Silent Letters Words

Silent Letters Words!

Here is the list of 100+ words with their silent letters mentioned.

we have tried our best to cover the complete list of silent letter words.

Silent letters are the most important building block of English pronunciation, and we must focus on silent letters. It enhances our vocabulary skills. Let us first discuss what are silent letters. It enhances our vocabulary skills.

What are the Silent letters words?

Silent letters include b, c, e, h, k, n, p, s, u, and w, while silent letter combinations include ‘gh’. Each one is associated with its own rules and exceptions.

silent letters words

Silent Letters List

Acquire c
Adjacent d
Adjudge d
Adjust d
Adjutant d
Aisle s
Alms a
Answer w
Apropos s
Articulate r
Artistically a
Asthma t
Autumn n
Ballet t
Balm l
Benign g
Bomb b
Bourgeois s
Breathe e
Bridge d
Business i
Calf l
Calm l
Castle t
Champagne g
Climb b
Colleague u
Column n
Comb b
Condemn n
Corps p
Coup p
Crumbs b
Damn n
Debris s
Debt b
Depart r
Design g
Doubt b
Dumb b
Edge d
Fasten t
Feign g
Ghost h
Gnash g
Gnat n
Gnaw g
Gourmet t
Guard u
Guess u
Guide u
Guilt g
Guitar u
Half l
Handsome d
Hasten t
Hate e
Heir h
High g
Honest h
Hour h
Hymn n
Island s
Knee k
Knife k
Knight k
Knock k
Knot k
Know k
Knowledge k
Lamb b
Light g
Like e
Listen t
Logically a
Mnemonic m
Muscle c
Musically a
Name e
Numb b
Obscene c
Palm l
Park r
Part r
Party r
Pneumonia p
Psalm l
Pseudo p
Psychiatry p
Psychology p
Rapport t
Receipt p
Reign g
Resign g
Resignation g
Ricochet t
Romantically a
Salmon l
Sandwich d
Scene c
Scent c
Schism c
Science c
Scissors c
Should l
Sign g
Signature g
Soften t
Solemn n
Subtle b
Sword w
Talk l
Through g
Thumb b
Tomb b
Tongue u
Two w
Wednesday d
What h
Whether h
Who w
Whole w
Would l
Wright w
Wrist w
Write w
Wrong w
Yolk l



silent letters words

silent letters words

silent letters words


Silent letters Words pdf

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