E Sound Letter Words

E Sound Letter Words

E Sound Letter Words

Short E Sound Letter Words

While most of us recognize “give” as a short E sound, there are a few more words that use this vowel sound.

jet Elbow fed keg Weapon
pen bet men Sweat Measure
Deck bed Ferry Deaf Heavy
ten peg net get met
led gel hen Spread wed
Echo yet wet set hem
Egg Pencil vet red Bread
Ready Breath Threat Steady Pleasure
den let beg leg pet
gem ben Ted    

Long E Sound Letter Words

Keen Happy Teen Meat Seat
Lean Feed Decide Bean Portuguese
Conceive Become Sleet Lead Heat
Need Meet Beet Beat Evening
Relax Theme These Greet Seam
Glory Delight Recess Neat Field
Deceit Brief Mischief Receive Dean
Bleet Mean Sheet Fleet Feet
Bead Gene      

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