Idioms for Summer with Meaning and Examples

Idioms for Summer

Summer is a sunny and fun time, and there are special sayings called idioms that capture the spirit of this season. These idioms for summer use bright and cheerful words to describe the warmth, fun, and activities of summer. They’re like little word pictures. For example, ‘the dog days of summer’ doesn’t mean days for dogs, but the very hot days of summer. These idioms make our language as lively and colorful as summer itself. They’re like different summer adventures, each one bringing a splash of joy and sunshine. Learning these idioms is like going on a holiday, where each phrase is a sunny day.

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Idioms about Summer

Here are a few summer-related idioms, along with their meanings and examples of how they might be used in a sentence:

Long hot summer

    • Meaning: Difficult, tense period
    • Example: “It was a long hot summer with many challenges.”

Summer love

    • Meaning: Romance during summer
    • Example: “Many teenagers experience their first summer love.”

Summer camp

    • Meaning: Holiday program for kids
    • Example: “The kids are excited for summer camp.”


    • Meaning: Tanned by the sun
    • Example: “She returned from her vacation with a sun-kissed glow.”

Summer dress

    • Meaning: Lightweight dress for summer
    • Example: “She looked beautiful in her new summer dress.”

Summer solstice

    • Meaning: Longest day of the year
    • Example: “We have a festival on the summer solstice.”

Soak up the sun

    • Meaning: Enjoy the sunshine
    • Example: “We’re just going to soak up the sun at the beach.”

Summertime blues

    • Meaning: Feeling sad in summer
    • Example: “He’s got the summertime blues since his friends are away.”

Bask in the sun

    • Meaning: Enjoy the sunshine
    • Example: “I spent the afternoon basking in the sun.”

Under the sun

    • Meaning: Everything possible
    • Example: “We offer every activity under the sun at our resort.”

Make hay while the sun shines

    • Meaning: Take advantage of opportunity
    • Example: “We have to make hay while the sun shines and finish the work.”

The living is easy

    • Meaning: Life is comfortable
    • Example: “In the summer, the living is easy and carefree.”

In the summertime

    • Meaning: During summer
    • Example: “We usually go camping in the summertime.”

Like a summer’s day

    • Meaning: Very pleasant
    • Example: “Her smile was as warm as a summer’s day.”

Cruise into summer

    • Meaning: Smoothly transition into summer
    • Example: “We’re cruising into summer with these great activities.”

Endless summer

    • Meaning: Perpetual summer conditions
    • Example: “Living on this island feels like an endless summer.”

Chill out

    • Meaning: Relax, cool down
    • Example: “It’s time to chill out and enjoy the summer.”

Sunny side up

    • Meaning: Optimistic
    • Example: “He always looks at life sunny side up.”

Catch some rays

    • Meaning: Sunbathe
    • Example: “I’m going to the beach to catch some rays.”

Sizzle like summer

    • Meaning: Very hot
    • Example: “The pavement will sizzle like summer today.”

Hot as July

    • Meaning: Very hot
    • Example: “It’s hot as July out here!”

Summer fling

    • Meaning: Short romance
    • Example: “She had a summer fling while vacationing in Greece.”

Indian summer

    • Meaning: Warm autumn
    • Example: “We had a lovely Indian summer this year in September.”

Summer breeze

    • Meaning: Gentle summer wind
    • Example: “A summer breeze cooled the evening.”

Beat the heat

    • Meaning: Avoid the heat
    • Example: “Let’s go swimming to beat the heat.”

Summer storm

    • Meaning: Storm in summer
    • Example: “A sudden summer storm interrupted our picnic.”

Dog days of summer

    • Meaning: Hottest days
    • Example: “The dog days of summer are my favorite time for a beach holiday.”


    • Meaning: Period of extreme heat
    • Example: “The city is experiencing a heatwave.”


    • Meaning: Middle of summer
    • Example: “The town hosts an annual fair in midsummer.”

School’s out

    • Meaning: End of school term
    • Example: “School’s out, and the kids are excited for the holidays.”

These idioms capture various aspects of summer, from its weather to the opportunities and experiences it brings.

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