Different Types of Deer

Different Types of Deer

There are around 47 different species of deer that belong to the family Cervidae. Some of the most well-known species include white-tailed deer, red deer, reindeer (also known as caribou), moose, mule deer, roe deer, and elk (also known as wapiti). The different species of deer vary in size, coloration, habitat, and behavior.

Types of Deer Names

  • Alashan wapiti
  • Altai wapiti
  • Axis deer
  • Barasingha
  • Black-tailed deer
  • Bawean deer
  • Bornean sambar deer
  • Brown brocket
  • Central Asian red deer
  • Chital
  • Colombian white-tailed deer
  • Coyote
  • Dama deer
  • Dwarf brocket
  • Elk
  • European roe deer
  • Fallow deer
  • Formosan sambar deer
  • Hog deer
  • Indian muntjac
  • Indian sambar deer
  • Kashmir stag
  • Key deer
  • Mule deer
  • Pampas deer
  • Philippine sambar deer
  • Pudu
  • Red deer
  • Reeve’s muntjac
  • Rusa deer
  • Saddleback brocket
  • Sambar deer
  • Schomburgk’s deer
  • Siberian musk deer
  • Sika deer
  • Southern pudu
  • Swamp deer
  • Thorold’s deer
  • Tibetan red deer
  • Tufted deer
  • Vietnamese muntjac
  • Water deer
  • White-lipped deer
  • White-tailed deer
  • Yarkand deer
  • Yucatan brown brocket
  • Chinese water deer

Note that this list includes all recognized species of deer, but there may be some variation in classification among different sources.

Types of Deer in Texas

There are several types of deer that are found in Texas. Some of the most common species include:

  1. White-tailed deer: This is the most common type of deer in Texas and is found in almost every county of the state.
  2. Mule deer: These are larger than white-tailed deer and are found in the western parts of Texas.
  3. Axis deer: This species of deer is not native to Texas, but was introduced for hunting purposes and has since become established in parts of the state.
  4. Sika deer: Similar to axis deer, sika deer were introduced to Texas and have become established in certain areas.
  5. Blackbuck antelope: Although not technically a species of deer, blackbuck antelope are often grouped with deer and are commonly found in Texas.
  6. Fallow deer: Another non-native species that was introduced to Texas and can now be found in some areas.
  7. Red deer: A large species of deer that is not native to Texas, but can be found on some ranches and hunting preserves.

It’s important to note that hunting regulations and seasons vary for each species, so it’s always best to check with local wildlife authorities before hunting any type of deer in Texas.

Types of Deer Hunting

There are several types of deer hunting, including:

  1. Stand Hunting: Stand hunting is the most popular type of deer hunting. It involves sitting in a stationary position, usually on a tree stand or ground blind, and waiting for deer to come into view. Hunters may use a variety of hunting equipment, such as a rifle, bow, or crossbow.
  2. Still Hunting: Still hunting is a more active form of hunting that involves stalking deer on foot. Hunters move slowly and quietly through the woods, looking for signs of deer activity and trying to spot deer before they spot the hunter.
  3. Spot and Stalk Hunting: Spot and stalk hunting involves scouting for deer from a distance, then moving in closer to take a shot. This type of hunting is often used in open terrains, such as prairies or mountain meadows.
  4. Driven Hunting: Driven hunting, also known as battue hunting, is a method where a group of hunters and beaters move through a designated area, driving deer toward waiting hunters who are positioned to take a shot.
  5. Dog Hunting: In dog hunting, hunters use trained dogs to track and chase deer. The dogs will bark and chase the deer until they are exhausted or cornered, allowing the hunter to take a shot.

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