Science Vocabulary Words 5th Grade

Science Vocabulary Words 5th Grade

Science vocabulary words are essential for 5th graders to learn as they dive deeper into the world of science. These words not only help them understand the subject matter but also allow them to communicate their ideas effectively. In 5th grade, students are introduced to more complex scientific concepts, including physical and chemical changes, energy, matter, and ecosystems. Therefore, it’s important for them to have a solid foundation in science vocabulary to succeed in this subject. Here are some science vocabulary words for 5th grade.

5th Grade Science Words A-Z

A – Atmosphere, Adaptation, Asteroid, Amplitude

B – Biosphere, Biodiversity, Biome, Barometer

C – Condensation, Celsius, Carbon cycle, Conduction

D – Density, Deciduous, Drought, Decompose

E – Ecosystem, Evaporation, Energy, Equator

F – Fossil fuels, Food chain, Friction, Fahrenheit

G – Geology, Gravity, Global warming, Groundwater

H – Habitat, Herbivore, Humidity, Hibernation

I – Insulator, Inertia, Invertebrate, Igneous rock

J – Jet stream, Joule, Jovian planets, Jurassic period

K – Kinetic energy, Kingdom, Keystone species, Karst topography

L – Lunar eclipse, Latitude, Lava, Light year

M – Magnetism, Metamorphosis, Mammal, Mass

N – Nebula, Nucleus, Nitrogen cycle, Nonrenewable resources

O – Orbit, Omnivore, Observation, Ozone layer

P – Photosynthesis, Predator, Precipitation, Plate tectonics

Q – Quantum mechanics, Quark, Quartz, Quicksand

R – Renewable resources, Revolution, Rotation, Rainforest

S – Solar system, Species, Sedimentary rock, Solar energy

T – Troposphere, Transpiration, Tectonic plates, Thermometer

U – Universe, Ultraviolet radiation, Uplift, Uranus

V – Vertebrate, Volume, Velocity, Venus

W – Water cycle, Weathering, Wavelength, Winter solstice

X – X-axis, X-ray, Xenon, Xerophyte

Y – Yellow dwarf, Yolk, Yttrium, Y-axis

Z – Zenith, Zooplankton, Zygote, Zinc

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Science Vocabulary Words 5th Grade | Image

Science Vocabulary Words 5th Grade

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