My Work Here is Done: Meaning and Origin

My Work Here is Done

Have you ever heard someone say, “My work here is done”? This phrase is quite popular and is used in many different situations. But what does it mean, and where did it come from? In this article, we will explore the definition, meaning, and origin of the phrase “My work here is done” in simple English.


Firstly, let’s define the phrase. “My Work Here is Done” means that a person believes they have completed what they set out to do. It implies a sense of accomplishment and a conclusion of tasks or responsibilities.


This phrase is often used in a few different ways:

  • Literally:

When someone has actually finished their work. For example, a painter might say this after painting a house.

  • Humorously or Sarcastically:

Sometimes people use this phrase to be funny or to make a joke. For example, if you help your friend find their lost pencil and then you say, “My work here is done,” you’re being playful.

  • Dramatically:

In movies or TV shows, characters might say this phrase in a very grand way, especially after doing something important or heroic.

“My Work Here Is Done” Origin

The exact origin of “My work here is done” is not clear, but it has been used in literature and speech for a long time. It became more popular through movies and television, especially in scenes where a hero completes a big task and then leaves.

One famous example is from superhero stories. Imagine a superhero who saves the city and then says, “My work here is done” before flying off. This kind of scene has made the phrase more well-known and dramatic.

Example Sentences

  • The doctor successfully performed the surgery, sighed with relief, and said, “My work here is done.”
  • The detective solved the case and walked away, stating, “My work here is done.”
  • Mark fixed the malfunctioning computer, looked at his colleagues, and grinned, saying, “My work here is done.”
  • The project manager delivered the final report, leaned back in the chair, and announced, “My work here is done.”
  • The firefighter successfully extinguished the blaze and, wiping off sweat, remarked, “My work here is done.”
  • The software developer fixed all the bugs in the program and exclaimed, “My work here is done.”
  • After successfully negotiating a challenging business deal, Tom sighed with relief, stating, “My work here is done.”
  • Susan organized the event seamlessly, and as it concluded, she whispered to herself, “My work here is done.”
  • The teacher concluded the semester with a sense of accomplishment, thinking, “My work here is done.”
  • The carpenter completed the custom-made furniture, stepped back, and proudly stated, “My work here is done.”
  • Having organized a successful charity event, Mike clinked his glass for attention and declared, “My work here is done.”
  • Olivia finished editing the manuscript, closed her laptop, and thought, “My work here is done.”
  • As the artist put the finishing touches on the mural, she stepped back and declared, “My work here is done.”
  • The mediator successfully resolved the dispute, nodded, and said, “My work here is done.”
  • The gardener completed the landscaping project and admired the transformed garden, saying, “My work here is done.”
  • The chef prepared a delicious meal for the guests and proudly announced, “My work here is done.”
  • Jane finished her presentation, received a round of applause, and declared, “My work here is done.”
  • Emily finished her volunteer duties at the animal shelter and happily declared, “My work here is done.”
  • After successfully completing the project ahead of schedule, John leaned back in his chair and said, “My work here is done.”
  • Mary completed the marathon and, catching her breath, smiled and said, “My work here is done.”

Ways to Say “My Work Here Is Done”

  • The work is finalized.
  • I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.
  • I’ve finished my work.
  • I’ve reached the end of my assignment.
  • I’m done here.
  • Everything is in order now.
  • My duties are fulfilled.
  • Work complete.
  • I’ve fulfilled my responsibilities.
  • My job here is finished.
  • I’ve closed the chapter on this project.
  • I’ve met my objectives.
  • I’ve achieved my goals.
  • I’ve concluded my work.
  • My part is complete.
  • I’ve accomplished what I came to do.
  • I’ve executed my role.
  • I can check that off my list.
  • All tasks are wrapped up.
  • Job well done.
  • Task completed.
  • I’ve wrapped up my tasks.
  • I can consider this task closed.
  • Mission accomplished.
  • The project is successfully completed.

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