30 Idioms About Mind with Meaning and Examples

Idioms About Mind

Idioms are special phrases where the words together have a different meaning than their usual meanings. For example, when we say “It’s raining cats and dogs,” we mean it’s raining a lot, not that cats and dogs are falling from the sky! In this article, we will explore idioms about the mind. These phrases help us talk about how we think and feel in a fun and interesting way. You’ll learn what each idiom means and see an example of how to use it. Let’s dive into the world of mind idioms.

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Mind Idioms in English

Mind idioms are phrases in English where the word “mind” is used to express thoughts, feelings, or attitudes in unique ways.

  1. Blow someone’s mind – To amaze someone.
    Example: The news completely blew my mind.
  2. Cross one’s mind – To think of something briefly.
    Example: It never crossed my mind that he could be the thief.
  3. Have a mind of its own – Something that does not behave as expected.
    Example: This old car seems to have a mind of its own.
  4. Put your mind to it – To decide to do something and try hard.
    Example: You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.
  5. Be in two minds – To be undecided.
    Example: I’m in two minds about going on vacation.
  6. Open-minded – Willing to consider new ideas.
    Example: She’s very open-minded about new technologies.
  7. Great minds think alike – Smart people often have the same ideas.
    Example: You bought the same dress as me? Great minds think alike!
  8. Out of one’s mind – Crazy or insane.
    Example: He must be out of his mind to go skydiving!
  9. Mind-blowing – Extremely impressive or shocking.
    Example: The final twist in the movie was mind-blowing.
  10. Keep in mind – To remember or consider something.
    Example: Keep in mind that he’s new to this job.
  11. Mind over matter – Mental power is more important than physical power.
    Example: She ran the marathon, proving it’s mind over matter.
  12. Never mind – Don’t worry about it; forget it.
    Example: It’s raining. Never mind, we can go out another day.
  13. Speak one’s mind – To say what one really thinks.
    Example: He’s not afraid to speak his mind.
  14. Presence of mind – Ability to stay calm and think clearly in difficult situations.
    Example: She had the presence of mind to call for help.
  15. Mind you – Used to add a comment or warning.
    Example: He’s very fast, mind you, but not very accurate.
  16. Mind your own business – Do not interfere in others’ affairs.
    Example: I told him to mind his own business.
  17. Change one’s mind – To change a decision or opinion.
    Example: She changed her mind and decided to stay.
  18. To my mind – In my opinion.
    Example: To my mind, this is the best solution.
  19. At the back of one’s mind – Aware of something but not actively thinking about it.
    Example: There’s always a worry at the back of my mind about job security.
  20. Bear in mind – To remember or consider something.
    Example: Bear in mind that the roads are slippery.
  21. Make up one’s mind – To decide.
    Example: I can’t make up my mind about which dress to wear.
  22. Mind-numbing – Extremely tedious and boring.
    Example: The lecture was mind-numbing.
  23. Have half a mind to do something – To be somewhat inclined to do something.
    Example: I have half a mind to complain to the manager.
  24. Mind-boggling – Extremely surprising or difficult to understand.
    Example: The magician’s trick was mind-boggling.
  25. Come to mind – To think of something.
    Example: No names come to mind right now.
  26. Mind goes blank – Unable to think of anything.
    Example: When I saw the question, my mind went blank.
  27. Piece of mind – To express one’s honest opinion.
    Example: I gave him a piece of my mind about being late.
  28. Slip one’s mind – To forget something.
    Example: Your birthday completely slipped my mind!
  29. A load off one’s mind – A relief from worry.
    Example: Finishing my thesis was a load off my mind.
  30. Mind’s eye – In one’s imagination or memory.
    Example: In my mind’s eye, I can still see my childhood home.

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