Science Vocabulary Words 7th Grade

Science Vocabulary Words 7th Grade

Science Vocabulary Words 7th Grade:

Science is a fascinating subject that helps us understand the natural world around us. As a 7th-grade student, you’ll be learning a wide range of vocabulary words that will form the foundation of your understanding of various scientific disciplines. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the essential science vocabulary words that you’ll encounter in your 7th-grade science classes. These words will help you communicate effectively with your teachers and classmates and enable you to grasp complex scientific concepts more easily. So let’s dive in and discover some exciting science vocabulary words.

7th Grade Science Vocabulary Words

A: Adaptation, Atom, Allele, Axis, Acceleration

B: Biodiversity, Biome, Botany, Base, Balanced Forces

C: Cell, Chloroplast, Chromosome, Climate, Conduction

D: DNA, Density, Diffusion, Dissolve, Deceleration

E: Energy, Ecosystem, Evolution, Electron, Endothermic

F: Fossil, Friction, Frequency, Force, Fermentation

G: Genetics, Gravity, Genotype, Geology, Glucose

H: Habitat, Hibernation, Heredity, Heat, Hydrogen

I: Inertia, Insulator, Inherited Traits, Invertebrate, Inference

J: Joule, Joints, Juxtaposition, Jurassic, Jolt

K: Kinetic Energy, Kingdom, Karyotype, Keystone Species, Kelp

L: Light, Latitude, Longitudinal, Life Cycle, Luminosity

M: Mitosis, Mutation, Molecule, Magnitude, Mass

N: Natural Selection, Nucleus, Newton’s Laws, Nitrogen Cycle, Nonrenewable

O: Organism, Oxygen Cycle, Osmosis, Observation, Orbital

P: Photosynthesis, Prokaryote, Protein Synthesis, Precipitation, Potential Energy

Q: Quark, Qualitative Data, Quantitative Data, Quadrant, Quasar

R: Reproduction, Ribosome, Rotation, Radiation, Respiration

S: Species, Symbiosis, Solar System, Sedimentary, Solvent

T: Taxonomy, Tissue, Translation, Temperature, Troposphere

U: Universe, Unicellular, Ultraviolet, Uniform Motion, Uranium

V: Variation, Velocity, Volume, Vacuum, Vertebrate

W: Watershed, Weathering, Wavelength, Work, Wind

X: Xylem, Xenon, X-ray, X-axis, Xerophyte

Y: Year, Y-axis, Yolk, Yttrium, Yield

Z: Zoology, Zygote, Zinc, Zenith, Zonal

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Science Vocabulary Words 7th Grade

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