Adjectives followed by preposition


Adjectives followed by Preposition!

Adjectives are often followed by prepositions, for example OF, FOR, WITH: afraid of, famous for, bored with. This is a list of common adjective + preposition.

Adjectives followed by Preposition List

Accountable to
Acceptable to
Accessible to
Addicted to
Acquitted of
Afraid of
Ahead of
Alive to
Annoyed at, with
Answerable to, for
Ashamed of
Averse to
Aware of
Bad for, at
Bent on, upon
Blind of, to
Busy with
Capable of
Careful of
Certain of
Characteristic of
Clever at
Commensurate with
Conscious of
Consistent with
Content with
Contrary to
Cruel to
Curious about
Dear to
Deficient in
Dependent on
Desirous of
Different from
Doubtful about, of
Efficient at
Enthusiastic about
Enough for
Envious of
Equal to
Familiar with, to
Famous for
Fit for
Fortunate in
Gifted with
Guilty of
Harmful to
Honest in
Hostile to
Identical with
Ignorant of
Impervious to
Independent of
Indifferent to
Indignant at, with
Infectious to
Internet at
Innocent of
Jealous of
Kean on
Liable to
Notorious for
Oblivious of
Partial to
Patient with
Popular with
Qualified bin
Quick at
Reluctant to
Responsible for


Adjectives followed by Preposition Sentences

Accountable for  We are accountable to God for our actions in this world.
Acceptable to  Your conditions are not acceptable to him.
Accessible to  He is accessible to all and sundry.
Addicted to  He is addicted to smoking.
Acquitted of  He was acquitted of all changes which were leveled against him.
Afraid of  A Muslim is afraid of none but God.
Ahead of  He is an intelligent boy so he is ahead of his other class-fellows.
Alive to  Pakistan is alive to the dangers which surround her.
Annoyed at, with  He was annoyed with his daughter for she had failed in the examination. What are you annoyed at?
Answerable to, for  A Democratic government is answerable to the people foot its actions.
Ashamed of  You should be ashamed of your failure.
Averse to I am not averse to hard work.
Aware of  Pakistan is aware of her neighbor’s evil intentions.
Bad for, at  Too much hard work is bad for health.
Bent on, upon  He is bent on mastering English.
Blind of, to  He is blind of one eye.
Busy with  The doctor was busy with his patients.
Capable of  The situation is not hopeless; it is capable of improvement.
Careful of  He was careful of his money.
Certain of  I am certain of my success in the examination.
Characteristic of  The behavior of Ali in the meeting was quite characteristic of the man.
Clever at  He is clever at chemistry.
Commensurate with  The salary of a Pakistani worker is not commensurate with the work he expected to do.
Conscious of  I am conscious of my shortcomings.
Consistent with  Your conclusion is consistent with facts.
Content with  Man is never content with his lot.
Contrary to  Contrary to my expectations his performance in the examination was wonderful.
Cruel to  Man is cruel to man.
Curious about Our women are very curious about their neighbors.
Dear to  Your cause is very dear to me.
Deficient in  He is deficient in moral courage.
Dependent on  Children remain dependent on their parents for a long time.
Desirous of  I am not desirous of rewards which I do not deserve.
Different from  You are not different from your father.
Doubtful about, of  He is determined to pass the explanation, but I am doubtful about his chances.
Efficient at  He is efficient bat calculations.
Enthusiastic about  He is enthusiastic about his future wife.
Enough for  That won’t be enough for everybody.
Envious of  We are usually envious of other people’s wealth.
Equal to  He is equal to the task entrusted to him.
Familiar with, to  He is not familiar with the manners of the table.
Famous for  Taj Mahal is famous for its beauty.
Fit for  You are fit for nothing.
Fortunate in  You are fortunate in having such an influential father.
Gifted with  She is gifted with a fine voice.
Guilty of  He is guilty of breaking his promises.
Harmful to  Reading in a bad light is harmful to eyesight.
Honest in  He is honest in his business dealings.
Hostile to  Landlords are hostile to reforms.
Identical with  The interests of Pakistan are not identical with those of India.
Ignorant of  I am ignorant of the situation.
Impervious to  He is shame-proof and is impervious to criticism.
Independent of  If you own a motorcycle, you can become independent of buses and wagons.
Indifferent to  You can’t be indifferent to the suffering of the downtrodden.
Indignant at, with  He was indignant with me at my voting against him.
Infectious to  You aren’t inferior to anyone.
Internet at  He is intent at snatching the share of his sister in the ancestral property.
Innocent of  Is he guilty or innocent of the crime?
Jealous of  Americans are jealous of Arab oil.
Kean on  I am not very keen on tennis.
Liable to  You are liable to legal action if you over speed.
Notorious for  He is notorious for his extravagance.
Oblivious of  I am not oblivious to the dangers ahead.
Partial to  I am partial to mangoes.
Patient with  A mother is patient with her children.
Popular with  He is popular with the public for his good looks and cricketing ability.
Qualified bin  She is well qualified in typing.
Quick at  He may be quick at understanding, but he is not capable of remembering anything.
Reluctant to  The soil of Hills is reluctant to the plow.
Responsible for  The engine driver is responsible for the passenger’s safety.





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