Noun followed by preposition

Noun followed by Preposition

Noun Followed by Preposition list!

Prepositions must always be followed by a noun or pronoun. That noun is called the object of the preposition.

Noun followed by preposition list

Abhorrence of
Ability for
Abundance of
Access to
Accomplice of
Affection for
Affinity with, between
Acquaintance with
Advantage of
Advantage over
Allegiance to
Alliance with
Alternative to
Ambition for
Amends for
Anxiety for
Approach to
Appetite for
Apology for
Aptitude for
Assent to
Assault on
Aversion to
Bias against
Capacity for
Care of
Claim for, to, on, against
Comment on
Complaint against
Confidence in
Connivance at
Contemporary of
Contempt for
Control over
Carving for
Desire for
Disgrace to
Distaste for
Drawback to
Eagerness for
Eminence in
Encroachment on
Enmity with
Escape from
Esteem for
Estrangement from
Exception to
Exemption from
Exposure to
Faith in
Familiarity with
Freedom of from
Gratitude to, for
Guarantee for
Hatred for
Heir to
Hope of
Incentive to
Inclination for
Indulgence in
Influence over, with
Insight into
Interest in
Key to
Knowledge of
Liking for
Malice against
Menace to
Neglect of
Neglect of
Partiality for
Passion for
Preference for, to
Proof of
Quarrel with
Quarrel between
Regard for
Regret for
Remedy for, against
Reply to

Noun followed by preposition infographic

Noun followed by preposition

Noun followed by Preposition with Sentences

Abhorrence of  An honest man has an abhorrence of deceit.
Ability for  Few Pakistanis have the ability for organizing political parties.
Abundance of  There was an abundance of citrus fruit in the market.
Access to  Few people can claim access to the governor.
Accomplice of  The accomplices of them, the notorious criminal, were also apprehended by the police.
Affection for  He has no affection for his nephew.
Affinity with, between  Some of the modern Urdu poets have a great affinity with the English romantic poets.
Acquaintance with  I have some acquaintance with Arabic but cannot speak the language very well.
Advantage of  You should not take advantage of my leniency.
Advantage over  The west indies Team has an advantage over other teams because it has the best fast bowlers.
Allegiance to  Muslims owe allegiance to none but God.
Alliance with  Indian made alliances with Russians against Pakistan in 1971.
Alternative to  Can you suggest an alternative to this plan?
Ambition for  I have no ambition for this post.
Amends for  He worked hard and made amends for his past lapses.
Anxiety for  Your anxiety for knowledge is praiseworthy.
Approach to  All the approaches to the city were guarded by armed men.
Appetite for  I have no appetite for food just now.
Apology for  He tendered an apology for misconduct.
Aptitude for  Ali has no aptitude for economic.
Assent to  The president gave his assent to the bill.
Assault on  They made an assault on the enemy’s positions.
Aversion to  Americans have no aversion to smoking.
Bias against  The bias of Americans against Pakistan is proverbial.
Capacity for  He hasn’t much capacity for hard work.
Care of  Students should take care of their health too.
Claim for, to, on, against  I found a watch in the classroom and took it to the principal, but nobody has put in a claim for it.
Comment on  Your comments on his behavior were uncalled for.
Complaint against  Have you any complaints against me?
Confidence in  Have confidence in God and wish for the best.
Connivance at  Constant connivance at the faults of children makes them irresponsible.
Contemporary of  Akbar the Great was a contemporary of Elizabeth.
Contempt for  He has nothing but contempt for his subordinates.
Control over  You should exercise control over your passions.
Carving for  His craving for wealth is unlimited.
Desire for  Have you any desire for coffee?
Disgrace to  He is a disgrace to the name of his country.
Distaste for  He showed a distance for literature.
Drawback to  Idleness and lethargy are great drawbacks to success in life.
Eagerness for  In his eagerness for victory, the option threw all moral Principles to the wind.
Eminence in  Dr. Ali has achieved great eminence in Physics.
Encroachment on  At place, the sea has made encroachment on the land.
Enmity with He has no enmity with his neighbors.
Escape from  He made a dramatic escape from jail.
Esteem for  Student still has esteem for good teachers.
Estrangement from He married a teenager after the estrangements from his former wife.
Exception to  There is no exception to the rule.
Exemption from  Exemption from taxation is rarely allowed.
Exposure to  His face was brown from exposure to the weather.
Faith in  I have lost my faith in you.
Familiarity with  Are you on terms of familiarity with him?
Freedom of from  Developing countries have yet to win freedom from hunger, disease, and illiteracy freedom of speech is a pre-requisite of democracy.
Gratitude to, for  We owe gratitude to Ali for winning freedom for us.
Guarantee for  An honest face is no guarantee for one’s honesty.
Hatred for  The hatred of Hindus for Muslims is responsible for riot which occurs frequently in India.
Heir to  Prince Charles is an heir to the throne of Britain.
Hope of  He has some hope of success.
Incentive to  He has no much incentive to work.
Inclination for  My son has an inclination for English.
Indulgence in  Constant indulgence in bad habits brought about his ruin.
Influence over, with  Many women have a civilizing influence over their husbands.
Insight into  Tolstoy had a remarkable insight into human nature.
Interest in  I have no interest in this business.
Key to  The only key to success is hard work.
Knowledge of  My knowledge of geography is limited.
Liking for  His liking for flattery is well known.
Malice against  Pakistan has  malice against none of her neighbors
Menace to  The conduct of Israel is a menace to world peace.
Neglect of  The neglect of duty cannot be condoned.
Neglect of  The neglect of duty cannot be condoned.
Partiality for  Ali had a partiality for sweet dishes.
Passion for  His passion for sports knows no limits
Preference for, to  I have a preference for coffee over tea.
Proof of  The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Quarrel with  He had a quarrel with hid younger brother.
Quarrel between  There has no quarrel between the two brothers.
Regard for  He had great regard for his elders.
Regret for  I have no regret for my actions.
Remedy for, against  There is no remedy for (against) cancer.
Reply to  I received no reply to my request.


Noun followed by preposition Infographics

noun followed by preposition
Noun followed by Preposition


Noun followed by Preposition
Noun followed by Preposition

Noun followed by preposition list

Noun followed by preposition


Noun followed by preposition list PDF

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