Japanese Cat Names with Meaning

Japanese Cat Names with Meaning

Cats have been an important part of Japanese culture for centuries. From the beloved Maneki-Neko figurine, which is believed to bring good luck and fortune, to the famous manga character Doraemon, cats have captured the hearts of the Japanese people. As such, it’s no surprise that there are many beautiful and unique Japanese names for cats. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese culture, or simply looking for a name that has a special meaning, this guide will provide you with some inspiration for your new furry friend. Here are some popular Japanese cat names with their meanings.

List Of Japanese Cat Names

Sakura – cherry blossom

Hana – flower

Yuki – snow

Kuro – black

Tora – tiger

Momo – peach

Sora – sky

Chibi – small or tiny

Kinako – roasted soybean flour

Mochi – sticky rice cake

Kira – sparkling or glittering

Shiro – white

Sushi – vinegared rice with seafood or vegetables

Mika – beautiful fragrance

Akira – bright or clear

Hoshi – star

Yori – trust or rely on

Amaterasu – Japanese sun goddess

Kai – ocean or sea

Sake – Japanese rice wine

Cool Japanese Cat Names

Raiden – thunder and lightning

Haru – spring

Tsubasa – wings

Zen – complete or whole

Yumi – bow (as in archery)

Kaiju – monster

Enzo – ruler of the household

Riko – jasmine

Hiro – generous

Kaida – little dragon

Kaminari – thunder

Koji – little one

Suki – beloved

Rei – spirit or soul

Ryu – dragon

Yasha – demon

Shinji – true second son

Miyu – beautiful moon

Nao – honest or straightforward

Shun – quick or fast

Unique Japanese Cat Names

Kintsugi – the art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer

Maneki – beckoning or inviting

Rokuro – sixth son

Momiji – autumn leaves

Kogane – gold

Yorokobi – joy

Kotori – little bird

Hikari – light

Shika – deer

Tsukumo – countless or infinite

Shizuka – quiet or peaceful

Akihiro – bright autumn

Suzume – sparrow

Hime – princess

Takeo – warrior or hero

Ayumi – progress or step forward

Daiki – great glory

Ran – water lily

Kokoro – heart or mind

Famous Japanese Cat Names

Maru – known for his love of boxes and has become a social media sensation

Tama – the former stationmaster cat of Kishi Station in Wakayama, Japan

Hello Kitty – the iconic cat character created by the Japanese company Sanrio

Doraemon – a robotic cat character and the star of a popular manga and anime series

Nyanko-sensei – a cat-like spirit character from the anime and manga series Natsume’s Book of Friends

Jiji – the black cat from the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service by Studio Ghibli

Luna – the black cat from the anime and manga series Sailor Moon

Meowth – a cat-like Pokémon from the popular video game and anime series

Kuro – a cat that appears in the manga and anime series Blue Exorcist

Chi – the titular character of the manga and anime series Chi’s Sweet Home, which follows the adventures of a kitten

Japanese Cat Names Male

Hachiko – faithful

Taro – big boy

Kaito – ocean fly

Kenji – wise and strong

Akira – bright” or “clear

Taiga – big and gracious

Saburo – third son

Kenta – healthy and strong

Ren – lotus

Ichiro – first son

Jiro – second son

Sushi – after the popular Japanese dish

Japanese Cat Names Girl

Sakura – cherry blossom

Yui – gentleness

Amaya – night rain

Kaori – fragrance

Aiko – beloved child

Emi – beautiful blessing

Saki – blossom

Yume – dream

Cute Japanese Cat Names

Kawaii – cute

Maru – round” or “circle

Mochi – a type of Japanese rice cake

Tama – jewel

Neko – cat

Kiki – energy” or “enthusiasm

Pocky – after the popular Japanese snack

Suki – beloved” or “loved one

Mimi – ears

Japanese Black Cat Names

Kokoro – heart” or “soul

Inkyo – shadow

Kage – shade” or “silhouette

Yami – darkness

Shoji – black and white

Kiri – fog

Murasaki – purple

Yoru – night

Kuma – bear

Japanese Cat Names for Orange Cats 

Dai – large” or “great

Kiiro – yellow

Mikan – after the Japanese mandarin orange 

Natsu – summer

Orenji – orange

Taika – big and bright

Ukon – turmeric

Yomogi – Japanese mugwort

Japanese Cat Names Food

Miso (after the popular Japanese soup)

Soba (after the Japanese buckwheat noodles)

Sake (after the popular Japanese alcoholic drink)

Ramen (after the popular Japanese noodle soup dish)

Wasabi (after the spicy Japanese condiment)

Dango (after the Japanese sweet dumpling dessert)

Udon (after the Japanese thick noodle soup dish)

Taiyaki (after the Japanese fish-shaped cake dessert)

Mochi (a type of Japanese rice cake)

Yakitori (after the Japanese grilled chicken skewers)

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