Types of sentences with examples

Types of sentences with examples

Types of Sentences with Examples!

Definition of Sentence

A sentence is a group of related words conveying some meaning or expressing one complete thought.

Types of sentence

There are four types of sentences

  • Statement
  • Interrogative Sentences
  • Imperative Sentences
  • Exclamatory Sentences


Statements are Sentences conveying some information.


  • The gardener waters the plants.
  • He is singing a song.

Interrogative Sentence

The interrogative is the Sentence used to ask questions i.e.


  • What are you doing?
  • Is he leaving for Turkey tomorrow?

Imperative Sentences

Imperative are the Sentences conveying a wish, appeal, a command, a request.


  • Please take your seat.
  • Do not enter my room again.
  • May you live long!

Exclamatory Sentences

Exclamatory are the Sentences exclaiming feeling or thought in a state of excitement.


  • What a pretty child!
  • How beautifully Ali executed his strokes!

Subject and predicate

A sentence can be divided into two parts. The part which contains the person or thing we are talking about is called the subject. The part that contains what we say about the person or the thing is called the predicate.


  • Charles Dickens has written a number of novels

Subject: Charles Dickens

Prediction: has written a number of novels.

Note: There is no subject in imperative sentences because it is understood.

Example: Do it at once.

The phrase and clause

A phrase is a part of a sentence. It does not convey a complete thought or a statement. It does not have a subject or predicate.

Example: “of great value”

  • It helps in making a complete sentence.

“It is a book of great value.”


A clause is a part of the sentence but, unlike a phrase, contains a subject and a predicate.


This is the building that stone designed. “This is the building” and “stone designed” are both clauses, “that” is the joining word.

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types of sentences with examples

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