30 Idioms About Art with Meaning and Examples

Idioms About Art

Idioms are expressions that have a meaning different from the individual words. When it comes to art, many idioms are used to describe various situations in life. These art-related idioms are colorful and interesting, just like art itself. They often relate to creativity, beauty, and the way we see things. Using these idioms can make our language more vivid and expressive. They help us describe situations in a unique and creative way. Let’s explore some common art idioms, understand their meanings, and see how they can be used in everyday conversations with some examples. This way, we can appreciate the art of language too.


Idioms for Art

In the picture

    • Meaning: Involved in a situation or informed about it.
    • Example: I want to be in the picture when decisions are made.

Paint with the same brush

    • Meaning: Treat a group of people the same way, ignoring their individual differences.
    • Example: It’s unfair to paint all fans with the same brush.

A blank canvas

    • Meaning: A situation or object without any restrictions; an opportunity to create something new.
    • Example: The new office was a blank canvas for the designer.

Color outside the lines

    • Meaning: Think or act unconventionally.
    • Example: She always colors outside the lines with her innovative designs.

Picture perfect

    • Meaning: Flawlessly beautiful or ideal.
    • Example: Their wedding day was picture perfect.

Tinted glasses

    • Meaning: A perspective influenced by one’s biases or emotions.
    • Example: He always saw the world through tinted glasses.

Draw a blank

    • Meaning: Fail to recall something.
    • Example: When asked about his plans, he drew a blank.

Like painting the Forth Bridge

    • Meaning: A never-ending task.
    • Example: Cleaning this house is like painting the Forth Bridge.

Draw a line under

    • Meaning: Decide to stop something.
    • Example: It’s time to draw a line under this argument and move on.

Paint a picture

    • Meaning: Describe something in detail.
    • Example: His words painted a picture of a peaceful countryside.

Art for art’s sake

    • Meaning: The idea that the value of art lies in its creation, not in its practical use.
    • Example: He creates sculptures purely for art’s sake, not for profit.

Sketchy details

    • Meaning: Incomplete or unclear information.
    • Example: The plans for the event are still sketchy.

Frame of mind

    • Meaning: A particular mood or attitude.
    • Example: His positive frame of mind made him popular at work.

Mural of society

    • Meaning: A broad representation of societal attributes or dynamics.
    • Example: The film was a mural of society in the 21st century.

Canvas for ideas

    • Meaning: A space or opportunity for developing ideas.
    • Example: The new project was a blank canvas for her creativity.

Paint a rosy picture

    • Meaning: Describe something in an overly positive way.
    • Example: He always paints a rosy picture of his time at university.

Draw attention to

    • Meaning: Cause people to notice something.
    • Example: The sculpture was placed in the lobby to draw attention to the exhibit.

Paint the town red

    • Meaning: Go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly.
    • Example: They decided to paint the town red to celebrate the victory.


    • Meaning: A brilliant or successful action or decision.
    • Example: Hiring the new manager was a masterstroke.

Shade of meaning

    • Meaning: A slight difference in meaning or feeling.
    • Example: The word has a different shade of meaning in this context.

Brush up on

    • Meaning: Improve or refresh one’s skills or knowledge.
    • Example: I need to brush up on my painting techniques.

Make a spectacle of oneself

    • Meaning: Attract attention by behaving foolishly.
    • Example: He made a spectacle of himself at the party.

Broad strokes

    • Meaning: General terms or actions, without focusing on details.
    • Example: He described the policy in broad strokes.

The big picture

    • Meaning: The overall perspective or objective.
    • Example: It’s important not to lose sight of the big picture.

A picture is worth a thousand words

    • Meaning: Visual representation contains more impact than a large amount of text.
    • Example: The photograph he took of the event was a picture worth a thousand words.

Draw the short straw

    • Meaning: Be chosen to do an unpleasant task.
    • Example: I drew the short straw and had to work late.

Draw conclusions

    • Meaning: Arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning.
    • Example: It’s too early to draw conclusions about the project’s success.

Out of the picture

    • Meaning: No longer involved or considered.
    • Example: Once he moved away, he was out of the picture.

Paint oneself into a corner

    • Meaning: Get oneself into a difficult situation.
    • Example: By promising too much, he painted himself into a corner.

Show one’s true colors

    • Meaning: Reveal one’s real character or intentions.
    • Example: He showed his true colors when he helped in the crisis.

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