Idioms for Fast with Meaning and Examples

Idioms for Fast

Fast things are exciting, and there are special sayings called idioms that describe being fast in a fun way. These idioms for fast use clever and playful words to talk about moving quickly or doing something in a short time. They are like little word games. For example, ‘in the blink of an eye’ doesn’t mean just blinking, but something happening very quickly. These idioms add speed and energy to our language, making it more lively. They are like swift runners in a race, each one showing a different way to express speed. Learning these idioms is like racing through a field of words, discovering how to describe quickness in colorful ways.

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Idioms about Fast

Idioms about speed or doing things quickly often reflect the urgency and rapid pace of certain activities or situations. Here are some idioms related to being fast, along with their meanings and examples:

As fast as your legs can carry you

    • Meaning: Run very fast
    • Example: “Run as fast as your legs can carry you!”

Step on it

    • Meaning: Go faster
    • Example: “Step on it, or we’ll miss our flight!”

Hotfoot it

    • Meaning: Go quickly
    • Example: “I had to hotfoot it to the meeting.”

In the blink of an eye

    • Meaning: Instantly
    • Example: “The thief disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

Fast and furious

    • Meaning: Very intense and fast
    • Example: “The game was fast and furious.”

On the double

    • Meaning: Hurry up
    • Example: “Get back here on the double!”

Burn rubber

    • Meaning: Drive very fast
    • Example: “He burned rubber as he left the parking lot.”

Lightning fast

    • Meaning: Extremely fast
    • Example: “His reaction was lightning fast.”

Make tracks

    • Meaning: Leave quickly
    • Example: “It’s late; let’s make tracks.”

Speed demon

    • Meaning: Fast driver
    • Example: “He’s a real speed demon on the highway.”

At breakneck speed

    • Meaning: Dangerously fast
    • Example: “The car was going at breakneck speed.”

More haste, less speed

    • Meaning: Rushing can delay
    • Example: “Remember, more haste, less speed; focus on accuracy.”

Swift as an arrow

    • Meaning: Very swift
    • Example: “The messenger was swift as an arrow.”

Time flies

    • Meaning: Pass quickly
    • Example: “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Beat the clock

    • Meaning: Finish quickly
    • Example: “We need to beat the clock to meet the deadline.”

Zip along

    • Meaning: Move quickly
    • Example: “We zipped along the highway.”

Fly by

    • Meaning: Pass quickly
    • Example: “The vacation seemed to fly by.”

Run like the wind

    • Meaning: Run very fast
    • Example: “He ran like the wind to catch the bus.”

Fast track

    • Meaning: Speed up process
    • Example: “They put the project on the fast track.”

In a flash

    • Meaning: Very quickly
    • Example: “He was out the door in a flash.”

Like greased lightning

    • Meaning: Very quickly
    • Example: “He moved like greased lightning.”

Quick off the mark

    • Meaning: React quickly
    • Example: “She was quick off the mark with her answer.”

Faster than a speeding bullet

    • Meaning: Extremely fast
    • Example: “She ran faster than a speeding bullet.”

Racing against time

    • Meaning: Hurrying
    • Example: “They were racing against time to finish the project.”

In a jiffy

    • Meaning: Very quickly
    • Example: “I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

Quick on the uptake

    • Meaning: Understand quickly
    • Example: “She’s very quick on the uptake with new concepts.”

At warp speed

    • Meaning: Extremely fast
    • Example: “Technology is advancing at warp speed.”

Haste makes waste

    • Meaning: Rushing causes mistakes
    • Example: “Don’t rush through your work; haste makes waste.”

Hurry up

    • Meaning: Go faster
    • Example: “Hurry up or we’ll be late!”

Quick as a flash

    • Meaning: Very fast
    • Example: “He answered the question quick as a flash.”

These idioms capture the concept of speed and quick action, often used to emphasize efficiency, urgency, or the impressive pace of an activity or person.

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