American VS British Vocabulary

American VS British Vocabulary!

Here are some examples of American VS British vocabulary.

American English VS British English

Courgette                                Zucchini

Zipper                                      Zip

Jumble sale                             Yard sale

Garden                                     Yard

Fender                                     Wing

Windshield                            Windscreen

One                                          Way

Wash up                                 Wash your hands

Closet                                       Wardrobe

Vest                                          Waistcoat

Shoulder (of road)               Verge (of the road)

Hoover                                     Vacuum cleaner

Holiday                                    Vacation

Shorts                                      Underpants

Subway                                   Underground railway

Fortnight                                  Two weeks

Dinner jacket                           Tux, tuxedo

Cuffs                                        Turn ups

Boot                                          Trunk

Lorry                                         Truck

Pants                                        Trousers

Hobo                                        Tramp

Caravan                                   Trailer

Flashlight                               Torch

Turnpike                                 Toll motorway

To lay the table                       To set the table

To hire                                     To rent

To fill in                                    To fill out

To bath                                    To bathe

Can                                           Tin

Schedule                                 Timetable

Pantyhose                               Tights

Drawing pin                            Thumbtack

The movies                             The cinema

Semester                                 Term

Cab                                           Taxi

Spigot                                      Tap (outdoors)

Faucet                                     Tap

(bathing) costume                  Swimsuit

Candy                                      Sweets

Dessert                                    Sweet

Jumper                                     Sweater

Braces                                      Suspenders

Oil pan                                    Sump

Cooker                                     Stove

Faculty                                    Staff (of a university)

Wrench                                   Spanner

Someplace                              Somewhere

Football                                    Soccer

Muffler                                    Silencer

Store                                        Shop

Gear                                         Shift

Scotch tape                            Sellotape

First floor                                 Second floor

Father christmas                    Santa claus

American VS British Vocabulary Infographic

American VS British Vocabulary

Sedan                                      Saloon (car)

Garbage, trash                      Rubbish

Eraser                                      Rubber

Traffic circle                          Roundabout

Pavement                                Road surface

Raise                                        Rise (in salary)

Call collect                             Reverse charges

Round trip                             Return (ticket)

Curriculum vitae (cv)              Résumé curriculum vitae

Spool of thread                     Reel of cotton

Mackintosh                             Raincoat

Railway car                            Railway carriage

Railroad                                  Railway

Inverted commas, quotation marks     Quotation marks

Line                                          Queue

Restroom                                Public toilet

Bar                                           Pub

Headmaster, headteacher   Principal

Base rate                                 Prime rate

Baby carriage                        Pram

Icing sugar                              Powdered sugar

Potato chips                           Potato crisps

Crisps                                       Potato chips

Mailbox                                  Postbox

Mail                                         Post

Gasoline                                  Petrol

Full stop                                   Period

Peek                                         Peep

Sidewalk                                 Pavement

Car park                                   Parking lot

(round) brackets                     Parentheses

Kerosene                                 Paraffin

Dummy                                    Pacifier

Optometrist                           Optician

Liquor store                           Off

Private hospital                    Nursing home

Noplace                                   Nowhere

Bank holiday                           National holiday, federal holiday

Vicious, mean                       Nasty

Diaper                                     Nappy

Freeway                                  Motorway

Motorbike                                 Motorcycle

Mum                                         Mom

Gents                                       Men’s room

Stingy                                      Mean

Math                                        Maths

Maths                                       Math

Mashed potato, mash           Mashed potatoes

Corn                                         Maize

Highway                                 Main road

Letterbox, postbox                 Mailbox

Crazy                                       Mad

Raincoat                                 Mackintosh, raincoat

Baggage                                  Luggage

Lost property                           Lost and found

Truck                                       Lorry

Litre                                          Liter

Elevator                                  Lift

Barrister, solicitor                   Lawyer, attorney

Ladybird                                   Ladybug

Kilometre                                 Kilometer

Pitcher                                     Jug

Joe bloggs                               Joe blow

Jewellery                                 Jewelry

Sweater                                   Jersey, jumper, pullover, sweater

Caretaker                                 Janitor

Intermission                          Interval

American VS British Vocabulary Infographic

Hire purchase                         Installment plan

Enquiry                                    Inquiry

Sick                                          Ill

Humour                                   Humor

Vacuum cleaner                   Hoover

Bonnet                                     Hood

Vacation                                 Holiday

Billboard                                Hoarding

Double cream                         Heavy cream

Harbour                                   Harbor

Purse                                        Handbag

Sneakers                                 Gym shoes, tennis shoes

Rubbers                                  Gumshoes, wellington boots

Earth wire                               Ground wire

First floor                               Ground floor

Boiler                                       Grill

Alumnus                                 Graduate

Gear lever                               Gear shift

Yard                                         Garden

Bin, dustbin                             Trash can

Match                                       Game

From Monday to Friday         From Monday through Friday

Chips                                       French fries

Goods train                             Freight train

Motorway                                 Freeway, highway, expressway, interstate

Overpass                                 Flyover

Flavour                                    Flavor

Apartment                               Flat

Ground floor                            First floor, ground floor

Fire brigade                             Fire department

Film                                          Film, movie

Movie                                       Film

Hockey                                     Field hockey

Favourite                                 Favorite

Flannel                                    Face cloth, wash cloth

Everywhere                             Everyplace, everywhere

Engineer                                 Engine driver

Motor                                      Engine

Lift                                             Elevator

Generator                               Dynamo

Garbage collector                 Dustman

Trashcan                                Dustbin, rubbish

Garbage can                          Dustbin, rubbish

American VS British Vocabulary Infographic

American VS British Vocabulary

Pacifier                                    Dummy

Divided highway                  Dual carriageway

Drink driving                           Drunk driving

Chemist’s shop                       Drugstore, pharmacy

Driving license                          Driver’s license

Thumbtack                            Drawing pin

Checkers                                 Draughts

Draught                                   Draft

City center                             Downtown, city center

Directory inquiries                  Directory assistance

Diversion                                 Detour

Drapes                                     Curtains

Intersection                           Crossroads

Crossroads                              Crossroad (in the country)  intersection (town and country)

Cot (baby)                                Crib

Wreck                                      Crash

Cosy                                         Cozy

candy floss                              Cotton candy

Cotton wool                             Cotton ball

Thread                                    Cotton

Crib                                          Cot

Fancy dress                            Costumes

Wheat                                      Corn, wheat

Biscuit                                      Cookie

Stove                                        Cooker

Patrolman                              Constable

Rubber                                    Condom

Duvet                                       Comforter

Colour                                      Color

Clothes peg                             Clothespin

French fries                           Chips

Drug store                              Chemist’s

Cloakroom                               Checkroom, coatroom

Draughts                                 Checkers

Bill                                            Check

Managing director                  Ceo (chief executive officer)

Centre                                      Center

Mobile (phone)                       Cellphone

Catalogue                               Catalog

Janitor                                    Caretaker

Engaged                                  Busy

Suspenders                            Braces

Trunk                                      Boot

Hood                                        Bonnet

Indicator                                   Blinker, turn signal

Cookie                                     Biscuit

Beetroot                                   Beet

Attorney                                  Barrister, solicitor

Bill                                            Bank note

Fringe                                      Bangs

Jacket potato                          Baked potato

Fall                                           Autumn

Flat                                           Apartment

Anyplace                                 Anywhere

Mad                                         Angry

Antenna                                  Aerial

Dressing gown                       (Bath) robe

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American VS British Vocabulary Infographics

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American and British English

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