verb followed by preposition

verb followed by preposition

Verb followed by preposition!

preposition verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition. It is simply a verb followed by a preposition. Some verbs require specific prepositions to be used after them in a sentence.

Verb followed by Preposition List

Absolved of
Abstain from
Accede to
Account for
Accuse of
Apologize to, for
Approved of
Arrive at
Assure of
Attend to
Believe in
Beware of
Blame for
Charge with, for
Complain of (against)
Compare with, to
Compete with
Comply with
Concentrate on
Congratulate on
Consist of
Contract with
Convince of
Correspond with
Debar from
Delight in
Despair of
Dream of the residents of hostels always dream of homes.
Differ from
Economize on
Embark upon
Emerge from
Encourage in
Engage in
Enter upon
Entrust to
Escape from
Exchange for
Excuse from
Expect from, of
Fail in
Furnish with
Guess at
Hanker after
Hinder from
Hope for
Hint at
Identify with
Indulge in
Insist on
Inspire with, into
Instill into
Jump to
Knock at
Lean on, against
Object to
Operate on
.persist in
Prefer to
Prevent from
Pride on
Provide for, against
React to, against, upon
Reply to
Reply (up) on
Remonstrate with, against
Repent of
Scoff at
Share with
Shudder at


Verb Followed by Preposition Sentences

Absolved of  He was absolved of all charges.
Abstain from  The doctor advised him to abstain from smoking.
Accede to  The principal acceded to my request.
Account for  His illness accounts for his absence.
Accuse of  It is easy to accuse a person of a crime but difficult to prove it against him.
Apologize to, for  She apologize to teacher for coming late to the school.
Approved of  Your father will never approve of your nasty behavior with your teacher.
Arrive at  When did you arrive at the station?
Assure of  I assure you of my cooperation.
Attend to  You must attend to what I am saying.
Believe in  Don’t be upset; I believe in what you say.
Beware of  Beware of pity
Blame for  Who is to blame for engineering the agitation?
Charge with, for  He was charged with murder.
Complain of (against)  Why do you complain of him? You know that his behavior has always been nasty.
Compare with, to  Magana can’t be compared with Ghalib for his poetry.
Compete with  You can win the first prize if you compete with other candidates.
Comply with  You must comply with the rules of the game.
Concentrate on  Please concentrate on what you are doing.
Congratulate on  May I congratulate you on your success?
Consist of  This class consists of 50 students.
Contract with  The actions of politicians contract with their promises.
Convince of  He convinced me of his innocence.
Correspond with  We have been corresponding with each other for years.
Debar from  After his conviction, he was debarred from voting at the election.
Delight in  He is an irresponsible young man and delight in teasing his mother.
Despair of  I do not despair of you; you have the potential to improve yourself.
Dream of the residents of hostels always dream of homes.
Differ from  Urdu differs from English in every respect.
Economize on  We must economize on fuel.
Embark upon  We embark upon a new business.
Emerge from  Did anything emerge from your discussion?
Encourage in  Good teacher encourages their students in their studies.
Engage in  When I reached home, my mother was engaged in cooking meals.
Enter upon  When President Reagan entered upon his office, he was seventy years old.
Entrust to  Can I entrust the task to you?
Escape from  The Prisoners escaped from the jail.
Exchange for  Do you mean to say that you exchanged that lovely car for this?
Excuse from  The principal excused him from appearing in the explanation on medical grounds.
Expect from, of  What can Pakistan expect of the USA in her present dilemma?
Fail in  I shall fall in my duty if I do not warn you of the consequences of your foolish behavior.
Furnish with His house is furnished with beautiful furniture and curtains.
Guess at  Can you guess at her age?
Hanker after  Every Pakistani hankers after easy money.
Hinder from  He was hindered from walking in the garden.
Hope for  Let us do our duty and hope for the best.
Hint at  During his press conference, the president hinted at the possibility of buying nuclear plants from Russia.
Identify with  He has completely identified himself with the policies of the ruling class.
Indulge in  Patriots never indulge in subversive activities.
Insist on  Pakistan insists on her rights only.
Inspire with, into  He inspired a new hope into them.
Instill into  The appearance of his father instilled a new spirit into the hearts of his soldiers.
Jump to  Don’t jump to conclusions. Think of the matter carefully.
Knock at  Who is knocking at the door?
Lean on, against  I am leaning on you for support in the election.
Object to  I object to his presence in the meeting.
Operate on  He was operated on yesterday.
.persist in  The scientist persisted in discovering nuclear energy and finally succeeded in their mission.
Prefer to  I prefer Shakespeare to Racine.
Prevent from  He was prevented from coming here.
Pride on  She prides herself on her clean house.
Provide for, against  He has to provide for a large family.
React to, against, upon  An orator reacts to applause.
Reply to  You must reply to my letter.
Reply (up) on  Can I reply to you in this matter?
Remonstrate with, against  She remonstrated with her husband against his rude behavior.
Repent of  Will you ever repent of your mischiefs?
Scoff at  He scoffed at my proposal and went away.
Share with  You are welcome to share the bench with me.
Shudder at  An ordinary man would shudder at the sight of blood.

Verb + Preposition List with Meaning

Here is a list of common English verb + preposition combinations along with their meanings:

  • Look forward to – to anticipate or eagerly await something
  • Get along with – to have a good relationship with someone
  • Give up – to stop doing or trying to do something
  • Look up – to search for information in a reference source
  • Hold on – to wait or pause for a short period of time
  • Take off – to leave, to remove, or to become successful or popular quickly
  • Put up with – to tolerate or endure something or someone unpleasant
  • Go through – to experience or undergo something difficult or unpleasant
  • Run into – to unexpectedly encounter someone or something
  • Break up – to end a relationship or to separate into smaller pieces
  • Come across – to find or discover something by chance
  • Put off – to delay or postpone something
  • Look out – to be careful or watchful
  • Put on – to dress oneself in clothing or accessories
  • Make up – to reconcile with someone, to invent or fabricate something, or to apply cosmetics.
  • There are many more verb + preposition combinations in English, but this is a good starting point.

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