI have heard that line a million times
Lamean inadequateThat is really a lame excuse
Laid-backcalm and relaxedYou need to be more laid-back
Kookstrange peopleWatch out for all the kooks in this neighborhood
Knuckle sandwichpunch in the mouthShut up or i’ll give you a knuckle sandwich
Knockoutstunning personWho was that knockout i saw you with last friday?
Knocked uppregnantMy dog gets knocked up once a year
KnockcriticizeDon’t knock it if you can’t do it any better
Klutzstupid and clumsy personHe is a real klutz
KickenjoyI get a kick out of watching him paint
Keggerbeer partyI hear there is a kegger at john’s house tonight
Keep one’s coolremained calmHe kept his cool when his house burned down
Just off the boatnaiveHe acts like he is just off the boat
Junkiedrug addictSam is a junkie
Jointcheap barWhere is the closest joint to here
Jointmarijuana cigarettesHe is good at rolling joints
JohnbathroomThe john really smells
Jockan athleteMy roommate is a jock for the basketball team
Jerk someone aroundwasting my time and causing me troubleRecently it seems like everyone is jerking me around
JamtroubleI am glad you got yourself out of that jam
IntenseseriousThis is a very intense situation we are discussing
In the bagThere is nothing to worry aboutEverything is in the bag
In deepdeeply involvedThey are really in deep with each other
InfashionableThe tie you are wearing is really in
I.d.identificationCan you show me some I.D
HyperYou know it isn’t trueDon’t get hyper about what she told you
HypedexcitedThe fans were all hyped up for the football game
Hustlehurry upIf you don’t hustle, we will be late again
Hungryeager to make moneyIf you are not hungry, you won’t get ahead in the business
HuffyangryI will do it soon so please don’t get huffy
HotstolenThe police stopped them because they thought the car was hot
HookerprostituteHer clothes make her look like a hooker
HonchobossThe honcho says that we are going to have to give up two days of our vacation
Hole uphideI had to hole up for three days because the police were looking for me
HitsuccessfulYour proposal was a hit with the boss
HistoryHe’s historyI don’t have any idea where my old boyfriend is
Hip-shooteralways talking without thinkingHe is such a hip-shooter
Highintoxicated on drugs or alcoholThe teenagers look high to me
HeavevomitedI heaved up on the floor. Slang words in English
Have it all togetherfeel mentally all thereRecently i don’t have it all together
Have good vibesfeel good aboutI have good vibes about our new secretary
Have a buzz onwas slightly intoxicatedI had a buzz on after the third martini
HardwareweaponsThe police were surprised by all the hardware the gang members had
Hang toughstick withWe need to hang tough on our decision
Hang looserelaxJust hang loose for another few days
Hang it upquitI have decided to hang up my teaching job
HammeracceleratorPut the hammer to the floor or we will be late for the wedding
HairyI am glad the storm is overThat was a hairy plane trip
GutscourageIt takes a lot of guts to give the boss your true opinion
GutbasicThe gut issue is about what we are going to do now
GutstomachHe got shot in the gut
GrungydirtyThat is a really grungy jacket
Grubbyunclean and untidyThose clothes are too grubby to wear to the party
GrubfoodWhere is the best place to get some grub around here?
Gross-outdisgusting timeThe party was a gross-out
GrossdisgustingPicking your nose is really a gross habit
GroovypleasantThis music is groovy
Gravyeasy moneyThis job is pure gravy
GrassmarijuanaLots of students smoke grass in the dormitory
Grandthousand dollarsHis salary is twenty grand
GourdheadUse your gourd to figure out what is happening
GoofysillyYou are always acting goofy these days
Goof upmade a serious mistakeI really goofed up when i painted my room green
GooffoolI am really a goof at times
Go downhappeningWhat is going down?
Go bananasgo crazyI am going to go bananas if i don’t have a vacation soon
GotryLet me have a go at solving the problem
GlitzyfashionableThis is a pretty glitzy hotel to be staying in
GigjobI have a gig on saturday night from 7:00 to 10:00
Get with ithurry upIf you don’t get with it, we will never finish this work
Get itunderstandI listened to the joke twice+ but i still don’t get it
Get into somethingbecame seriously interested inI got into gardening in high school
Freebiea free thingThe pillow was a freebie
FoxysexyShe is a foxy lady
Foxvery attractiveHis older sister is a fox
Flip sideother sideWhat kind of music do you have on the flip side of the tape?
Flip outlost controlHe flipped out when he heard that his mother had been killed
FlickmovieI haven’t seen a flick in a long time
FlashbackrememberedAt the wedding he had a flashback of his old girlfriend
FlakyunreliableHe is too flaky to do the work
Fixdose of drugsThe addict needs another fix
Far-outgreatThis music is really far-out
Earfula lot of gossipMy grandmother gave me an earful about the neighborhood
Dynamitepowerful; greatThis drink is really dynamite
DragboringDoing homework on the weekend is a drag
Downdrink quicklyLet’s go to a bar and down a few beers
DoughmoneyI need some dough before i can go christmas shopping
Dorkstrange personHe is such a dork
DopedrugThere are a lot of dope dealers around here
Dopestupid personHe is such a dope. Slang words in English
Do a snow job ondeceiveDon’t try to do a snow job on me
DitchleaveI’ll ditch my younger brother with my grandmother
DiceychancySince the weather is a little dicey, i won’t go today. Slang words in English
Deep pocketsis a good source of moneyHer boyfriend has deep pockets
Deckknocked downHe was decked in the fight
DeadquietThis disco is really dead tonight
DamagecostLets get the bill and find out the damage
Cut outI have to cut outIt is late
CutdiluteCould you cut my whiskey with a little water?
CushyeasyHe has a really cushy job
CuffshandcuffsHe put the cuffs on the killer
Cruisegoing very fastThe skier was cruising down the hill
CroakdieI feel like i am going to croak
CreambeatOur team creamed them badly
Cramstudy hardI need more time to cram for the test
Crack open a bottleopenLet’s crack open a bottle for his birthday
Couch potatolazy personHe is a couch potato
CopstoleHow did you get the road sign? I copped it
Cool downcalm downThings should cool down in a day or two
CoolgoodThis is a really cool place to work
CondeceiveDon’t try to con me
Cold fishdullMy date for the dance was a cold fish
Clunkerold carI can’t go on a date in that clunker
ClipcheatWatch out or they will clip you at that bar
Chow downeat a lotI need to find a place to chow down
ChintzycheapThat really was a chintzy present you got him
ChickencowardDon’t be a chicken
CheesycheapThat is really a cheesy looking outfit
Catch some z’sget some sleepI need to catch some z’s before i go on my trip
Catch some raysget some sunshineI’m going to lie on the beach and catch some rays
CarbcarburetorMy motorcycle’s carb is out of adjustment
CanbathroomDo you know where the can is?
CallpredictionThe weatherman made a good call about when the storm would come
Buy itdieIf you don’t slow down, you’re going to buy it in a car accident
BustfailureThe whole idea was a bust
Bummerbad experienceMy trip to new york was a bummer
BummeddepressedI was really bummed after i heard the news
Break it upstopBreak it up, i will call the police
BreakopportunityA lucky break helped him get the job
BreadmoneyI need some bread to pay for my car
BoozealcoholI promised to bring two bottles of booze to the party. Slang words in English
Boo-boomistakeIf you make another boo-boo like that, you won’t have a job
BonkerscrazyI think i am going bonkers
BombedintoxicatedThe driver of the car was bombed
BombbadThe movie was a bomb
Blown awaygreatly impressedI was blown away by his donation of a million dollars
Blow one’s coolDon’t blow your coolCalm down
Blow a fuseloses your temperHey, don’t blow a fuse
BlowleaveI’m going to blow out of here now
BlowlostHe blew all his money gambling
Blimpvery fat personI always seem to have a blimp sitting next to me when i travel
BladeknifeHe carried a ten inch blade with him
Big stinkbig issueThe citizens made a big stink about the new nuclear power station
Big mouthtalk too muchShut up! You really have a big mouth
Big gunpowerful peopleThe president brought two big guns to the meeting
Bent out of shapebecome upsetDon’t get so bent out of shape
BentDon’t get so bentIt’s ok
Benchtaken out of the gameHe was benched during the basketball playoffs
BeemercarHe just bought a new Beemer to drive to work in
BeatexhaustedAfter working all day i am really beat
BashedcrushedThe boat was bashed beyond recognition
BarfvomitedHe barfed all over the seat of the airplane
BadintenseWow+ that was really a bad movie
AntifreezeliquorI really need some antifreeze in me on cold days like this. Slang words in English
AmmoammunitionThe gun was useless after the killer ran out of ammo
All-nighterafter studying all nightI almost fell asleep during the test after an all-nighter
All wetcompletely wrongYour ideas about politics are all wet
Airheadstupid personMy sister’s boyfriend is a real airhead
ActionexcitementDo you know where the action is in this town?
Acevery goodHe’s an ace reporter

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Slang words in English
Slang words in English

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