Idioms for Sleep with Meaning and Example

Idioms for Sleep

Sleep is a big part of our lives, and there are special sayings, or idioms, that talk about sleep in a fun way. These idioms for sleep use creative words to describe sleeping or being tired. They’re like little word puzzles. For example, ‘hit the hay’ doesn’t mean hitting the hay, but going to sleep. These idioms make talking about sleep more interesting and playful. They’re like different blankets, each one with its pattern, adding coziness to our language. Learning these idioms is like exploring a dreamland, where every phrase gives a unique and colorful twist to the idea of sleep.

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Idioms about Sleep

Idioms related to sleep often describe the state of being asleep, the desire for sleep, or the act of sleeping in a metaphorical or humorous way. Here are some sleep-related idioms along with their meanings and examples:

Put to bed

    • Meaning: Finish, resolve
    • Example: “Let’s put this matter to bed once and for all.”


    • Meaning: Go to sleep quickly
    • Example: “I’m going to crash as soon as I get home.”

Hit the sack

    • Meaning: Go to bed
    • Example: “I’m exhausted, I’m going to hit the sack.”

Catch some Z’s

    • Meaning: Get some sleep
    • Example: “I need to catch some Z’s before the long drive.”

Let sleeping dogs lie

    • Meaning: Avoid disturbing a situation
    • Example: “It’s better to let sleeping dogs lie and not ask her about it.”

Bed of roses

    • Meaning: Comfortable situation
    • Example: “Life is not always a bed of roses.”

Sleep like a log

    • Meaning: Sleep very deeply
    • Example: “After the hike, I slept like a log.”

Forty winks

    • Meaning: Short nap
    • Example: “I’m just going to have forty winks to refresh myself.”

Counting sheep

    • Meaning: Trying to fall asleep
    • Example: “I was counting sheep all night and still couldn’t sleep.”

Lose sleep over

    • Meaning: Worry about
    • Example: “Don’t lose sleep over small mistakes.”

Sawing logs

    • Meaning: Snoring loudly
    • Example: “He was sawing logs so loudly that I couldn’t sleep.”

Snug as a bug in a rug

    • Meaning: Very cozy
    • Example: “Tucked in her bed, she was snug as a bug in a rug.”

Beauty sleep

    • Meaning: Necessary rest
    • Example: “I must get my beauty sleep to look fresh tomorrow.”

In the land of Nod

    • Meaning: Asleep
    • Example: “By 10 PM, he’s usually in the land of Nod.”

Early bird

    • Meaning: Person up early
    • Example: “I’ve always been an early bird.”

Not lose any sleep over

    • Meaning: Not worry about
    • Example: “I’m not losing any sleep over his opinions.”

Night owl

    • Meaning: Person up late
    • Example: “I can’t help it, I’m a night owl.”

Toss and turn

    • Meaning: Sleep restlessly
    • Example: “I was tossing and turning all night thinking about the exam.”

Catch forty winks

    • Meaning: Take a short nap
    • Example: “I’ll catch forty winks before we go out tonight.”

Dead to the world

    • Meaning: Deeply asleep
    • Example: “She was dead to the world and didn’t hear the thunderstorm.”

Hit the hay

    • Meaning: Go to bed
    • Example: “It’s late; time to hit the hay.”

Sleep like a baby

    • Meaning: Sleep very well
    • Example: “I slept like a baby last night.”

Out like a light

    • Meaning: Fall asleep quickly
    • Example: “As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out like a light.”

Rise and shine

    • Meaning: Wake up and be lively
    • Example: “Rise and shine! It’s a beautiful morning.”

Drift off

    • Meaning: Fall asleep slowly
    • Example: “I drifted off while reading the book.”

Sleep tight

    • Meaning: Sleep well
    • Example: “Goodnight, sleep tight!”

Burn the midnight oil

    • Meaning: Work late
    • Example: “We were burning the midnight oil to finish the project on time.”

Sleep on it

    • Meaning: Think overnight
    • Example: “I’ll sleep on it and give you my decision tomorrow.”

Under the covers

    • Meaning: In bed
    • Example: “The kids are all under the covers by 8 PM.”

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