50+ Halloween Words that Begin with P

Halloween words that begin with p

Halloween is such a fun time of year, isn’t it? Spooky decorations, yummy treats, and creative costumes make it one of the best holidays. But guess what? Halloween also has lots of interesting words! Today, we’ll explore some Halloween-related words that begin with the letter ‘P’. Let’s dive in!

Halloween Words that Start with P

  • Paranormal: This term refers to anything that cannot be explained by science, like ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural entities.
  • Pinnacle: The highest point. In Halloween stories, this might describe the climax or the most intense part of a tale.
  • Psychic: Someone who claims to have special powers to predict the future or communicate with the dead.
  • Prank: A playful trick or jest. On Halloween, it’s common for people to play pranks on each other.
  • Priestess: A female priest, often associated with ancient or magical rituals.
  • Purgatory: A place where souls are believed to go after death to be purified.
  • Prowler: Someone who sneaks around, especially with bad intentions.
  • Parchment: A material made from animal skin, often used for writing. Wizards might have their spells written on parchments.
  • Prowl: To prowl means to move stealthily or quietly, like a cat or a creature of the night.
  • Parlor: A sitting room in a house. Many classic ghost stories might have scenes set in dimly lit parlors.
  • Poltergeist: A poltergeist is a type of ghost that causes disturbances, like knocking things over or moving objects around.
  • Pentagram: A five-pointed star that’s often linked with magic and witchcraft.
  • Pandemonium: Chaos or wild uproar. Imagine a party where all the monsters get together – that would be pandemonium!
  • Pact: An agreement, often made with sinister or supernatural forces. Think of a pact with the devil or a dark spirit.
  • Petrification: The process of turning someone or something into stone. It’s also a word to describe extreme fear.
  • Pageant: A show or parade. On Halloween, there might be pageants showcasing the best costumes or spooky stories.
  • Pumpkin: Pumpkins are the iconic symbols of Halloween. People carve faces into pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns and light them up with candles inside.
  • Petrify: To be petrified means to be so scared that you cannot move. It’s like being turned to stone with fear!
  • Pilgrimage: A journey, often religious. Some spooky stories might involve a pilgrimage to an eerie place.
  • Paralysis: Being unable to move, often from fear.
  • Potion: A potion is a magical liquid that causes a specific effect when drunk. Witches are often imagined brewing mysterious potions in cauldrons.
  • Peevish: Being easily irritated or annoyed. Sometimes, a character in a ghost story might be peevish.
  • Phantom: A phantom is a ghost or an apparition. It’s a shadowy figure that might haunt old buildings or appear in ghost stories.
  • Pale: This word can describe someone’s face when they are scared or have seen a ghost.
  • Proclamation: A public announcement. On Halloween, there might be proclamations about rules for trick-or-treating or ghostly warnings.
  • Prophecy: A prediction or a foretelling of events to come. Witches and wizards might make prophecies.
  • Premonition: A feeling that something, often something bad, is going to happen.
  • Peculiar: Something that’s strange or unusual. Halloween is a time when peculiar things can happen!
  • Pyre: A pile of wood on which a body is burned, often associated with witches being burned at the stake in history.
  • Peril: Danger or risk. On Halloween night, you might hear tales of perilous adventures involving ghosts or monsters.
  • Plague: A widespread disease. Some spooky tales might talk about ancient plagues or curses.
  • Possess: When a spirit takes control of an object or person, it’s said to possess it.
  • Panther: A big, black cat that can be associated with mystery and the night.
  • Putrid: Something that smells really bad, like rotting flesh.
  • Pyro: Referring to fire. On Halloween, tales of fire-breathing dragons or pyromaniac witches might be popular.

Halloween Noun that Starts with P

A Halloween noun that starts with “P” is “Pumpkin.”

Halloween Verb that Starts with P

A Halloween verb that starts with “P” is “Pumpkin-carving.”

Halloween Adjective that Starts with P

A Halloween adjective that starts with “P” is “Petrifying.”


Halloween words that begin with p

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