American VS British Vocabulary

American VS British Vocabulary

American VS British Vocabulary!

List Of American And British Vocabulary

Here are some examples of American VS British vocabulary.

American English                 British English

Beet                                           Beetroot

Tic Tac Toe                              Noughts and Crosses

Fall Semester                          Autumn Term

Diaper                                       Nappy

Guy                                            Chap

Buddy                                       Mate

Cookie                                      Biscuit

Cilantro                                     Coriander

Pacifier                                     Dummy for Baby

Bath Rope                                Dressing Gown

Janitor                                       Caretaker

Brackets                                    Square Brackets

Plastic Wrap                             Cling Film

Faculty                                      (Academic) Staff

Fall                                            Autumn

Shoestring                               Bootlace, Shoelace

A grade, Point                        A Mark

Drugstore/ Pharmacy             Chemist’s

Trunk                                         Boot

(Potato) Chips                         Crisps

Candy                                       Sweets

Plastic Wrap                             Cling Film

Zucchini                                   Courgette

Checkers                                  Draughts

Gym Shoes                              Plimsolls, Gym Shoes

American VS British Vocabulary | Image

American VS British Vocabulary

American And British Vocabulary Words

Curly Braces                            Curly Brackets

Range, Stove                           Cooker

A Period                                   A Full Stop

Molasses                                  Black Treacle

Tie                                              Draw

Turtle Neck                              Polo Neck

Mom, Mommy, Ma                  Mum, Mummy

Pajamas                                    Pyjamas

Divided Highway                     Dual Carriageway

High School                             College High School

Driver’s License                      Driving Licence

Station Wagon                        Estate car

Hood                                         Bonnet

Trash can                                 Dustbin

Eggplant                                   Aubergine

Nothing, Zero                           Nil (Sport)

Test                                            Exam

Bath Tub                                   Bath

Detour                                       Diversion

Airplane                                    Aeroplane

Thumb tack                              Drawing-pin

Trash Can                                Bin/ Dust Bin

One Story House                    Bungalow

Drugstore                                 Chemist’s Shop

Currency Exchange               Bureau De Change

Overalls                                    Dungaress

 Teller                                         Cashier

French Fries                            Chips

Parentheses                            Round Brackets

Clothespin                               Clothes peg

Garage Sale                            Car Boot Sale

Lima Bean                               Broad Bean

Garbage (Trash)                      Rubbish

One way ticket                         A single ticket

Expensive                                Dear

Underwear, Panties               Underwear, Knickers

Counter-Clockwise                 Anti Clockwise

Hat                                             Bonnet

Intersection, crossroads         Crossroads

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Americans And British Words | Images

American VS British Vocabulary American VS British Words American VS British Words American VS British Vocabulary

List Of British Vs American

British English American English
A pack of cards A deck of cards
A packet of cigarettes A pack of cigarettes
Accelerator Gas pedal
Aerial Antenna
Alsatian German shepherd
American indian Native american
Angry Mad
Anorak Jacket
Anti-clockwise Counter-clockwise
Anywhere Anyplace
Articulated lorry Trailer truck
At the weekend On the weekend
Aubergine Eggplant
Autumn Autumn
Autumn Fall
Bank holiday National holiday
Bank note Bill
Barrister Attorney
Barrister, solicitor Attorney
Barrister, solicitor Lawyer
Base rate Prime rate
Beetroot Beet
Bill Check
Bill (restaurant) Bill
Bin, dustbin Garbage can/trash can
Biro Ball-point pen
Biscuit Cookie
Block of flats Apartment building
Bonnet Hood
Bonnet (car) Hood
Bonnet (clothing) Hat
Boot Trunk
Braces Suspenders
Candy floss Cotton candy
Car park Parking lot
Caravan Trailer
Caretaker Janitor
Catalogue Catalog
Centre Center
Chemist’s Drug store


British English American English
Chemist’s shop Drugstore
Chest of drawers Dresser
Chips French fries
Chips Fries
Cinema, the Movies
City centre Downtown
Cloakroom Checkroom
Clothes peg Clothespin
Coffin Coffin
Colour Color
Condom Rubber
Constable Patrolman
Cooker Stove
Corn, wheat Wheat
Cosy Cozy
Cot Crib
Cot (baby) Crib
Cotton Thread
Cotton wool Cotton ball
Crash Wreck
Crisps Potato chips
Crossroads Intersection
Curtains Drapes
Dinner jacket Tux
Directory enquiries Directory assistance
Diversion Detour
Double cream Heavy cream
Draught Draft
Draughts Checkers
Drawing pin Thumbtack
Drawing-pin Thumbtack
Dressing gown (bath) robe
Drink driving Drunk driving
Drink-driving Drunk driving
Driving licence Driver’s license
Dual carriageway Divided highway
Dummy Pacifier
Dummy (for baby) Pacifier
Dustbin Garbage can
Dustbin, rubbish-bin Garbage can


British English American English
Dustman Garbage collector
Duvet Comforter
Dynamo Generator
Earth wire Ground wire
Engaged Busy
Engine Engine
Engine Motor
Engine driver Engineer
Enquiry Inquiry
Estate agent Real estate agent
Estate car Station wagon
Everywhere Everyplace
Expiry date Expiration date
Fancy dress Costumes
Father christmas Santa claus
Favourite Favorite
Film Film
Film Movie
Fire brigade Fire department
First floor Second floor
Fish-fingers Fish-sticks
Flannel Face cloth
Flat Apartment
Flat tyre Flat tire
Flavour Flavor
Flyover Overpass
Football Soccer
Fortnight Two weeks
Fringe Bangs
Full stop Period
Garden Yard
Gear lever Gear shift
Gearbox (car) Transmission
Gear-lever Gearshift
Gear-lever Gear-shift
Gents Men’s room
Girl guide Girl scout
Goods train Freight train
Graduate Alumnus
Grill Boiler
Ground floor Ground/first floor
Handbag Handbag
Handbag Purse
Harbour Harbor
High street Main street
Hire purchase Installment plan
Hoarding Billboard
Hockey Field hockey
Holiday Vacation
Hood (car) Convertible top
Hoover Vacuum cleaner
Humour Humor
Icing sugar Powdered sugar
Ill Sick
Indicator Blinker
Jacket potato Baked potato
Jam Jam
Jewellery Jewelry
Joe bloggs Joe blow
Jug Jug
Juggernaut 18-wheeler
Jumble sale Yard sale


British English American English
Jumper Sweater
Kilometre Kilometer
Ladybird Ladybug
Letterbox, postbox Mailbox
Lift Elevator
Litre Liter
Lorry Truck
Lost property Lost and found
Luggage Baggage
Mackintosh Raincoat
Mackintosh, raincoat Raincoat
Mad Crazy
Main road Highway
Maize Corn
Managing director Ceo (chief executive officer)
Mashed potato, mash Mashed potatoes
Match Game
Maths Math
Mean Stingy
Mobile (phone) Cellphone
Motorbike Motorcycle
Motorway Freeway
Nappy Diaper
Nasty Vicious
National insurance number Social security number
Naughts and crosses Tic-tack-toe
Neighbour Neighbor
Note Bill
Notice board Bulletin board
Nowhere Noplace
Number plate License plate
Nursing home Private hospital
Off-license Liquor store
Optician Optometrist
Pants Underpants
Pants, underpants Underpants
Paraffin Kerosene
Paraffin Kerosene/kerosine
Pavement Sidewalk
Pedestrian crossing Crosswalk
Peep Peek
Pepper Bell pepper
Pet hate Pet peeve
Petrol Gas
Petrol Gasoline
Phone box Phone booth
Plane Airplane
Plough, the Big dipper
Pocket money Allowance
Polo neck Turtleneck
Post Mail


British English American English
Post code Zip code
Postbox Mailbox
Postcode Zip code
Postman Mailman
Potato crisps Potato chips
Pram Baby carriage
Pram, pushchair Baby carriage
Prawn Shrimp
Programme Program
Pub Bar
Public school Private school
Public toilet Rest room
Public toilet Restroom
Puncture Blow-out
Push-chair Stroller
Queue Line
Quid Buck
Railway Railroad
Railway carriage Railway car
Reception Front desk
Reel of cotton Spool of thread
Return (ticket) Round trip
Return (ticket) Round-trip
Reverse charge Collect call
Reverse charges Call collect
Ring road Beltway
Rise (in salary) Raise
Road surface Pavement
Roadway Pavement
Roundabout Traffic circle
Rubber Eraser
Rubbish Garbage
Rubbish-bin Garbage can
Rucksack Backpack
Saloon (car) Sedan


British English American English
Share Stock
Shop Shop
Shop Store
Shop assistant Sales clerk
Sick Nauseated
Silencer Muffler
Silencer (car) Muffler
Single (ticket) One-way
Single ticket One-way ticket
Single (ticket) One-way
Solicitor Lawyer
Somewhere Someplace
Sorry. Excuse me.
Spanner Wrench
Sports day Fields day
Stock Inventory
Subway Underpass
Sultana Raisin
Sump Oil pan
Sweet Dessert
Sweet shop Candy store
Sweets Candy
Tap Faucet
Tap (outdoors) Spigot
Taxi Cab
Taxi Taxi
Tea towel Dish towel
Tea-towel Dish-towel


Telly (informal), tv Television
Term Semester
The cinema The movies
Theatre Theater
Third-party insurance Liability insurance
Tights Pantyhose
Timetable Schedule
Tin Can
To bath To bathe
To fill in To fill out
To hire To rent
To lay the table To set the table
To queue To line up
To ring To call
To wash Wash up
Toilet, loo Bathroom
Toll motorway Toll road
Toll motorway Turnpike
Torch Flashlight
Town centre Downtown
Trainers Sneakers
Tram Streetcar
Tramp Hobo
Travelled Traveled
Trolley Cart
Trousers Pants
Tube (train) Subway
Tyre Tire
Underground (train) Subway
Underground, tube Subway
Underlay Carpet pad
Undertaker Mortician
Vest Undershirt
Waistcoat Vest
Wallet Billfold
Wallet Wallet
Wardrobe Closet
Wash your hands Wash up
Wellington boots Rubber boots
Whisky Whisky/whiskey
Windscreen Windshield
Wing Fender
Year Grade
Zebra crossing Crosswalk
Zip Zipper

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