List of Collective Nouns for Birds and Animals

List of Collective Nouns for Birds and Animals

List of Collective Nouns for Birds and Animals!

A group of specific kinds of animals and birds that donate to a group of individuals is known as a collective noun for birds and animals.

Here’s the perfect comprehensive list to get knowledge about the list of collective nouns for birds and animals.

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 Collective Nouns for Animals and Birds

  • An army of ants
  • A rafter of turkeys
  • A litter of puppies
  • A spring of seals
  • A corps of giraffes
  • A colony of gulls
  • A host of sparrows
  • A shoal of herring
  • A prettying of doves
  • A parcel of hogs
  • A stare of owls
  • A gaze of raccoons
  • A herd of elephants
  • A brood of chickens
  • A slither of snakes
  • A hive of bees
  • A cloud of insects
  • A congress of baboons
  • A troop of monkeys
  • A covey of partridges
  • A trace of hares
  • A tiding of magpies
  • A tribe of goats
  • A turmoil of porpoises
  • A train of camels
  • A rout of snails
  • A kindle of kittens
  • A muster of peacocks
  • A cluster of spiders
  • A team of oxen
  • A shoal of fish
  • A flight of swallows
  • A clan of hyenas
  • A litter of cubs
  • A pack of hounds
  • A nest of mice
  • A gam of whales
  • A nest of rabbits
  • A cast of hawks
  • A run of salmon
  • A rout of wolves
  • A flock of birds
  • A drove of horses
  • A screech of gulls
  • A herd of deer
  • A watch of nightingales
  • A drove of cattle
  • A plump of waterfowl
  • A waddle of penguins
  • A court of kangaroos
  • A string of ponies
  • A turn of turtles
  • A shiver of sharks
  • A litter of piglets
  • A sounder of boars
  • A sord of mallards
  • A rabble of rats
  • A streak of tigers
  • A team of ducks
  • A gang of elks
  • A smack of jellyfish
  • A clamor of rooks
  • A nye of pheasants
  • A pack of wolves
  • A siege of herons
  • A stud of mares
  • A murmuration of starlings
  • A whiteness of swans
  • A bevy of quail
  • A pride of lions
  • A conspiracy of ravens
  • A rainbow of butterflies
  • A rake of mules
  • A rake of colts
  • A company of parrots
  • A cast of vultures
  • A wisp of snipe
  • A cloud of flies
  • A ubiquity of sparrows
  • A cast of falcons
  • A scourge of mosquitoes
  • A convocation of eagles
  • A herd of buffaloes
  • A cloud of locusts
  • A scold of jays
  • A school of herrings
  • A skulk of foxes
  • A gaggle of geese

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Collective Noun for Birds

Cranes Herd, Dance
Oystercatcher Parcel
Woodcocks Fall
Kingfishers Concentration, Rattle, Clique
Snipe Walk, Wisp
Blackbird Cloud, Ground
Catbirds Mewing
Magpie Tiding, Murder, Charm, Tittering, Conventicle
Creepers Spiral
Parrot Company, Prattle, Pandemonium
Roadrunners Race, Marathon
Bittern Pretense, Siege, Sedge
Dunlin Fling
Phalaropes Twirl, Whirligig, Whirl
Woodcock Fall
Finches Trembling,Charm
Plover Congregation
Buzzards Wake
Lapwing Deceit, Desert
Ducks Paddling, Raft, Team
Penguin Parcel Colony, Huddle, Rookery
Penguins Waddle, Colony, Huddle
Wigeon Coil
Pelicans Scoop, Squadron, Pod
Wern Herd
Capon Mews
Capercaillie Tok
Chicken Peep, Brood, Clutch
Ravens Congress, Murder, Horde, Unkindness
Kingbirds Court, Coronation, Tyranny
Skylark Exultation
Birds of Prey (hawks, falcons) Cauldron, Cast, Kettle
Jay Party, Band, Scold
Starlings Chattering, Affliction
Dotterel Trip
Storks Mustering

Woodpeckers Descent, Drumming
Jays Party, Band, Scold, Cast
Curlew Herd
Falcon Tower, Cast, Soar
Guinea Fowl Confusion
Finch Trembling, Charm, Trimming
Vultures Venue, Committee, Volt, Wake
Peafowl Party, Ostentation
Waterfowl Knob, Plump
Parrots Company, Pandemonium, Prattle
Turtle Dove Dole, Pitying
Swans Lamentation, Wedge, Ballet
Coot Raft, Covert
Turtledoves Pitying
Terns Cotillion
Godwits Omniscience, Pantheon, Prayer
Rook Parliament, Building, Clamor
Auk Colony, Raft
Flamingos Flamboyance, Stand
Ptarmigan Covey
Swallows Flight, Gulp
Goosander Doping
Godwit Prayer, Pantheon, Omniscience
Sapsuckers Slurp
Emus Mob
Pigeon Kit, Loft
Crane Herd, Siege
Chickens Peep
Martin Richness
Eagles Congregation, Aerie
Pheasant Nye, Bouquet, Covey
Crossbills Warp, Crookedness
Partridge Covey
Avocets Colony
Cormorants Swim, Flight, Sunning

Hen Brood
Coots Cover
Nightingale Watch
Bullfinch Bellowing
Bobolink Chain
Emu Mob
Pheasants Nye, Covey, Bevy, Bouquet
Hoatzins Herd
Sea Fowl Cloud
Knots Cluster
Sparrow Quarrel, Host, Ubiquity
Herons Siege, Scattering, Sedge
Sea-Bird Wreck
Hummingbirds Glittering, Charm, Tune, Hover, Shimmer
Seagull Flock, Colony
Geese Skein, Plump, Wedge, Gaggle
Sparrows Host, Knot, Crew, Quarrel, Flutter
Grouse Covey, Pack
Cowbirds Herd, Corral
Owl Parliament, Stare, Wisdom, Study
Duck Flush, Raft, Team, Dopping, Paddling, Sord, Twack, Plump
Lapwings Deceit
Starling Murmuration
Larks Bevy, Happiness, Exaltation, Ascension
Stork Phalanx, Muster
Plovers Congregation
Gulls Colony, Flotilla, Gullery, Squabble, Scavenging
Sandpiper Bind, Contradiction, Time-Step, Fling, Hill, Cluster
Buzzard Wake
Game Birds (quail, grouse, ptarmigan) Covey, Bevy, Pack
Raven Unkindness, Constable
Loons Asylum, Water Dance, Cry
Swallow Gulp, Flight
Magpies Tiding
Swan Herd Bank, Gaggle, Whiteness, Wedge, Bevy

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List of Collective Nouns for Birds and Animals Collective Nouns for Birds and Animals

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