100 Short English Sentences Used in Daily Life

daily use short english sentences

Here are 100 short English sentences used in daily life everyday;

Short English Sentences Used in Daily Life (1 to 50)

  1. All are not like you.
  2. Do not be an obstacle in my way.
  3. Do not come in front of me.
  4. Do not gesticulate.
  5. Do not get out of your limits.
  6. Do not spin a yarn.
  7. Everybody is selfish at present.
  8. Have you forgotten the old thrashing?
  9. Have you gone off your head?
  10. He almost spoke.
  11. He can say it to your face.
  12. He has a soliloquy in solitude.
  13. He lacks wisdom.
  14. He was going to bump into the wall.
  15. I am about to take food.
  16. I am going abroad.
  17. I am not guilty before you.
  18. I did what thought proper.
  19. I need a glass of water.
  20. I’m regarding you.
  21. I’m very familiar with him.
  22. It is available over there.
  23. It is not the right time to do good.
  24. It is who helps you.
  25. Man proposes God disposes of.
  26. Purify yourself before come.
  27. Read my lips.
  28. The class is in progress.
  29. The one who fears is no more.
  30. Utter a good word if the face is not good.
  31. What are you here for?
  32. What return did gets?
  33. Where is the drinking fountain?
  34. Whose brother is he?
  35. Why are you against him?
  36. Why don’t you do it yourself?
  37. You are being very innocent.
  38. You are carping tongued.
  39. You are very brute.
  40. You are worse than animals.
  41. You can never be schooled.
  42. You can pass, we are easy.
  43. You can’t save your skin.
  44. You dig your own grave.
  45. You don’t know how to talk to elders.
  46. You have put me in a fix.
  47. You should better avoid me.
  48. Your tongue works like scissors.
  49. Your worn will be known later.
  50. He lacks wisdom.

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short english sentences used in daily life

Short English sentences used in daily life (50 to 100)

  1. A blind man has no judge of colors.
  2. A figure among ciphers.
  3. A fool’s bolt may sometimes hit the mark.
  4. Blood is thicker than water.
  5. Do not drag your feet.
  6. Don’t follow my words.
  7. Don’t you damn care?
  8. God’s hills grind slow but sure.
  9. Have you got used to it?
  10. He does inform you.
  11. He is a very crooked person.
  12. He is not on speaking terms with me.
  13. Honey is not for ass’ mouth.
  14. How are you keeping?
  15. How long will it take you to finish your work?
  16. How many times should tell you?
  17. I didn’t recognize you.
  18. I don’t have good terms with him.
  19. I have a bone to pick with you.
  20. I have come to a little while ago.
  21. I made him understand.
  22. I shall get it.
  23. I shall welcome the guests.
  24. If he gets cold, he will pass away.
  25. It is his teasing word.
  26. It is unfair.
  27. Let bygones be bygones.
  28. Let him do what he is doing.
  29. Love begets love.
  30. Please pass this book.
  31. Remember me during your prayers.
  32. Set the watch going.
  33. Sitting beside me, don’t do such things.
  34. Stay within your limits.
  35. The book is under the table.
  36. Think as you like.
  37. To kill two birds with one stone.
  38. Wait for your turn.
  39. Was just looking for you.
  40. What is going on?
  41. What is on the menu?
  42. What should do with it?
  43. What should do with it?
  44. When he sees a beautiful scene
  45. Where were you left?
  46. You did not even offer.
  47. You have hit the spot.
  48. You look wise but you are not.
  49. You take my words bitter.
  50. You will be facing the music.

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short english sentences

short english sentences used in daily life


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