Halloween vocabulary in Spanish

Halloween vocabulary in Spanish

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday in many Spanish-speaking countries, especially in the United States and Mexico. The holiday, also known as “Noche de Brujas” or “Día de los Muertos,” is typically observed on October 31st and November 1st, respectively. Halloween is a time for dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, and attending parties with spooky themes. Many people also believe that the spirits of the dead return to the earth on Halloween, so it is a time for honoring ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or are learning the language, it can be helpful to know some key Halloween vocabulary in Spanish to fully immerse yourself in the holiday.

List of Spanish Halloween Words

Spanish English
el brujo wizard
el hechizo spell
el vampiro, la vampira vampire
el gato negro black cat
El Día de los Muertos Day of the Dead
araña spider
el murciélago bat
la luz de luna moonlight
la máscara mask
la bruja witch
el sombrero de bruja witch’s hat
el fantasma ghost
Drácula Dracula
la oscuridad darkness
búho owl
truco o trato trick or treat
horror horror
el/la zombi zombie
la telaraña spider web
esqueleto skeleton
el cuervo crow
monstruo monster
los dulces, los caramelos candy
la momia mummy
fiesta party
hechizar to cast a spell
misterioso mysterious
la jack-o’-lantern jack-o’-lantern
la luna llena full moon
carabela skull
Día de Todos los Santos All Saints’ Day (Nov 1st)
el disfraz costume
la casa embrujada haunted house
aterrador scary
octubre October
escoba broom

What’s another word for Halloween in Spain?

In Spain, Halloween is often referred to as “Noche de Brujas” or “Noche de los Difuntos.” These terms are used to describe the night of witches or the night of the dead, respectively. However, it’s worth noting that Halloween itself is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, and the term “Halloween” is also commonly used, especially in urban areas and among younger generations.

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Halloween vocabulary in Spanish

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