Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals List

Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals list

The masculine and feminine gender of animals: Many English students neglect the male and female characteristics of animals. The male and female names of animals in English are extremely important.

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Masculine Gender of Animals

‘Masculine Gender’ denotes a male living thing. I.e. Bull, Boar, ox, etc.

Feminine Gender of Animals

‘Feminine Gender’ denotes a female living thing. I.e. sow, cow, hen, etc.

Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals Pictures

Animals vocabulary

Male and Female Animals Name

Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animal

Animal Masculine Feminine
Bee Drone Queen
Zebra Stallion Mare
Owl Male Female
Possum Jack Jill
Hare Buck, Jack Doe
Bittern Cock Hen
Giraffe Bull Cow
Cattle Bull Cow
Pig Boar Sow
Pigeon Cock Hen
Dove Cock Hen
Squirrel Buck Doe
Crab Jimmy, Cock Hen
Peacock Peacock Peahen
Shark Bull Female
Swan Cob Pen
Mole Boar Sow
Crow Cock Hen
Rook Cock Hen
Sea Lion Bull Cow
Sparrow Cock Hen
Fish Male Female
Snake Male Female
Mule John Molly
Bison Bull Cow
Goose Gander Goose
Donkey Jack, Jackass Jennet, Jenny
Parrot Cock Hen
Fox Dog, Todd, Reynard Vixen
Grouse Cock, Gorcock Hen, Gorhen
Mallard Drake Hen
Magpie Cock Hen
Duck Drake Duck, Hen
Ferret Hob Jill, Gill
Rhinoceros Bull Cow
Raccoon Boar Sow
Monkey Male Female
Hamster Buck Doe
Deer Buck, Stag, Hart Doe, Hind, Cow
Buffalo Bull Cow
Goat Billy, Buck Nanny
Rabbit Buck, Jack Doe, Jill
Seal Bull Cow
Ant Winged Males Queens, Workers
Viper Male Female
Eagle Male Female
Camel Bull Cow
Frog Male Female
Fly Male Female
Grasshopper Male Female

Male Female Animals List

Animal Masculine Feminine
Dolphin Bull Cow
Gaur Bull Cow
Raven Cock Hen
Panda Boar Sow
Moose Bull Cow
Finch Cock Hen
Gorilla Male Female
Cheetah Male Female
Lion Lion Lioness
Mink Boar Sow
Crane Cock Hen
Polar Bear Boar Sow
Elephant Bull Cow
Sheep Ram Ewe
Chimpanzee Blackback Empress
Kangaroo Buck, Jac Jill, Flyer
Hyena Dog Bitch
Termite Male Female
Hawk Tiercel Hen, Haggard
Falcon Tiercel Falcon
Beetle Male Female
Badger Boar Sow
Wolf Dog Bitch
Penguin Male Female
Porcupine Boar Sow
Leopard Leopard Leopardess
Alligator Bull Cow
Turtle Male Female
Dog Dog, Stud Bitch, Dam
Otter Boar Sow
Bullock Heifer Cow
Mouse Buck Doe
Bird Cock Hen
Hornet Drone Queen
Reindeer Buck Doe
Ostrich Cock Hen
Nightingale Cock Hen
Llama Macho Hembra
Chicken Rooster Hen
Ape Male Female
Wallaby Jack Jill
Bat Male Female
Wombat Jack Jill
Hippopotamus Bull Cow
Aardvark Boar Sow
Turkey Turkey-Cock Turkey-Hen
Bear Boar Sow
Woodpecker Cock Hen
Gerbil Buck Doe
Porpoise Bull Cow
Coyote Dog Bitch
Crocodile Bull Cow
Rat Buck Doe
Cockroach Male Female
Spider Male Female
Tiger Tiger Tigress
Cat Tom, Gib Molly, Queen
Guinea Pig Buck Doe
Beaver Male Female
Yak Bull Cow
Horse Stallion Mare
Armadillo Boar Sow
Whale Bull Cow
Koala Male Female
Snail Hermaphrodite Hermaphrodite

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Gender of Animals | Infographics

male and female animals list

Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals list

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