Silent Letters Words – A to Z Silent Letter Words

silent letters words

Silent Letters Words!

Here is the list of 100+ words with their silent letters mentioned.

we have tried our best to cover the complete list of silent letter words.

Silent letters are the most important building block of English pronunciation, and we must focus on silent letters. It enhances our vocabulary skills. Let us first discuss what are silent letters. It enhances our vocabulary skills.

Silent Letters List

Acquire c
Adjacent d
Adjudge d
Adjust d
Adjutant d
Aisle s
Alms a
Answer w
Apropos s
Articulate r
Artistically a
Asthma t
Autumn n
Ballet t
Balm l
Benign g
Bomb b
Bourgeois s
Breathe e
Bridge d
Business i
Calf l
Calm l
Castle t
Champagne g
Climb b
Colleague u
Column n
Comb b
Condemn n
Corps p
Coup p
Crumbs b
Damn n
Debris s
Debt b
Depart r
Design g
Doubt b
Dumb b
Edge d
Fasten t
Feign g
Ghost h
Gnash g
Gnat n
Gnaw g
Gourmet t
Guard u
Guess u
Guide u
Guilt g
Guitar u
Half l
Handsome d
Hasten t
Hate e
Heir h
High g
Honest h
Hour h
Hymn n
Island s
Knee k
Knife k
Knight k
Knock k
Knot k
Know k
Knowledge k
Lamb b
Light g
Like e
Listen t
Logically a
Mnemonic m
Muscle c
Musically a
Name e
Numb b
Obscene c
Palm l
Park r
Part r
Party r
Pneumonia p
Psalm l
Pseudo p
Psychiatry p
Psychology p
Rapport t
Receipt p
Reign g
Resign g
Resignation g
Ricochet t
Romantically a
Salmon l
Sandwich d
Scene c
Scent c
Schism c
Science c
Scissors c
Should l
Sign g
Signature g
Soften t
Solemn n
Subtle b
Sword w
Talk l
Through g
Thumb b
Tomb b
Tongue u
Two w
Wednesday d
What h
Whether h
Who w
Whole w
Would l
Wright w
Wrist w
Write w
Wrong w
Yolk l

A to Z Silent letter Words

Words with Silent A

Romantically, Artistically, Musically, Stoically, Logically

Words with Silent B

Debt, Climb, Subtle, Thumb, Numb, Crumbs, Tomb. Doubt, Comb

Words with Silent C

Acquire, Scissors, Muscle

Words with Silent D

Handsome, Edge, Sandwich, Bridge, Wednesday

Words with Silent E

Like, Hate, Breathe, Name

Words with Silent F

(No words)

Words with Silent G

Though, Through, Gnaw, Sign, High, Light, Reign, Champagne

Words with Silent H

Honest, Ghost, Heir, What, Hour, Whether

Words with Silent I


Words with Silent J

(No words)

Words with Silent K

Knight, Knot, Know, Knife, Knead, Knock

Words with Silent L

Calf, Should, Half, Salmon, Would, Talk, Yolk

Words with Silent M


Words with Silent N

Solemn, Column, Condemn, Autumn, Damn, Hymn

Words with Silent O


Words with Silent P

Receipt, Coup, Psychology, Corps, Pneumonia

Words with Silent Q

(No words)

Words with Silent R

(No words in American English)

Words with Silent S

Bourgeois, Debris, Island, Apropos, Aisle

Words with Silent T

Ballet, Rapport, Castle, Gourmet, Asthma, Listen, Soften, Ricochet

Words with Silent U

Colleague, Guilt, Guitar, Tongue, Guard, Guess, Guide

Words with Silent V

(No words)

Words with Silent W

Answer, Who, Two, Sword, Wrist, Write, Whole

Words with Silent X

Faux pas

Words with Silent Y

(no words)

Words with Silent Z



silent letters words

silent letters words

silent letters words

A to Z silent letter words

How many letters are silent?

In English, there are many letters that are often silent in words. It’s difficult to give an exact count, but here are some common examples:

  • The letter “k” is often silent before the letter “n” (e.g. “knight,” “know”).
  • The letter “b” is often silent at the end of words (e.g. “comb,” “dumb”).
  • The letter “g” is often silent before the letter “n” (e.g. “gnome,” “gnarled”).
  • The letter “h” is often silent at the beginning of some words (e.g. “hour,” “honor”).
  • The letter “l” is often silent in words like “palm,” “calm,” and “talk.”
  • The letter “p” is often silent at the beginning of some words (e.g. “psychology,” “pterodactyl”).
  • The letter “w” is often silent before the letter “r” (e.g. “wrist,” “wrong”).

Why English has silent letters?

English has many silent letters in its words, which can make the language difficult to learn and spell. There are a few different reasons why English has silent letters.

One reason is that English has borrowed words from many other languages, particularly French, which has a lot of silent letters. When these words were borrowed into English, the spelling was often kept the same, even if the pronunciation changed. For example, the French word “debt” is spelled the same in English, but the “b” is silent in English, whereas it is pronounced in French.

Another reason is that English spelling has changed over time, but the pronunciation has not always kept up with the changes. For example, the letter “k” in words like “knife” and “know” used to be pronounced, but the pronunciation changed over time and the “k” became silent.

Finally, some silent letters serve to indicate the history or origin of a word. For example, the “h” in “ghost” is silent, but it indicates that the word was originally pronounced with a “gh” sound, as it still is in some related words like “ghoul.”

Overall, the reasons for silent letters in English are varied, and they reflect the complex history of the language and its interactions with other languages over time.


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