40 Phonetic Symbols with Examples In English

Phonetic symbols with examples in English

The English language is a fascinating and complex system of communication, with its own set of sounds and pronunciation rules. To accurately represent these sounds, linguists and language enthusiasts use a system of symbols called phonetic symbols or phonemes. Phonetic symbols are essential for understanding and mastering the correct pronunciation of words in English, as they provide a visual representation of the sounds that make up the language.

In this article, we will explore the world of phonetic symbols, and their importance in English pronunciation, and provide examples to help you better understand how they work.

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Understanding Phonetic Symbols

Phonetic symbols are visual representations of speech sounds, designed to describe the way words are pronounced. They are used to transcribe spoken language and make it easier to study and teach pronunciation. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is the most widely used system of phonetic symbols, providing a standardized way to represent sounds across languages.

The IPA consists of a wide range of symbols, each corresponding to a specific speech sound.

Consonants Phonetic Symbols with Examples

n    nice, funny, know, sun

z    music, buzz, zero, roses

ŋ    anger, sung, ring, thanks

p    pen, happen, copy

j     yet, beauty, use, few

ʔ    (glottal stop) football, department,

ʒ    vision, pleasure

b    back, job, baby

d    day, odd, ladder

ʃ    ship, national, sure

tʃ   church, nature, match

ð    this, smooth, other

dʒ  judge, soldier, age

m   more, sum, hammer

f     fat, rough, coffee, photo

w   wet, when, one, queen

h    hot, ahead, whole

t     tea, button, tight

r    right, sorry, wrong, arrange

s    soon, sister, cease

θ    thing, path, author

g    get, ghost, giggle

l     light, feel, valley

v    view, move, heavy

k    key, school, clock

phonetic symbols Phonetic symbols with examples

Vowels Phonetic Symbols with Examples

ɜː  nurse, learn, stir, refer

ɪə  near, weary, here

ə   about, standard, common

ɪ    kit, hymn, bid, minute

n̩   cotton, suddenly,

ˈ    (stress mark)

ɑː  father, start

e   dress, head, bed, many

ɒ   lot, wash, odd

eə  square. fair, various

iː   fleece, machine, sea

əʊ goat, no, show

eɪ  face, break, day

ʊə poor, cure, jury

aɪ  price, try, high

l̩    middle, metal

ɔː  thought, north, law, war

æ   trap, bad

u   thank you, situation, influence

mouth, now

uː  goose, blue, two, group

ʊ   foot, put, good

i    happy, glorious, radiate

ɔɪ  choice, boy

ʌ    strut, love, mud, blood

Phonetic symbols with examples in English

Long Vowel Phonetic Symbols

IPA Symbol Word examples
ɜ: third, heard, turn. Nurse
ɑ: hard, car, bath. Fast
ɔ:  jaw, bored, law, yawn, Talk
i: team, beat, Need
u:  fruit, lose, boot, gloomy, Few

Short Vowel Phonetic Symbols

IPA Symbol Word examples
ɒ  watch, Rob, squat, top
e  send, Went, letter, intend
ə  mother, Alive,, again
æ  nap, Cat, flat, hand
ʌ  money, Fun, one, love
ʊ  should, Put, cook, look

Diphthong Vowel Phonetic Symbols

IPA Symbol  Word examples 
 flight, My, pride, sight, kind
ɪə Beer, Near, clear, ear, tear, fear
 out, Mouth, brown, house, cow
əʊ  hole, No, stones, don’t, alone
 pear, Hair, care, there, stairs
 eight, Face, rain , space, case
ɔɪ  oyster, Joy, toy, employ, coil

Phonetic symbols in English | Image

Phonetic symbols with examples in English Phonetic symbols with examples in English

IPA Symbol

IPA Symbol

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