American VS British Vocabulary

American VS British Vocabulary

American VS British Vocabulary!

Here are some examples of American VS British vocabulary.

American English                 British English

Beet                                           Beetroot

Tic Tac Toe                              Noughts and Crosses

Fall Semester                          Autumn Term

Diaper                                       Nappy

Guy                                            Chap

Buddy                                       Mate

Cookie                                      Biscuit

Cilantro                                     Coriander

Pacifier                                     Dummy for Baby

Bath Rope                                Dressing Gown

Janitor                                       Caretaker

Brackets                                    Square Brackets

Plastic Wrap                             Cling Film

Faculty                                      (Academic) Staff

Fall                                            Autumn

Shoestring                               Bootlace, Shoelace

A grade, Point                        A Mark

Drugstore/ Pharmacy             Chemist’s

Trunk                                         Boot

(Potato) Chips                         Crisps

Candy                                       Sweets

Plastic Wrap                             Cling Film

Zucchini                                   Courgette

Checkers                                  Draughts

Gym Shoes                              Plimsolls, Gym Shoes

American VS British Vocabulary | Image

American VS British Vocabulary

American And British Vocabulary Words

Curly Braces                            Curly Brackets

Range, Stove                           Cooker

A Period                                   A Full Stop

Molasses                                  Black Treacle

Tie                                              Draw

Turtle Neck                              Polo Neck

Mom, Mommy, Ma                  Mum, Mummy

Pajamas                                    Pyjamas

Divided Highway                     Dual Carriageway

High School                             College High School

Driver’s License                      Driving Licence

Station Wagon                        Estate car

Hood                                         Bonnet

Trash can                                 Dustbin

Eggplant                                   Aubergine

Nothing, Zero                           Nil (Sport)

Test                                            Exam

Bath Tub                                   Bath

Detour                                       Diversion

Airplane                                    Aeroplane

Thumb tack                              Drawing-pin

Trash Can                                Bin/ Dust Bin

One Story House                    Bungalow

Drugstore                                 Chemist’s Shop

Currency Exchange               Bureau De Change

Overalls                                    Dungaress

 Teller                                         Cashier

French Fries                            Chips

Parentheses                            Round Brackets

Clothespin                               Clothes peg

Garage Sale                            Car Boot Sale

Lima Bean                               Broad Bean

Garbage (Trash)                      Rubbish

One way ticket                         A single ticket

Expensive                                Dear

Underwear, Panties               Underwear, Knickers

Counter-Clockwise                 Anti Clockwise

Hat                                             Bonnet

Intersection, crossroads         Crossroads

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Americans And British Words | Images

American VS British Vocabulary American VS British Words American VS British Words American VS British Vocabulary

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