30 Idioms About Truth with Meaning and Examples

Idioms About Truth

Idioms are colorful expressions that add flavor to our language. They often have meanings different from their literal interpretations. When it comes to conveying truths or realities, idioms are especially powerful. They use vivid imagery or analogies to express deeper truths, making them memorable and impactful. Understanding these idioms can help us better communicate and grasp the nuances of English. For example, saying “the cat’s out of the bag” means a secret has been revealed. It’s a fun and engaging way to say something straightforward. Here, we’ll explore some common idioms about truth, explaining their meanings and giving examples to make them easy to understand. This way, we can appreciate the beauty and depth of these expressions in our daily conversations.

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Idioms For Truth

These idioms are used to express honesty or reality in a creative way. They add color and depth to language, making conversations more interesting and vivid.

Let the cat out of the bag

    • Meaning: Reveal a secret, usually unintentionally.
    • Example: He let the cat out of the bag about the surprise party.

Ring true

    • Meaning: Seem to be true or credible.
    • Example: Her story didn’t ring true to the investigators.

Truth be told

    • Meaning: To be honest.
    • Example: Truth be told, I never liked that movie.

Truth hurts

    • Meaning: Reality can be painful to accept.
    • Example: He was upset when she criticized his work, but the truth hurts.

Home truth

    • Meaning: An honest and direct statement, usually uncomfortable.
    • Example: He told me a few home truths about my work ethic.

Spill the beans

    • Meaning: Reveal secret information.
    • Example: Eventually, she spilled the beans about their project.

Bitter pill to swallow

    • Meaning: An unpleasant truth that is hard to accept.
    • Example: Losing the game was a bitter pill to swallow for the team.

Stretch the truth

    • Meaning: Exaggerate the truth.
    • Example: He tends to stretch the truth about his academic achievements.

Bald-faced lie

    • Meaning: An obvious or blatant lie.
    • Example: His excuse was a bald-faced lie.

The naked truth

    • Meaning: The complete, unembellished truth.
    • Example: During the interview, she told the naked truth about her experience.

Full disclosure

    • Meaning: The act of revealing the complete truth.
    • Example: In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you I was involved.

Swear to tell the truth

    • Meaning: Promise to be honest.
    • Example: He swore to tell the truth in his testimony.

Clear the air

    • Meaning: Remove misunderstanding or suspicion by explaining.
    • Example: They had a meeting to clear the air about the rumors.

Truth or dare

    • Meaning: A game where you must tell the truth or do a dare.
    • Example: Let’s play truth or dare at the party tonight.

Bare one’s soul

    • Meaning: Reveal one’s innermost thoughts and feelings.
    • Example: She bared her soul to her best friend.

Nothing but the truth

    • Meaning: Only the truth without any omission.
    • Example: The witness promised to tell nothing but the truth.

Cut the Gordian knot

    • Meaning: Solving a complex problem in a straightforward way.
    • Example: He cut the Gordian knot by admitting the mistake directly.

Ugly truth

    • Meaning: A reality that is unpleasant to accept.
    • Example: The ugly truth was that the company was bankrupt.


    • Meaning: A sincere and intimate conversation.
    • Example: We had a heart-to-heart and cleared all misunderstandings.

Truth will out

    • Meaning: The truth will eventually be known.
    • Example: No matter how hard he tried to hide it, the truth will out.

Lay it on the line

    • Meaning: To speak very frankly and directly.
    • Example: She laid it on the line about the company’s financial problems.

Moment of truth

    • Meaning: The time when a crucial decision or test is faced.
    • Example: His moment of truth came during the final interview.

Face the music

    • Meaning: Accept the unpleasant consequences of one’s actions.
    • Example: After the investigation, he had to face the music.

To one’s face

    • Meaning: Directly, openly (often about telling the truth).
    • Example: She told him the bad news to his face.

Gospel truth

    • Meaning: Absolutely true information.
    • Example: I believed every word he said as the gospel truth.

White lie

    • Meaning: A harmless lie told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
    • Example: She told a white lie about liking his cooking.

Hold water

    • Meaning: Remain valid under scrutiny or criticism.
    • Example: His alibi just doesn’t hold water.

Open book

    • Meaning: A person who is easy to understand or read.
    • Example: His thoughts and feelings are an open book.

In vino veritas

    • Meaning: People speak the truth when they are drunk.
    • Example: He confessed his feelings after a few drinks – in vino veritas!

Truth serum

    • Meaning: A substance or situation that makes someone speak the truth.
    • Example: He joked that the drink was like a truth serum for him.

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