List Of Halloween Verbs

Halloween Verbs

Halloween is a time for spooky fun, dressing up in costumes, and telling ghostly tales. Today, we’re going to learn about some special words called “verbs.” Verbs are action words. They tell us what someone or something is doing. On Halloween, we use some really fun and spooky verbs. These words will make your stories, games, and Halloween adventures even more exciting! Let’s explore some of these thrilling Halloween verbs.

Halloween Verbs

  • Carve

This means to cut something into a shape. On Halloween, many people carve pumpkins to make jack-o’-lanterns.

  • Trick-or-Treat

This is a special activity where kids go from house to house in costumes, asking for candy by saying “Trick or treat!”

  • Dress Up

This is when you put on a costume to look like someone or something else. On Halloween, people often dress up as ghosts, witches, superheroes, and more.

  • Scare

This means to frighten someone. Sometimes people try to scare others as a joke on Halloween.

  • Decorate

To decorate means to make a place look festive or fun. People decorate their houses with things like fake spiders, skeletons, and cobwebs for Halloween.

  • Bob

This is a game called bobbing, where you try to catch apples with your teeth in a big tub of water. It’s a popular Halloween game.

  • Bake

Bake means to cook something in an oven. Around Halloween, many people bake tasty treats like pumpkin pie or spooky cookies.

  • Glow

Glow means to shine brightly. On Halloween night, people often use glow sticks or put candles in their pumpkins to make them glow.

  • Haunt

To haunt means to visit or live in a place as a ghost. You might hear stories about haunted houses around Halloween.

  • Scream

This is a loud, sharp cry, often because of fear. People sometimes scream when they are scared, like in a haunted house.

  • Tell

This is when you say something to someone. On Halloween, people often tell scary stories.

  • Collect

To collect means to gather things together. On Halloween, kids collect candy in their trick-or-treat bags.

  • Wander

This means to walk around without a specific plan. You might wander around the neighborhood in your costume on Halloween.

  • Spook

To spook someone means to scare them. It’s similar to ‘scare’ but often used for milder, funnier scares.

  • Craft

Crafting means making things by hand. You might craft your own Halloween decorations or costume.

  • Watch

This means to look at something. Many people watch scary movies during the Halloween season.

  • Roam

Roam is similar to wander. It means to move around without a specific purpose. Ghosts are often said to roam haunted places.

  • Giggle

To giggle means to laugh in a light, silly way. Sometimes, Halloween fun makes us giggle, especially when we play games.

  • Disguise

This means to change your appearance so people don’t recognize you. A Halloween costume is a type of disguise.

  • Enjoy

To enjoy means to have fun or take pleasure in something. We hope you enjoy Halloween with all these fun activities!

List of Most Common Halloween Verb

Believe in ghosts Horrify Scare
Do not enter Petrify Haunt
Sully Wilt Curdle the blood
Pollute Thunder Decorate
Shudder Be afraid Startle
Fester Go haunting Wear a mask
Curse Infest Taint
Screech Suck your blood Dress up
Murder Stalk Wail
Carve Vanish Make believe
Shrivel Distress Hoot
Bite Tell scary stories Frighten
Thrill Dismember Torment
Grimace Possess Writhe
Beware Decay Disguise
Bewitch Bob for apples Give candy to
Rise from the grave Scream Surprise
Banish Disappear Give a scare
Repulse Squirm Celebrate
Scorch Rise from the dead Terrify
Brew up Dread Raise hell
Run away Hide Prank
Terrorize Stun Warn
Enter at your own risk Imagine Ring the doorbell
Scream eek! Knock on doors Vex
Fill Revolt Cast a spell
Party Scratch Wallow
Get your scare on Mutilate Go trick-or-treating
Paralyze Fear Nauseate
Conjure Howl Panic
Pretend Say boo Show your spirit
Collect Gasp Infect
Prowl Torture Trick-or-treat
Cackle Defile Creep
Give a fright Hex Reek

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Halloween Verbs

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