Idioms for Hope with Meaning and Examples

Idioms for Hope

Hope is a beautiful feeling, and there are special sayings called idioms that talk about it. These idioms for hope use imaginative and inspiring words to describe having hope and staying positive. They’re like little word puzzles. For example, ‘seeing the light at the end of the tunnel’ doesn’t mean seeing a real light, but feeling hopeful about a difficult situation getting better. These idioms make our language more hopeful and encouraging. They’re like rays of sunshine in our words, each one bringing a different kind of brightness. Learning these idioms is like collecting little sparks of hope, which light up the way we talk and think.

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Idioms About Hope

Here are some idioms related to hope, their meanings, and examples of their use:

Hope against hope

    • Meaning: Hope despite doubts
    • Example: “She hoped against hope that he would return safely.”

Keep your fingers crossed

    • Meaning: Hope for success
    • Example: “I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather on our wedding day.”

A glimmer of hope

    • Meaning: Small indication of hope
    • Example: “There’s a glimmer of hope that we can resolve this issue.”

Living in hope

    • Meaning: Continue to hope
    • Example: “We’re living in hope of finding a solution.”

Hoping for the best

    • Meaning: Wish for a good outcome
    • Example: “We’re hoping for the best in this situation.”

Wishful thinking

    • Meaning: Unrealistic hopes
    • Example: “Thinking she’ll change her mind is just wishful thinking.”

Brighter days are ahead

    • Meaning: Future will improve
    • Example: “Don’t worry, brighter days are ahead.”

Cross your fingers

    • Meaning: Hope for good luck
    • Example: “Cross your fingers for my job interview tomorrow.”

Against all odds

    • Meaning: Despite difficulties
    • Example: “Against all odds, she recovered fully.”

On a wing and a prayer

    • Meaning: With little chance
    • Example: “We made it through the storm on a wing and a prayer.”

Hang on to hope

    • Meaning: Maintain hope
    • Example: “You’ve got to hang on to hope.”

Hold out hope

    • Meaning: Continue to hope
    • Example: “We must hold out hope for a cure.”

A light at the end of the tunnel

    • Meaning: Sign of hope
    • Example: “Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with this project.”

High hopes

    • Meaning: Great expectations
    • Example: “They have high hopes for their children’s future.”

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

    • Meaning: Be cautiously optimistic
    • Example: “I always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”

Pin your hopes on

    • Meaning: Rely on for hope
    • Example: “She’s pinned her hopes on the new treatment.”

Look on the bright side

    • Meaning: Be optimistic
    • Example: “Try to look on the bright side of things.”

Never say die

    • Meaning: Never give up
    • Example: “Never say die; you can still win this match.”

Chin up

    • Meaning: Stay positive
    • Example: “Chin up! Things will work out in the end.”

Every cloud has a silver lining

    • Meaning: Positive aspect
    • Example: “There’s a silver lining in every situation.”

A ray of hope

    • Meaning: Small chance
    • Example: “There’s still a ray of hope for reconciliation.”

Hope springs eternal

    • Meaning: Hope is unending
    • Example: “As they say, hope springs eternal.”

Building castles in the air

    • Meaning: Unrealistic hopes
    • Example: “He’s always building castles in the air.”

When pigs fly

    • Meaning: Something unlikely
    • Example: “He’ll clean his room when pigs fly.”

Keep hope alive

    • Meaning: Continue to hope
    • Example: “We must keep hope alive in challenging times.”

Don’t give up hope

    • Meaning: Continue to hope
    • Example: “Don’t give up hope, things will get better.”

Hope wears thin

    • Meaning: Losing hope
    • Example: “Their patience and hope are wearing thin.”

Keep the faith

    • Meaning: Stay confident
    • Example: “Keep the faith, your time will come.”

Leap of faith

    • Meaning: Trust in something uncertain
    • Example: “Taking this new job was a real leap of faith.”

The darkest hour is just before the dawn

    • Meaning: Hope in difficulty
    • Example: “Remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

These idioms emphasize the enduring nature of hope and the human tendency to look forward to better times, even in challenging situations.

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