opposites words in English

Opposites Words In English

Opposites Words in English! Opposites words in English (antonyms) are basically just words with opposite meanings to one another. Antonyms’ words list will help you add variety to your English Vocabulary usage. Opposites Words In English Below we’ll take a look at these different types of antonyms (opposites words): Exactly –About, Approximately Below –Above Presence –Absence […]

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Slang words in English

125 Awesome Slang Words in English – American and British Slang

Slang words in English! What are the Slang Words? Slang is a very informal language or specific words used by a particular group of people. You’ll usually hear slang spoken more often than you’ll see it put in a sentence. Slang words in English Word Meaning Use in a Sentence Zip nothing He knew zip about running the company Vibes

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Synonyms List PDF

Synonyms List Pdf

Synonyms List Pdf! Synonyms Words List Words Synonyms package parcel, packet sealed fastened, secured, shut chops pieces, fragments, bits broiler stove, grill fastened attached, fixed folded doubled, creased, turned bottom underside, lower side call on pay visit to, go and see beside adjacent to, close to couch settee, sofa, ottoman hallway a corridor in a

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