Idioms About Travel with Meaning and Examples

Idioms About Travel

Travel idioms are popular expressions used to describe experiences and situations related to journeys and adventures. These idioms are often colorful and imaginative, capturing the essence of travel in a few words. They are used in everyday language to convey thoughts and feelings about traveling in a way that is easy to understand. For example, when someone says they have “itchy feet,” it means they are eager to travel and explore new places. Understanding these idioms about travel can make conversations about travel more engaging and fun. Let’s explore some common travel idioms, their meanings, and how they are used in sentences.

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Travel idioms in English

Idioms related to travel are phrases that capture the adventure and experiences of traveling. They express feelings and situations uniquely linked to journeys and exploring new places.

Go the extra mile.

    • Meaning: To make a special effort or go beyond what is required.
    • Example: “Our tour guide went the extra mile to make our trip memorable.”

Travel bug.

    • Meaning: A strong desire to travel frequently.
    • Example: “After my first trip abroad, I caught the travel bug.”

Red-eye flight.

    • Meaning: An overnight flight.
    • Example: “I booked a red-eye flight to New York.”

Road warrior.

    • Meaning: A person who travels frequently as part of their job.
    • Example: “He’s a real road warrior, always in a different city for meetings.”

Great escape.

    • Meaning: A successful getaway, often from routine or stress.
    • Example: “Our trip to the beach was a great escape from the city.”

Tread water.

    • Meaning: To stay in the same place or position without advancing.
    • Example: “I feel like I’m just treading water in this job; I need to travel.”

On the fly.

    • Meaning: Doing something without planning; spontaneously.
    • Example: “We booked our hotels on the fly during the road trip.”

Travel light.

    • Meaning: To travel with few belongings.
    • Example: “For our weekend trip, let’s travel light.”

Hit the road.

    • Meaning: To begin a journey.
    • Example: “It’s time to hit the road and start our vacation.”

Lost in translation.

    • Meaning: Misunderstanding due to language or cultural differences.
    • Example: “My joke got lost in translation with the local villagers.”

Mile-high club.

    • Meaning: Refers to people who have been intimate on an airplane.
    • Example: “Some daring travelers aspire to join the mile-high club.”

Smooth sailing.

    • Meaning: An easy, untroubled experience or situation.
    • Example: “Once we hit the highway, it was smooth sailing to our destination.”

Happy trails.

    • Meaning: A friendly goodbye to someone going on a journey.
    • Example: “Happy trails! Enjoy your hiking adventure.”

Uncharted territory.

    • Meaning: A new, unknown, or unexplored area or field.
    • Example: “Backpacking through the jungle was like entering uncharted territory.”

At a crossroads.

    • Meaning: At a point where a crucial decision is needed.
    • Example: “After graduation, I was at a crossroads: travel or start work.”

Take for a ride.

    • Meaning: To deceive or cheat someone.
    • Example: “The taxi driver took us for a ride with those high fares.”

Catch the next wave.

    • Meaning: To take advantage of the next big opportunity.
    • Example: “He’s always looking to catch the next wave in travel trends.”

The world is your oyster.

    • Meaning: You have the ability to go anywhere or do anything.
    • Example: “With your new job, the world is your oyster.”

Frequent flyer.

    • Meaning: Someone who travels often by plane.
    • Example: “As a frequent flyer, she knew all the airport hacks.”

Throw caution to the wind.

    • Meaning: To take a risk.
    • Example: “We threw caution to the wind and went paragliding.”

Jet set.

    • Meaning: A lifestyle of frequent travel for pleasure.
    • Example: “They’re part of the jet set, always going somewhere new.”

Pack it in.

    • Meaning: To stop an activity, often due to failure or fatigue.
    • Example: “After a week of camping, we decided to pack it in.”

Jump on the bandwagon.

    • Meaning: To join others in doing something popular.
    • Example: “When adventure travel became popular, many jumped on the bandwagon.”

Where the rubber meets the road.

    • Meaning: The point where theory is put into practice.
    • Example: “Planning is done, now it’s where the rubber meets the road.”

Off the beaten path.

    • Meaning: In a place where few people go.
    • Example: “We found a lovely cafe off the beaten path.”

Off the grid.

    • Meaning: Without usual communications, like internet or phone.
    • Example: “We’re going off the grid during our mountain retreat.”

Itchy feet.

    • Meaning: A strong desire to travel or move on.
    • Example: “After a year at home, I’ve got itchy feet again.”


    • Meaning: A strong, continual desire to travel.
    • Example: “She has a serious case of wanderlust.”

All roads lead to Rome.

    • Meaning: There are many ways to reach the same goal.
    • Example: “Don’t worry about your approach; all roads lead to Rome.”

Sail through something.

    • Meaning: To do something easily and without problems.
    • Example: “We sailed through customs without any issues.”

These idioms can add color and expression to conversations about traveling and adventures.

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