30 Idioms About Culture with Meaning and Examples

idioms about culture

Idioms are like secret codes in language, where words together create a special meaning. They are fun and colorful ways to express ideas. In this article, we’re going to explore idioms about culture. Culture is all the things that make a group of people special, like their traditions, language, and celebrations. Each idiom we discuss will give you a little peek into different cultural ideas and beliefs. For each one, you’ll learn what it means and see an example of how it’s used. Get ready to travel around the world of culture through these exciting idioms.

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Idioms for Culture

Pushing the envelope: To challenge cultural norms or limits.

Example: Her art is always pushing the envelope.

Cultural mosaic: Similar to ‘cultural mosaic’, emphasizing the distinctness of each culture.

Example: The city is a cultural mosaic with its diverse neighborhoods.

Cultural mosaic: A society that contains a mix of distinct cultural groups.

Example: Canada is often described as a cultural mosaic.

Cultural melting pot: Similar to ‘melting pot’, a place where cultures blend.

Example: The city’s food scene is a cultural melting pot.

Bridging the gap: Reducing differences between cultures.

Example: The festival aims at bridging the gap between generations.

Cultural appropriation: Adopting elements of a culture by another culture, often controversially.

Example: Wearing traditional attire as a fashion statement can be cultural appropriation.

Cultural imperialism: The dominance of one culture over another.

Example: Some argue that global brands contribute to cultural imperialism.

Cultural relativism: The principle of understanding cultures in their own context.

Example: Cultural relativism is important in anthropology.

Cultural capital: The value one gains from being knowledgeable in culture.

Example: She has a lot of cultural capital from her extensive travels.

Cultural icon: A symbol that is very representative of a culture.

Example: The Eiffel Tower is a cultural icon of France.

Cross-cultural: Involving or bridging different cultures.

Example: We attended a cross-cultural workshop.

Cutting edge: Being at the forefront of cultural or technological trends.

Example: The new art exhibit is really cutting edge.

Break the mold: Doing something in a unique way that is different from cultural norms.

Example: Her music breaks the mold of the typical pop genre.

Culture shock: The feeling of disorientation experienced when encountering a different culture.

Example: Moving to Japan gave me a real culture shock.

Lost in translation: Misunderstandings that occur due to cultural or language differences.

Example: Some jokes are lost in translation when you switch languages.

Rite of passage: A significant cultural ceremony or event marking an important stage in life.

Example: Graduation is a rite of passage for many students.

Cultural heritage: The traditions, customs, and artifacts of a culture.

Example: The museum houses the cultural heritage of the region.

Cultural dialogue: A conversation between different cultural perspectives.

Example: The conference promotes cultural dialogue.

Cultural clash: A conflict between different cultural beliefs or practices.

Example: There was a cultural clash when the new policies were introduced.

Cultural assimilation: The process of adopting the traits of a dominant culture.

Example: Immigrants often go through cultural assimilation.

Cultural landscape: The features of a place that reflect its cultural history.

Example: The city’s cultural landscape is dotted with historic buildings.

Cultural cringe: The feeling of embarrassment or shame about one’s own culture.

Example: He experienced cultural cringe when his traditional music was mocked.

Cultural diversity: A variety of cultures in a certain area or group.

Example: Our school celebrates cultural diversity.

Cultural Renaissance: A revival or flourishing of culture.

Example: The city is experiencing a cultural Renaissance.

Melting pot: A place where many different cultures blend together.

Example: New York City is a melting pot of cultures.

Taste of one’s own medicine: Experiencing the negative aspects of one’s cultural attitudes.

Example: He got a taste of his own medicine when he traveled abroad.

Cultural literacy: Being knowledgeable about various cultures.

Example: Traveling has increased my cultural literacy.

Cultural baggage: The influence of one’s culture on their behavior and attitudes.

Example: His cultural baggage affects how he sees the world.

Old school: Referring to traditional ideas or methods.

Example: My grandfather has some old school beliefs about technology.

Cultural exchange: The sharing of ideas and customs between cultures.

Example: The student program promotes cultural exchange.

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Idioms for Culture

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