Synonyms List Pdf

Synonyms List PDF

Synonyms List Pdf!

synonyms list pdf

Synonyms Words List



package parcel, packet
sealed fastened, secured, shut
chops pieces, fragments, bits
broiler stove, grill
fastened attached, fixed
folded doubled, creased, turned
bottom underside, lower side
call on pay visit to, go and see
beside adjacent to, close to
couch settee, sofa, ottoman
hallway a corridor in a building
remove Synonyms List Pdf takeoff, pull off
inquire ask, make inquiries about
politely gently, respectfully
repress hold back, restrain
pitch tone, sound, talk, way of talking
offensive unpleasant, disagreeable, rough
valuable useful, beneficial
challenge invite to prove
nod signal, motion
frown disapprove of
attitude viewpoint, approach
introduce to present by name to another.
gadget appliance, tool, device
hesitate pause, abide, linger
withdraw draw, pull out
envelope casing, covering
connected joined, linked
receive gain, acquire, achieve
payment pay, wages
stare gaze, gape, look
surprised amazed, startled, astounded, stunned
explain describe, define, make clear
practical joke a playful trick
genuine true, open, honest
sense meaning, message, point
expect look for, look forward
represent act for, appear for
demand ask, inquire, question
embarrassed Synonyms List Pdf uncomfortable, upset, confused
liberty right, permission
assure affirm, give one’s word
scope renown, importance, repute
thrust push, shove, give
tear rip, pull apart
toss throw, cast, fling
care be concerned, bother, be worried
curious inquisitive, interested, intrigued
shook nodded, motioned
reflection image, mirror image
mirror looking
intrigue interest, arose one’s curiosity, attract, draw one’s
offend vex, irritate, provoke
sick unpleasant, disagreeable, offensive
psychological mental, of the mind
shrug to rise and lower the shoulders
eccentric odd, queer, strange
immoral bad, wicked, sinful, vile
beneath below, under, lower than
impulsively carelessly, quickly
elevator lift, hoist
hung up put down
restrain prevent, hold back, hinder, delay
throat gullet
authentic reliable, true
swallow believe, accept
exactly just so, quit so, indeed
scuffing jeering, mocking
crazy absurd, foolish, unwise
nonetheless however, still, yet
proposition proposal, scheme
stiffen tighten, become stiff
of all the nerve the worst kind of rudeness
glare stare angrily, scowl, frown
cutlets pieces, bits, fragments
cabinet case, container
eccentric strange man, queer fish, character
suppose assume, take for granted
incredulous disbelieving, doubtful, suspicious
disgusted sickened, repelled, shocked, displeased
define give the meaning of, describe
astounded amazed, startled


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synonyms list pdf

synonyms list pdf


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Most Common Synonyms Words List

Word Synonym-1 Synonym-2 Synonym-3
Make Fabricate Produce Manufacture
Ask Inquire Interrogate Query
True Right Precise Proper
Move Go Crawl Creep
Definite Sure Determined Positive
Do Enact Finish Carry Out
Gross Rude Indecent Coarse
Amazing Unbelievable Astonishing Improbable
Take Catch Grasp Seize
Enjoy Delight In Indulge In Be Pleased
Hurry Urge Bustle Accelerate
Explain Clarify Interpret Define
Eager Fervent Involved Enthusiastic
Important Vital Indispensable Critical
Slow Behind Slack Tedious
Fast Rapid Swiftly Hasty
Come Advance Arrive Near
Big Huge Gigantic Immense
Fly Hover Wing Flit
Look Inspect Study Survey
Neat Dapper Smart Natty
Cool Cold Frigid Frosty
Decide Settle Resolve Choose
Dark Unlit Gloomy Murky
Happy Contented Delighted Satisfied
Idea Concept Notion Conception
Fair Impartial Objective Unbiased
Dangerous Hazardous Uncertain Risky
Bad Rotten Sinful Contaminated
Break Wreck Demolish Crash
Story Yarn Narrative Account
New Modern Recent Current
False Fraudulent Spurious Counterfeit
Beautiful Dazzling Magnificent Splendid
Part Section Fragment Fraction
Awful Terrible Unpleasant Abominable
Ugly Unpleasant Terrifying Monstrous
Stop Halt Pause Stay
Hate Loathe Abhor Detest
Hide Camouflage Veil Shroud
Interesting Bright Animated Intelligent
Predicament Dilemma Spot Plight
Scared Fearful Insecure Unnerved
Brave Fearless Intrepid Dauntless
Little Puny Miniature Diminutive
Quiet Peaceful Restful Calm
Keep Maintain Support Sustain
Right Accurate True Factual
Lazy Slothful Inactive Idle
Fat Corpulent Plump Paunchy
Destroy Demolish Slay Raze
Anger Infuriate Nettle Arouse
Tell Reveal Expose Show
Calm Peaceful Tranquil Unruffled
Cry Wail Bawl Sob
Mark Effect Imprint Trace
Good Apt Qualified Marvelous
Old Used Dilapidated Worn
Mischievous Waggish Sportive Impish
End Finish Conclude Terminate
Delicious Delectable Luscious Appetizing
Fear Dread Alarm Terror
Get Obtain Procure Secure
Go Depart Disappear Fade
Show Exhibit Note Present
Help Assist Encourage Succor
Have Gain Believe Maintain
Great Worthy Remarkable Distinguished
Angry Furious Indignant Enraged
Think Contemplate Mediate Reflect
Strange Peculiar Unfamiliar Unusual
Begin Open Initiate Launch
Say/Tell Narrate Reveal Explain
Answer Respond Acknowledge Retort
Trouble Anguish Wretchedness Anxiety
Crooked Twisted Hooked Zigzag
Hurt Distress Pain Afflict
Difference Inequity Dissimilarity Contrast
Dull Lifeless Tiresome Tedious
Plan Location Position Situation
Run Sprint Rush Dash
Fall Descend Topple Plunge
Place Area Plot Spot
Bright Shimmering Vivid Radiant
Love Admire Fancy Esteem
Describe Characterize Narrate Picture

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