Idioms For Getting Married with Meaning

Idioms For Getting Married

Getting married is a special event, and there are fun sayings called idioms that talk about it. These idioms for getting married use playful and imaginative words to describe joining lives together. They’re like little word puzzles. For example, ‘tying the knot’ doesn’t mean tying an actual knot, but it’s a way to say two people are getting married. These idioms make talking about marriage more colorful and interesting. They’re like different parts of a wedding celebration, each adding flavor to the occasion. Learning these idioms is like looking at a photo album, where each phrase captures a different aspect of marriage.

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Getting Married Idioms

Idioms about getting married often reflect the cultural and emotional significance of this life event. Here are some idioms related to marriage, along with their meanings and examples:

Blushing bride

    • Meaning: A bride on her wedding day
    • Example: “The blushing bride looked stunning.”

Honeymoon phase

    • Meaning: Early marriage period
    • Example: “They’re still in the honeymoon phase.”

Pop the question

    • Meaning: Propose marriage
    • Example: “He popped the question on their anniversary.”

Join hands in marriage

    • Meaning: Get married
    • Example: “They will join hands in marriage this Saturday.”

Walk down the aisle

    • Meaning: Get married
    • Example: “She’s excited to walk down the aisle next month.”

Old ball and chain

    • Meaning: Spouse, often humorously
    • Example: “He’s spending the weekend with the old ball and chain.”

Ball and chain

    • Meaning: Spouse, marriage
    • Example: “He jokingly refers to his wife as the ball and chain.”

Tie the knot

    • Meaning: Get married
    • Example: “My sister is tying the knot next weekend.”

Marry up

    • Meaning: Marry someone higher status
    • Example: “He definitely married up.”

Match made in heaven

    • Meaning: Perfect couple
    • Example: “They are a match made in heaven.”

Say ‘I do’

    • Meaning: Agree to marry
    • Example: “They said ‘I do’ in a beautiful beach ceremony.”

Something old, something new

    • Meaning: Traditional wedding items
    • Example: “She followed the custom of something old, something new.”

Give away the bride

    • Meaning: Marriage ceremony act
    • Example: “Her father will give away the bride.”

Wedding march

    • Meaning: Bridal procession music
    • Example: “The wedding march began as she entered the room.”

Put a ring on it

    • Meaning: Propose marriage
    • Example: “He finally put a ring on it!”

Wedded bliss

    • Meaning: Happiness in marriage
    • Example: “They’re living in wedded bliss.”

Marry in haste, repent at leisure

    • Meaning: Marry quickly, regret slowly
    • Example: “Remember, marry in haste, repent at leisure.”

Nuptial bliss

    • Meaning: Marriage happiness
    • Example: “They’re enjoying their nuptial bliss.”

Exchange vows

    • Meaning: Marriage ceremony act
    • Example: “The couple exchanged vows in a lovely ceremony.”

Love and marriage

    • Meaning: Often linked together
    • Example: “Love and marriage go hand in hand for them.”

Wedding bells

    • Meaning: Upcoming marriage
    • Example: “I hear wedding bells in their future.”

Get hitched

    • Meaning: Get married
    • Example: “They got hitched in Vegas.”


    • Meaning: Soon-to-be groom
    • Example: “The groom-to-be looked nervous but excited.”


    • Meaning: Soon-to-be bride
    • Example: “The bride-to-be is busy with wedding preparations.”

Jump the broom

    • Meaning: Get married
    • Example: “They decided to jump the broom in a small ceremony.”

Head over heels

    • Meaning: Deeply in love
    • Example: “They fell head over heels and quickly got married.”

Take the plunge

    • Meaning: Commit to marriage
    • Example: “After five years of dating, they’re finally taking the plunge.”

Get spliced

    • Meaning: Get married
    • Example: “They’re getting spliced after a long engagement.”

Marital bliss

    • Meaning: Happiness in marriage
    • Example: “They seem to be in marital bliss.”

Tie the knot

    • Meaning: Get married
    • Example: “They’re planning to tie the knot next summer.”

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