Science Vocabulary Words 8th Grade

Science Vocabulary Words 8th Grade

Science Vocabulary Words 8th Grade:

Science is a fascinating subject that explores the natural world and helps us better understand how things work. As an 8th-grade science student, you will encounter a wide range of vocabulary words that are essential to understanding the concepts covered in class. Learning these words will help you communicate more effectively about science and deepen your understanding of the world around you.

8th Grade Vocabulary Words A to Z

A – Atom, Acid rain, Adaptation, Acceleration

B – Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Biome, Binary system

C – Chromosome, Catalyst, Climate, Convection

D – DNA, Density, Diffusion, Decomposition

E – Ecosystem, Electromagnetic radiation, Energy, Evolution

F – Fusion, Fossil fuels, Frequency, Force

G – Geology, Genetics, Greenhouse effect, Gravity

H – Heterogeneous mixture, Homogeneous mixture, Hydrocarbon, Heat transfer

I – Ion, Inertia, Inorganic, Isotope

J – Joule, J-shaped growth curve, Junk DNA, Jovian planets

K – Kinetic energy, Kingdom, Keystone species, Krebs cycle

L – Light year, Lithosphere, Law of conservation of energy, Latitude

M – Mitosis, Molecule, Mutation, Meteorology

N – Nucleus, Natural selection, Newton’s laws of motion, Nuclear energy

O – Organic, Ozone layer, Oceanography, Observation

P – Photosynthesis, Plate tectonics, pH scale, Potential energy

Q – Quantum mechanics, Quark, Quasars, Quadratic equation

R – RNA, Radiation, Relative humidity, Refraction

S – Subatomic, Sublimation, Synthesis, Symbiosis

T – Theory, Thermodynamics, Troposphere, Transpiration

U – Ultraviolet radiation, Uniformitarianism, Unicellular, Uranus

V – Velocity, Valence electron, Vertebrate, Vacuum

W – Weathering, Wavelength, Watt, Work

X – X-ray, Xenon, Xylem, X-linked trait

Y – Y-axis, Yellow dwarf, Yolk, Yttrium

Z – Zero gravity, Zoology, Zinc, Zooplankton

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Science Vocabulary Words 8th Grade | Image

Science Vocabulary Words 8th Grade

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